Why Are Millenials Flocking To Tampa, Florida?

The city of Tampa, Florida is home to a significant and growing millennial generation population. So why exactly is Tampa such a magnet for millennials? To start off, here are some numbers that may help explain this trend. Realtor.com rated Tampa, Florida, as the most popular city that people move to in 2016. That is not bad right?


Additionally, Tampa is rated as one of the best cities for startups according to a report released by Fortune Magazine. This can be a major explanation on why there are so many millennials in Tampa and why so many continue to flock there. Millennials and startups are often synonymous with each other. A good place to start a startup will inevitably draw large amounts of millenials who are looking for a place to get their business launched. Millenials also tend to draw other millenials in with them when they settle down, so the hotbed of startup activity is attracting and growing the millenial population significantly.


We are not finished there yet. Another reason why Tampa is hot with millenials is because it is one of the most pet friendly places to live as well. This is according to RewardExpert. Millenials are obsessed with their pets and spend lots of time, not to mention money on them. Being pet friendly and having lots of pet friendly amenities is going to be a major draw for Tampa to millenials and helps to further explain the draw of Tampa to this crowd.


Money Magazine also named Tampa as the best city in the Southeast to live in, beating out famous cities such as Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. If your city is listed as being the best to live in, it will attract everybody and not just millenials. Millenials also say they come to Tampa because of low traffic compared to cities with traffic jams such as Atlanta or Miami. Crime is also very low in Tampa when compared to other major cities such as Dallas and Atlanta. Low crime and minimal traffic are a big plus to millenials who are looking to settle in or start out their life.


Of course, Tampa draws milllenials with its abundant beaches, plentiful sunshine and warm weather. Add lots of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and places to go out and you will quickly see that Tampa is a millenial’s dream city to live in.


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