Month: November 2017

Tampa Bay Looks For a Miracle as Winston Returns

The Tampa Bay Buccanneers have had a disappointing season so far. As with every year, hopes were high but a 4-7 record going into December has put a damper on the team’s morale. Their most recent loss was to the Atlanta Falcons, next week the Bucs play Green Bay. The good news is that quarterback, Jameis Winston will likely be returning to his starting position after missing three games to recover from a shoulder injury. It has been less than a month since he was out and coaches are hoping that it was enough time for Winston to properly heal. During his absence, backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick took the reigns and came up with an impressive 2-1 record. In contrast, Winston went 2-2 before his shoulder injury then 0-4 until doctors finally decided to pull him out to be treated and heal properly.

It has been an entire decade since the Buccaneers went to the playoffs. The team is hoping for a better wrap up this season and a possible wildcard slot in the 2017 playoffs. The team’s upcoming schedule offers some significant challenges playing against teams with better records. They will be playing Green Bay, Atlanta, Carolina, Detroit, and New Orleans in their final five games of the regular season.

It is uncertain whether or not the Tampa Bay Bucs will be able to grab a coveted spot in this years’ playoffs. The team will have to perform nearly perfect and hope for a lot of errors from their opponents. Head coach Dirk Koetter is likely already plotting his team’s plan of attack, encouraging his players, and testing out Winston’s arm in practice. Even if the post-season doesn’t include the Bucs their loyal fans won’t change allegiance because you know what they say, “Once a Buc, Always a Buc”.

Equities First Holdings wikipedia

Information on Equities First Holdings

According to resources Equity First Holdings or for short, EGHL happens to be a financial service holding company that is primarily based in the African Lake regions. This company was first founded in 1984 and was originally a provider of mortgage financing that was targeted toward people in the low income area. The supposed key people of this company are, Peter Munga, the chairman of the company and James Mwangi, the Group CEO. According to resources Equity Group Holdings happens to have a customer base that well extend 10 million in six African countries. It is stated to currently be the largest commercial bank on the African continent. It was voted for Excellence by Euromoney awards to be the best bank within Kenya in 2008. This bank has over 400 billion dollar in assets and increases each day, providing excellent service toward all their clients.

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Ricardo Tosto, One of Brazil’s Most Successful Lawyers

Lawyers hold a vital position in the society. You can never underestimate their role. They play a significant role in making constitutional reforms to guide the affairs of a nation. Lawyers are one of the most admirable professionals because of their educational background and amazing lifestyle. Lawyers are among the most respected professionals in Brazil. It takes a student five years to become a best lawyer in Brazil. Even before they can start practice, they must pass Brazil Bar Examination. Brazil derives its laws from German, Italian, Napoleon, Portuguese, and French Civil law. Brazil’s supreme law is the Federal Constitution, and has been in use since October, 21, 1988. Brazil’s supreme law is in a form of written document.

You can browse the internet to find a lawyer that best fits you. Once you identify a potential attorney, seek to know the time they have been in practice and enquire about their success rate. Find out their charges and billing methods before you commit to your decision. If you want to hire an experienced lawyer in Brazil, look no further. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most reputable practising lawyers in Brazil. Brazil ranks as the world’s third country with the highest number of legal professionals. As of 2010, Sao Paulo had 222,807 lawyers followed by Rio de Janeiro with 112,515 lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto’s litigation firm, Leite Tosto and Barros Advocates, specializes in business law. It provides legal representation to highly-profiled individuals and corporate firms throughout Brazil. In fact, Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates takes pride in having one of Brazil’s largest dispute resolution practices. The law firm has a team of dedicated legal professionals who use their expertise to represent different clients. As a founding partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates, Mr. Tosto dedicates his life in advancing the Brazilian legal practice. He prides himself on having represented highly-profiled individuals, multinational companies, and Brazil’s leading corporations. Mr. Ricardo Tosto ranks among Brazil’s top legal professionals. He has extensive knowledge and experience in business and corporate law. Mr. Tosto has top-notch negotiation skills and has won a majority of his cases.

