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At The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are known for doing a great job when it comes to helping cancer patients with their treatments during the battle of their lifetimes. They are extremely adept at doing so. This is because they have a trained professional staff that is knowledgeable in a variety of ways that cancer can be treated. Since they are well known and respected, they can be counted to on to assist those that need them in times of crisis.

The Ways That The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Can Help Those Afflicted With Cancer

For those that are afflicted with cancer, they will need to have medical attention first. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides for this. They also use a lot of other types of therapy in order to help those that have the disease.

Being Among The Best

Since the staff that is employed within the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are very good at what they do, they are able to assist the people when they need to. It can make all the difference in the world when a person with cancer knows that they are cared about. This is what happens in the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They are treated with dignity and respect, and they are given the attention that they need.

Utilizing all that a person has at their fingertips is what a person with cancer should do. They will be able to make greater strides in their fight against cancer so that they can win and conquer it. They will be given all of this when they visit the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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Agora Financial Helps Investors Thrive

Agora Financial has become one of the best resources around for people that are interested in making money through the stock market. No one really knows precisely what is going to happen on Wall Street, but the experts from Agora Financial are going to be able to provide some great advice when it comes to investing long-term.

These are people that are able to provide solid advice because they have a lot of experience with the market. They have become very instrumental in helping lots of people build their portfolios. It is easy to see how someone can become a fan of the publications that are presented by consultants from Agora Financial. After all, these are consultants that really have a great amount of knowledge based on their history of researching the market.

There are possibilities for people to explore when they consider Agora Financial. This company definitely makes it easier for people to become knowledgeable about the market because there are videos and online seminars available.

There are also financial literacy publications that people can read. This is a company that has independent consultants so there are no biased predictions about any stocks. This is important for investors to know because some consultants can easily sway investors based on connections that they may have with other companies.

Agora Financial has been recognized by many established publications like the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. There are lots of people that need financial advice about breakthroughs that happened in the investing industry, but this information is often difficult to find. Fortunately, the analysts that are a part of the Baltimore-based Agora financial company are going to be perfect for helping all of those that need this information. These consultants have many ideas about the act of building better investments.

Rocketship Education: Supporting Students to Stellar Futures

Natural disasters are a heralding experience under the best circumstances. While devastating to all community types their impacts often handicap lower income communities for years afterwards. This is due to families’ inability to easily replace things ranging from clothing to even housing. Most people would not think that a security deposit could be such a major hurtle for families in the wake of a disaster. However this was the reality for many families when San Jose flooded. Unable to replace basic belongings such as clothes or furniture many found themselves without enough money for the deposits required to move into new houses. Facing homelessness Parents of students received vital help from a source they never expected.

Rocketship Education quickly acted to support families and stabilize students after homes were destroyed. They raised $62,000 by partnering with local catholic charities. This money went to funding essential recovery efforts. Although it was a pleasant shock to some parents to receive such generous aid from their child’s school this gesture is perfectly in line with Rocketship Education’s philosophy. This nonprofit charter school believes that the best way to ensure student success is by supporting families and the community. Their simple and sustainable approach is built around family and community building. By unleashing parent power the institution hopes to create active engaged students as well as families.

Established in 2006 Rocketship Education now operates in three states as well as the District of Columbia. Their program is geared towards addressing the unique needs of underserved communities. In their quest to create a sustainable educational program that addresses these needs, Rocketship Education focuses on learning the unique needs of each child. They also require that instructors meet with children and parents in their homes. By doing so the instructor is able to pick up on any unique struggles that may prove to be a barrier to the child’s ability to learn. It also fosters a relationship between parents, students and teachers. This relationship better supports families as they learn what they can do to ensure that their child achieves all that they are capable of.


UTC’s Louis Chenevert Had A Huge Impact On The Corporation

Canadian born businessman Louis Chenevert left a sparkling legacy at the manufacturing giant UTC. United Technologies Corporation is a conglomerate or corporations including one that Chenevert worked for many years called Pratt & Whitney. They manufacture anything that has to do with aerospace like jet planes, helicopter, and the pieces used on these aircraft. United Technologies Corporation are known for supplying the military and commercial companies with the most advanced jet engines the world has seen. They make aerostructures, flight controls, flight sensors, brakes, actuators, and landing gear. UTC is also the top manufacturer of helicopters in America. On top of that they are biggest manufacturer of escalators and elevators in the entire world. United Technologies Corporation is the leader in refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment, and fire detection in the United States. (More:



When the United States was in the recession Louis Chenevert single-handedly brought the price of stocks up 200 percent, from $37 dollars a share to $117 a share. UTC was also able to pay out dividends to shareholders after nearly 70 years. Another notable accomplishment on Louis Chenevert was in the acquisition of Goodrich Tires for $18.5 billion dollars. It took about a year of negotiations but with patience and drive, Chenevert was successful. He brought UTC massive profits and worldwide recognition for superior craftsmanship without batting an eye. Through this he upheld high standards of not harming the environment, upsetting local communities, outsourcing production, paying unfair wages, or doing any unnecessary firings. Louis really looks at the big picture when it comes to businesses and plots out the future, so they continue to thrive. That is why Louis  Chenevert is so successful at whatever he puts his mind to. Visit This Page to learn more.


