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Advice For Working Women

Susan McGalla’s advice for working women is sage for ladies who want to make sure that they are making the most of their time in the workforce. There are many people who want to get more out of their lives, but they need to make sure they are taking Susan’s advice. Her advice is broken down into three categories, and these categories help ladies make their priorities.


Be Confident


When ladies want to work more, they need to be more confident. A woman will be able to make the most of her career and her life if she is being more confident in her work and family life. Women need to make sure that they are confident and put themselves out there when they want to get ahead.


Get Educated


Women need to make sure that they are getting all the education they can. The education is going to help ladies to get ahead in their lives, and they are going to be able to advance in their careers if they are working in schools that help them make the most of their lives. Education is something that changes women’s lives, and they should not put their education behind other things in the family.


The Glass Ceiling


Women should make sure that they are not looking at the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling is going to push women down, and they should remember that they are not to look up to the ceiling. Breaking the glass ceiling is easy for women when they are ignoring it altogether. Women can do anything they want, but they should never do anything other than chase their dreams.


When ladies want to change their lives, they need to follow the three steps listed above. These steps make it easy for them to change their lives.

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E-Governe: Transforming The Way Organizations Work

In this modern time that we live in, organizations should decide on how they can adapt and survive. They have to innovate, in order for them to fit in, especially in the digital age. E-governe is one of these companies who decided to transform and accept all the fast changes that are happening everywhere. E-governe focuses on converting the methods used ever since the beginning into digital and modernized versions. Their primary target in the market would be the human resource and the field of education. They believe that tasks and procedures that are being performed in the human resource and education sector can further be improved, highlighting the company’s ambitious main goal to help companies and organizations develop and deliver better services to an entire country, for the betterment of its people.



E-Governe takes out most of its time in dealing with governmental organizations, as well as some administrative organizations and political organizations too. They produce the technical know-how and information on how their services and operations can be further improved. E-Governe is also giving out soft wares that would help their clients modernize their systems, which brings in more accountability and transparency to every transaction, and if these soft wares fail, a dedicated customer service support is just one phone call away. E-Governe likes to ensure their clients that they are eager to always hit the target, that’s why they have hired some of the best and the brightest advisers and employees. They are also keen in fulfilling the assignments being handed to them and submitting it on time.



Being a technology company, E-Governe is frequently undergoing software and other technological updates on their system. This is a strict compliance for the company, because they wanted to ensure that their products and systems that will be given to their customers are up to date and 100% reliable. The soft wares that they are creating, with the help of their professional software developers, has to be user-friendly, for their clients not to have a hard time figuring out how these soft wares would work. Their time is precious, and the clients just basically do not want to waste them. The type of soft wares that E-Governe is developing, with its user-friendly feature, has long been proven to be effective when being chosen by the clients. E-Governe scored a mark on this field of work, and to date, they are the primary choice for organizations who would like to apply modernization on the way they work.



Aside from their software products, E-governe also offers data storage services, just to give assurance to their clients that they are receiving first class service. It is undeniable that the digital age has already transformed the world in which we live in. It is also advisable that we adapt to the norms of the world today. Physical registration causes long queues in the government office, not counting the horrifying transaction speed that goes with it. With E-governe, transactions will be faster and stress free, giving those who rely on their products a sense of tranquility in doing their work.


The Apex Of Technology

E-Governe is a collection of products that are used to rationalize processes in various institutions as well as organizations with the aim of making them more resourceful. Implemented by ICI, e-governe is a public system. The system was introduced in Teresina Municipal that saw all the officials, as well as workers, undergoes a serious training. Aimed at equipping the employees with skills, the training was done in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Unit, the Municipal Health Establishments as well as the Municipal Education Sector. All the departments met and deliberated on the main issues concerning the services offered by the municipal to the society. Human resource management came first among all other items.

It was considered a private entity that played a significant role in putting things in order within the public offices. The municipal then devised a mechanism to reinforce the quality of services that the society was receiving from it. E-governe played a significant role in identifying problems before they occur. The system also helped in monitoring and reviewing the performance of the municipal. Implementation of the system also contributed to quicken the response to demands as well as issues raised by the public. It became very easy to analyze the various issues received by the municipal from the public.


E-governe was embraced by Osasco education system some years in the past. Institutodas Citades Intelligence installed an electrical system and delivered computer system equipment to the schools as well as the offices as a measure to lay down a friendly environment for e-governe. A customer care center was also set for the education sector of the municipal. The system spread across all the surrounding schools which contribute to the current situation. E-governe’s flexibility was experienced in the fact that it was able to cater for all the units across the coverage area. As a result of training on e-governe, the education sector has benefited in a major way. Through the system, internet access has become a possibility which in return helps the students in their studies. Presence of internet access also plays a significant role in making businesses very efficient and boosting the economy.

The system has made it possible for the administrators to monitor and manage their organizations effectively. Communication has considerably been enhanced through the help of the scheme. The existence of the system is a significant milestone for the community as well as the municipal. Accountability has become easily manageable on the usage of funds and resources. Record keeping became easy and very efficient hence reducing paperwork as well as guaranteeing documents safety. Inorder to manage health services, e-governe was developed and played a significant role in solving health-related problems.


This is achieved through the fact that health officer is now able to plan and manage schedules effectively. The entire society takes pride In e-governe as one of the largest achievements. The introduction of the system gave birth to so many other developments. Most of the events resulting from realization of e-governe could not be possible if it were not for the system.