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Greg Secker Recommends Forex Trading Right Now

Greg Secker says that there is no point in holding off trading in the forex market any longer. This is because now is the right time to add forex trading to the investment portfolio. This is because wages are not growing while inflation keeps on rearing its head all the time. Also, the interest rates are at an all-time low. This is why the trading, as well as investment strategies, continue to fail, in making reliable profits.

Forex basically refers to the foreign exchange market. This is the place where international currencies are being exchanged all through the day and on 5.5 days each week. But forex is not having a centralized exchange like the stock market. In fact, everything here is handled by the computer networks. This means that forex trading is a can be considered as a high-tech activity. This does not mean that a person has to be tech-savvy in order to go for it.

On the forex market, trading is done based on whether a person thinks that a given currency will rise or it will fall in value as compared to some other currency. This way it becomes possible to profit from forex. Hence it does not matter if the market is up or down.

Even though forex trading has been there for many years, but this is the right time for people to get in it. This is because the world economy has become unstable as well as unpredictable. Also, inflation is growing. Wages are not growing. Traditional trading is not as reliable as it used to be. This is why traders are turning towards forex increasingly.

Greg Secker further states that a mathematical mindset or such other kind of innate talents is not required to be successful on the forex market. There is always a learning curve. Also, forex is entirely traded over the internet. There are several types of software available on the internet that can help to navigate things in an easier manner. This clearly indicates how easy it is to do forex trading. Hence it is definitely worth a try.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose The Sussex Health Care Centers

Sussex Health Care is a transformative home care and support organization that tends to the elderly and other special invalids. Since it started operations in 1985, the group has grown to own 20 homes with a total bed capacity of 580. The center tends to the needs and wants of senior citizens who are unable to live independently owing to medical conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The facilities also admit young people and adults who have severe learning and physical difficulties.

The organization also provides 24/7 home-based care and support. The overarching goal of Sussex Health Care is to create a comfortable and pristine environment that accords the elderly a quality, safe, and respectable space. Here are the core reasons that have made the Sussex Health Care the preferred first-stop destination for this special interest people.

State-of-the-Art Nursing Homes

The center has invested heavily in recruiting and hiring proficient nurses and other specialists to take great care of their customers. There’s always a specialist standing by 24/7. The staff here are renowned for their unparalleled professionalism. The nurses, orderlies, and doctors are always courteous, friendly and genuinely concerned about the welfare of their guests.

The living quarters at Sussex Health Care are fantastic. The patients feel completely at home thanks to the unsuited facilities with spacious sitting rooms and the furnished kitchens and dining areas.

Balanced and Nutritious Meals

The center does an outstanding job in ensuring that the elderly admitted at the center get the most sumptuous and healthy meals. There’s always a nutritionist around to recommend the cooks on the ideal food to prepare for their guests.

Medical Attention

It is often a daunting challenge to deal with old people as they are bound to get hurt or sick without a moment’s notice. To that effect, the center has doctors and other medical experts on call at any given time. These medical experts are called in to offer holistic health services, for instance, physiotherapy, counseling, reflexology and to prescribe and administer medicine when someone falls sick.

The center has constructed facilities designed to help the person’s grappling with learning and physical anomalies. Therapy sessions for these patients take place at the spa pools, multi-sensory rooms and at the track hoisting facilities.

Fun Times

There’s never a dull moment for the patients at the Sussex Health Care lodges. Patients receive short breaks from the intense therapies to unwind and catch up with the rest of the population. Cooking competitions are also organized. The lodges come complete with gaming and IT centers and a specialized gym.

Palliative Care

Chronic and terminally ill people are also admitted to the centers run by Sussex Health Care. Here, they get a chance to live out the end of their days under the able hands of compassionate experts.


Igor Cornelsen Getting Investors Started in the Brazilian Market

Investors who want to reap maximum profits should invest in the Brazilian financial sectors that are currently performing well. The Brazilian economy is having positive gains and the economic commotion that hindered its improvement is coming to an end. China has also returned to boost the country’s economic sector. Before investing in the foreign industry, an investor ought to equip themselves with some knowledge about the market. Igor Cornelsen has been involved in foreign investments and advice newbies on the basics required before joining the foreign investments league.