Mr. Chenevert previously worked for General Motors as Production General Manager. He served the company for 14 years. He currently works as the Executive Advisor at Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenevert attended HEC Montreal where he got his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Production Management. This was in 1979. He also received a doctorate honoris causa from the same University. He lives in Hartford, Connecticut with his wife. It is also the headquarters of United Technologies Corporation.


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Agora Financial Ensuring You Get Credible Financial Information, Always

Working hard and earning money is not enough for wealth creation as making smart and sound investments is also an integral part of the process. If you are worried about your financial future, then it is essential that you start making right investments at the right time. Any investments need time to grow, and if you have started investing at the proper financial venue at the right time, rest assured you would be financially secure when the time comes. To make such wise business decisions, you would need some guidance. And, it is this guidance that you can get from Agora Financial.

Agora Financial is one of the leading financial publications in the world and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Agora Financial has ensured over the years that it only provides unbiased economic news and tips to its readers so that they can make smart financial decisions without getting influenced by the finance and market-based rumors. Agora Financial has for long been a company that doesn’t follow the conventional norms but instead does it own independent reporting based on the news gathered by its reporters across the globe in different industries. It helps Agora Financial to fetch essential tips and financial news firsthand from various sectors.

The collection of such information is crucial as it helps in making financial decisions that would help you reap benefits in the future. Agora Financial has a budget of over a million dollars that it spends on the traveling of its reporters across the globe to find and unearth financial news that can influence the financial markets in the future. The collection of such information can be useful in making financial decisions that help in wealth creation and the protection of personal funds from market collapse as well. Agora Financial ensures that its readers are always updated with the financial news that matters.

Losing Season for Buccaneers Causes Speculation of Rift Between Star QB Jameis Winston and HC Dirk Koetter

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL’s NFC South division were expected to do big things this season.

At the end of the 2016-17 season, the Buccaneers missed the playoffs, but had a respectable 9-7 record at the end of their most recent 16-game stretch. Jameis Winston, their franchise quarterback, also threw for over 4,000 passing yards last year. He successfully completed 28 touchdown passes with an overall passer rating of 86.1 percent.

This year, things have not necessarily looked as promising for the Buccaneers or their starting quarterback. As of December 12, 2017, the 2002 NFL World Champion Buccaneers had an overall record of 4-9. Winston’s passing yard total is also down. So far, the former Florida State standout has less than 2,000 passing yards with three games left.

However, the less than stellar play of Tampa Bay’s storied football team cannot be blamed on Winston alone. The disarray going on in the Buccaneers culture falls on the shoulders of one man: Head coach Dirk Koetter. Koetter took over the organization in 2015 after previously serving as the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons.

According to ESPN, the relationship between Koetter and Winston is being closely monitored. Word is circulating about there being a rift between the two due to the fact that the Buccaneers’ 2017-18 season is not going the way many fans had hoped for. This kind of scrutiny is common in the NFL when seasons start to go south.

However, Winston denies that there are any problems between himself and his head coach. “I’ve been with Coach Koetter since I got in this league, and he has not wronged me since I stepped foot in those doors. I believe in what we have as an organization,” Winston said, according to ESPN.

When Koetter was asked by the press about his relationship with the team’s franchise quarterback, he gave a more coy answer stating simply that he and Winston had an “extremely consistent” chemistry. The comradery of a head coach and starting quarterback is always aggressively analyzed when problems with the team mount.

Winston understands this and said that he has no influence when it comes to his head coach’s job security. “”I don’t control that. That’s not my place. When you lose, everything gets blamed on … the head coach and the quarterback and I’m OK with that … All we care about is each other, our family, and trying to win,” he said.

The Buccaneers will face off against their division rival Falcons at 8:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, December 15, 2017 on their home field.

Lightning Take On Struggling Coyotes On Game 2 Of Roadtrip

After blanking the Blues on game 1 of their road trip, the Lightning looks to pile on another win in Arizona tonight.

With a record of 22-6-2, the Lightning leads the Atlantic Division with 45 points and a 5 game winning streak. Meanwhile, the Coyotes sit at the bottom of the Pacific Division with a record of 7-21-5 with only 19 points. One could easily say that tonight’s game could be a trouble-free night for Tampa Bay. However, mismatches like this could also end up being a trap game from the division-leading Lightning.

Consider that the Lighting is heading into game 2 of a road trip, playing three time zones away from their home site. During their last road trip, the Lightning lost three out of four games. That included a shutout against the lowly Buffalo Sabres. The Tampa Bay side may not have a sure thing in Glendale tonight.

Then again. Let’s look at the Coyote’s numbers on their home ice. Arizona has a record of 3-8-1 at Gila River Arena. One of worst in the NHL. By the looks of the Coyote’s home record, the odds should favor the Lightning. However, there is some additional data to suggest that tonight’s game may be closer than expected.