One of the most important things investors are required to do is familiarizing themselves with currency restrictions in Brazil. Brazil has stringent currency controls provided by the rules of the land. Foreigners, for instance, are required to locate authorized banks where they can change their currencies. The exchange rates are not fixed either. The Central Bank of Brazil can alter the rates whenever they want to. The exchange rates are often guided by transaction taking place in the country. Although there is no free money in Brazil, smart investors can make huge amounts of profits when they follow advice from people who have in business for long. Smart investors can use the strict currency controls to their advantage.

Investors should also connect with Brazilians. The country has millions of entrepreneurs and investors who are friendly and welcoming. Having business relationships and networks with the natives helps in understanding the market better. The natives know their markets well and are aware of circumstances that render investments more profitable.

Investors should be prepared for regulations. Regulations in Brazil often makes it difficult for people to succeed in business. The government charges high taxes, implement unnecessary regulations and other restrictions. Although the market is expanding, it is delicate and for this reason, has set aside many regulations to protect it against foreigners. Smart investors equip themselves with the regulations to run their businesses smoothly. According to Mr. Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian economy is reviving from an economic disaster. He is well conversant with the Brazilian market. He owns an investment firm that helps foreigners in getting started into the business.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national profit maximization network of five hospitals that helps cancer patients across the United States. It follows a complete approach to cancer protection using different medical strategies such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy to treat cancer. It also offers divertive homogenous checkups to manage side effects such as pain,nausea, fatigue, malnutrition, extreme nervousness and melancholy.

Richard J Stephenson established the organization after his mother died of cancer. He was not impressed by the kind of cancer treatments that were in existence during the time of his mother’s condition. Lack of a better treatment option pushed him to open the first hospital at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois back in the year 1988. Other four hospitals were formed and opened between 2005 and 2012. All this was to pursue cancer treatment.

Different types of cancer occur in various parts of the Human Body. Prostate cancer is one type of cancer that has continued to increase tremendously among men. Divergent organizations such as National Football League AlumniAssociation and LabCorp in collaboration with Cancer Treatment Centers of America have teamed up to educate men and keep them aware of prostate cancer. These agencies have worked tirelessly to help people access the cancer screenings smoothly and efficiently.

Experts in the field of cancer advise that men should begin to access the cancer screenings at the beginning of age 40. Other organizations have continued to hold press conferences and campaigns to raise the awareness and general knowledge of likelihood risks of prostate cancer. The attacks have significantly influenced men to get screened for cancer to enable early recognition of their status.

Survivors of cancer such as Carl Baylor have been in the limelight to educate people on prostate cancer and mobilize the people especially men for screening. Different schedules for the cancer awareness campaigns are issued in different parts of the United States which will be affiliated with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in various cities across the nation.

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About Samuel Strauch

Mr. Samuel Strauch is alumnus at Hofra University based in New York where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in business. He is also seen to have finished his studies at Erasmus University and Harvard University.

He began his career in the banking industry, but later on, he decided to be part of their family business in Real Estate Industry located in South Florida. After working in the Real Estate business and gaining experience, Samuel Strauch decided to go ahead and start his own company which he has been able to make it successful. He has been able to make the firm a success by putting together some complementary enterprises in acquisitions, equity sourcing, management, development and bringing in the brokerage of Real Estate in Latin America and South Florida.

Strauch is known to be curious all the time, and this has helped him get a broad perspective on his business and his personal life. Some of his hobbies apart from business include being a cyclist, being an avid photographer and he also is seen to enjoy meditation on his own. He is also seen to have a blog that is dedicated to his experience when he traveled to Tibet.

Samuel Strauch and Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch after being in the Real Estate for over a decade, he started his firm in Real Estate called Metrik Real Estate in Florida. He is, however, a licensed broker and has a good reputation when it comes to selling apartments and family homes making him build a decent reputation from his clients.