Last season, the Lightning went 0-2 against Arizona, being outscored by 5-3 in both matches. With more than a couple of games to give in the Atlantic Division, the Lightning may not put on their best effort in order to preserve some energy for the rest of their road trip.

Also, Arizona will have some incentive to play harder in front of their home crowd. And the Coyotes may find themselves in a sort of comfort zone given that 9 of their next 11 games will take place at home.

Overall, tonight’s match may be more competitive than the teams’ respective records suggest. Look for a high scoring game that may end up going into overtime. If that is the case, the Coyotes may have an outside chance to steal a game against the Lightning.

Legendary Louis Made UTC

Louis Chenevert is a legend among business executives. When people look at his run with United Technology Corporation, it is no wonder that he can be called one of the greatest businessmen of all time.


During his time at United Technologies Corporation, he was able to stabilize the aerospace manufacturer during a time when the entire industry was in flux. He was able to do that because he expected the company to have assets in other sectors. This allows him to do several things. He was able to use the profits in other sectors to offset the deficit in the aerospace industry. Also, because he included them as subsidiaries of the larger Corporation, should there be a profit loss, he could dump them on the subsidiary without affecting the main Corporation.


During his time working with United Technologies Corporation, he was able to raise their stock price from a respectable $37 to a fortune making $117. His reward for this was a compensation package totaling over $22 million. In this compensation package, over 4 million was given as stock options, over 4 million was a cash bonus, over 1 million was a salary, and over 11 million contained other options granted to him. Visit This Page for more information about Louis Chenevert.



During his run as the chief executive officer, one of the main things he had to do was secure more contracts from dependable organizations. Chenevert began by expanding into creating jet engines for both the military and private corporations. His skill at bartering and negotiation was able to land him contracts to the point that United Technologies Corporation eventually became the world’s largest provider of military aircraft. In order to keep expanding in the military sector, United Technologies Corporation would acquire Goodrich for $16.3 billion investment.


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He was able to keep United Technologies Corporation stable by spreading out into the refrigeration and AC industry, producing sensors, flight controls, and aerospace systems. Working in these related but different sectors allowed him to offset the deficit and once the aerospace manufacturing industry stabilized to secure great profits for his wonderfully growing company.


He would step down in 2014.


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Looking for a Win in Green Bay With the Return of Winston

After a deep playoff run last year the Green Bay Packers were hoping for another great season, but after Aaron Rodgers was injured earlier in the season the team has been struggling to get wins. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished last season strong with a 9-7 record and barely missing the playoffs, they were hoping to build on that success this year but so far it has been very disappointing. The teams will meet on December 3, 2017 in Green Bay for a much needed win for both teams. Green Bay still has a slim chance to make the playoffs if they can win the rest of their games. Tampa is pretty much eliminated from the playoffs but would like to finish the season on a high note.

The Buccaneers will get Jameis Winston back from injury after a three week absence due to a shoulder injury. They hope his return will give the team a spark, although the team did go 2-1 while he was out. Tampa was supposed to take that next step this year and challenge for the division, but the team has underachieved. The Buccaneers have a good passing attack which should fair well against a Green Bay pass defense that has been playing poorly. Teams have been averaging over 300 yards passing against the Green Bay defense and the Buccaneers hope to continue that streak.

Unfortunately for Tampa, their defense hasn’t been much better. The defense was one of the best last year and this year it is rated last. The Buccaneers have struggled to get pressure on the quarterback and the secondary has been inconsistent. They hope to correct some of these problems against Green Bay. Injuries have continued to plague both teams so this should be an interesting matchup. The loser of this game will have more questions than answers as the season comes to an end.

The Government Initiatives on Creating Suitable Environment for Private Investors According to Felipe Montoro Jens

While 2017 is nearing its end, Investment Partnership Program there is an expectation for Tarcisio de Freitas to conduct 18 auctions in the infrastructure field in the last quarter of the year. Felipe Montoro Jens  who is an expert in the infrastructure projects has made it clear there will be no alterations of the schedule, and even the government discussions will not influence it. Mr. Freitas continues to stress that all the planned auctions will be carried out by the resolutions of parliament beginning the month of September. He has also given the private sector opportunity to criticize PPI to attract more investors.

Mr. Freitas has seen the need for an effort to be put towards the improvement of the Brazilians infrastructure. With the modernizations and increased focus on infrastructure, an influx of investors into the Brazilian economy shall be witnessed hence ensuring more productivity. Once the investors are in there shall always be an increase in employment opportunities. Mr. Freitas believes in a government that is based on infrastructure which has appositive impact on Investment Partnership Program. There are some discussions that have been done with ministries to ensure a suitable environment for investors on government projects.

The main objective of PPI is to eliminate government dominance in projects that they have partnered with the private investors as they usually cause risks to the projects. When the secretary was asked if the past conflicts between the government and private investors might influence the decisions of these investors, Freitas replied about international consortia that were available during the auctions carried out in March. Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas believes that the government is now more welcoming towards private investment than earlier. Under the tenure of Michel Temer as the president since 2016 PPI has carried out around 44 auctions in the infrastructure sector. This has brought in $23billion regarding investment said, Felipe Montoro, as he concluded.