Samuel Strauch has advanced to the highest position as being one of the best agents in Real Estate around Miami Beach locality. He has been seen to represent some clients who are trying to purchase properties and helping them buy what they need.

About Metrik Real Estate

With its headquarters in South Beach, Florida Metrik Real Estate is a real estate agency firm that is led by forward and progressive thinking. The company has increased its services out of Miami and has expanded to some Latin American Countries. The business has been able to achieve its success through the professionalism and expertise shown by the staff who work to ensure that the firm gets the best results.

The Metrik Real Estate Company has two areas where they are divided into. They include

  • Brokerage Services- for those who seek to purchase, lease or even sell properties the company has the best services for such individuals.
  • Development Sales and Marketing- for those who seek to ensure that their properties are adequately marketed, the company offers a third-party sales and marketing representations to these individuals. The company does a proper diagnose to know what the client wants for each of their products and enable them to achieve their goals.

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OneLogin,Inc on Data Security and access management

The information era brought with it a lot of needs for personalized approaches to data security and access management. Individuals and organizations are continually making efforts to develop systems aimed at achieving the highest possible data security and accessibility options.

Among the commonly used approaches to password creation are “something you know “and something you are.” In something you know techniques, users are required to key-in passwords they can easily remember or keep. Both approaches rely heavily on physiological and behavioral characteristics of the users.

Technology advancements of any nature sweep across all elements. If business put in higher security measures to data access, hackers will also upgrade their techniques. It is in this view that a combination of physiological biometric and behavioral biometrics is being developed to enhance data and access to security.

The demand for advanced security features creates an opportunity for security professionals to create security features that combine physiological biometrics, behavioral biometrics and password authentication.

It must be considered that even the most advanced technologies such as biometrics are still prone to hackers’ attacks. At the same time, the installation cost of top-notch biometric readers is way out of reach for many organizations. This poses a challenge which calls for professionals to come up with an enhanced security system that is also cost-effective.

OneLogin, Inc a developer of technology solutions argues that whatever represents you, be it a fingerprint, iris or heartbeat can be reversed to give more information about you. This raises the question of how much of your personal information should go into business security systems.

Over the last couple of years, OneLogin has committed to building access and identity management solution that is easy and secure to use. Founded in 2009, the company has grown in the technology market and commands a good lead in the security solutions market.

The complex nature of technology and the frequent upgrades characterizes technology inputs requires that organizations be at the top of their game. Constant evaluation of what is new in the market as well as key knowledge of threats is important in ensuring data security and access management.

The Little Known Early Music Life of Cassio Audi


Cassio Audi is widely known for his entrepreneurial skills. In Brazil, Mr. Audi has held key positions in the financial sector. At Gillette, Cassio Audi worked as a financial director before moving to Dow Chemical where he was a financial analyst. Additionally, Mr. Audi has held the position of CFO at three organizations namely Brookfield Real Estate Partners, Rossi Residential, and GVMI. However, most people aren’t aware that Cassio Audi tried a career in music earlier in his life. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Back in the late 80s, Cassio Audi and three of his friends formed a rock band and named it Viper. The band was famous in Sao Paulo, Brazil for playing metallic rock music. Every band member had a special responsibility in the band. Cassio was tasked with playing drums for the band during live performances. Additionally, Cassio Audi participated in composing songs for the band. Cassio’s band drew its inspirations from popular bands including the British Iron Maid band. Before long, Cassio Audi and his friends became successful musicians widely known across the Latin America. Read more about Cassio Audi at

More about Cassio Audi and the Viper Band Group

Cassio Audi Group

In 1985, the Viper band group released its first demo album called the Killera Sword. After a while, the band released Soldier of Sunrise, its first official album. Soldier of Sunrise was greatly received by fans in Brazil and all over the world. The band members toured various countries to popularize Soldier of Sunrise. Few years after the release of the first album, Cassio Audi quit the industry of music. His friends later released a second album a year later. Cassio went to college where he pursued a degree in finance. Today, Cassio Audi holds a business administration degree and has built a successful career in the industry of finance. Although he left the music world, his fans trust that he was extremely talented.