Andrew Rolfe: A Right Choice For Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief, CEO, and founder of Ubuntu Education Fund, after arranging a huge amount in an annual gathering at Davos, still feels like they are getting funds but they are not able to change the lives of peopled. Jacob created a company Ubuntu Education Fund (UEF) with a vision that it will help kids from Cape Province for their education and their bright future.


He has recently hired Andrew Rolfe as a Chairman and Andrew is now working beside Jacob in Ubuntu Education Fund to help him for his noble cause. Andrew Rolfe is working hard to improve the social welfare, health care and the education problems in Cape Town. Andrew Rolfe has very inspiring credentials which made him ideal selection to work beside, Jacob Lief, a man with a noble cause


Jacob with the assistance of Andrew Rolfe is always looking for a helping hand, but he always prefers hand from a philanthropist who has faith in him and his company. He refused for the funds that come with a limitation and that rejections show that he is true to his cause and he wants kids for their education without any education.


Serving on a board of a non-profit firm also let donors have a watch on the operations of a non-profit. That can often be helpful, particularly if a donor has appropriate professional experience. Because in such case he can help that non-profit to work more efficiently and reach the area where it could not be due to the lack of professional knowledge.


Even if a donor become personally involved or don’t join the board in shaping the strategy of an organization, the terms of a grant can also make restrictions about how non-profits use the money. Donors who are rich usually like helping for a particular project, setting up scholarship funds or making gifts for buildings which can carry their names. But Andrew never thought of the name. He always worked for a noble cause no matter if he would be the name for that achievement. He is happy with a feeling that he is working for his cause and someone, somewhere is getting an education because of Ubuntu Education Fund.

Tony Petrello is the chairman, president and CEO of Nabors Industries, one of the world’s largest land based oil and gas drilling companies. He has been with the company since 1991.Petrello has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mathematics from Yale and a juris doctor from Harvard Law School. He had been a valued, fast-rising attorney at the prestigious New York law firm Baker & McKenzie where he served as managing partner of their Manhattan office from 1986 until 1991. It was at that point the Nabors Industries, one of Baker & McKenzie’s most important clients, offered him a position.

A Newark, New Jersey native, Tony Petrello was consider a math whiz in high school. Most people expected he would do great things in the field. Almost everyone was surprised when he decided to go to law school. But that turned out to be a wise decision. It put him on a path that led him to the position at Nabors Industries. In 2015, the oil and gas giant paid Tony Petrello almost $70 million in salary, making him the highest paid CEO that year.

When Tony Petrello’s daughter Carena was born with cerebral palsy, he any his wife Cynthia donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital to help them found a first-of-its-kind neurological research institute. He has remained personally committed to leading fundraising efforts for the center and it is doing groundbreaking work and improving the quality of life for countless children suffering with serious neurological conditions.

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A Boy Diagnosed With Cancer Gets To Announce First-Round Pick For Ravens

NFL, the National Football League, is always using its draft phase of the games to raise awareness of issues and favor individuals with health problems. This event happened in April 2017, in a draft announcement of football that got its draft phase shared with a 14-years old boy named T.J. Owuanibe, who was diagnosed with brain cancer.



He always dreamed of sharing the stage with his favorite NFL team, the Ravens. It all began when the young boy told the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic that he always wanted to meet the team and participate in the announcement of their draft picks.



And so his wish came true.



The boy is in the eighth grade of the McDonogh School in, Baltimore, the same school he was in when he got diagnosed with the disease two years ago.



The kid happily steps in the stage as the announcer of the Baltimore Ravens’ selection for this year of football.



Standing next to no one else than Commissioner Roger Goodell, the boy, dressed up in a gray suit, was smiling. He knew that his dream came true because of his dedication in perceiving his long-lasting dream.



When it came to Baltimore to announce its next picks, on a Thursday night it was published that they would take Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey with the 16th pick. T.J. would not miss his opportunity to contact the team and try to fulfill his dream.



And it happened.



“For him, football is the one thing that makes him excited,” said T.J.’s mother, Chioma, who gave an interview about the kid’s reaction when Coach John Harbaugh informed T.J. that the team would allow him to announce the team’s first round of selection. His mom concluded that the Ravens were part of his life already, and finally meeting his wish, in the hardest period of his life, was a miracle.



For more information about the first-round pick and the announcement, please read, a website that specifically covers news from Florida and Tampa.



The biggest sports league in North America accounted for a significant audience when T.J. had the honor to get up on the stage and announce the first-round pick.



Nothing would’ve been possible though, without the help of a non-profitable organization named the Casey Cares Foundation.



  1. had the honor of meeting the coaching staff, a few of the players, and see the training camp with his own eyes.



Rays Post Solid Win Against Marlins

Wins came very infrequently for the Tampa Bay Rays during their miserable 2016 season. However, 2017 is off to a much better start for the club. Manager Kevin Cash is very pleased with the way his team has performed through the first month of the season. He admits that the team has yet to fully gel because of some injuries. However, he feels that the team’s performance so far this year is more representative of their overall talent than last year. The team put together a solid performance to notch a 4-2 win over the Miami Marlins in the first game of their series at Marlins Park.


Kevin Kiermaier is a player who is best known for being a defensive wizard in center field. He has taken home Gold Gloves because of it. However, his skill on the bases is what shined through in this particular game. He was able to slide into second base and prevent the Marlins from turning a double play in the process. This occurred in the seventh inning. The result was the Rays scoring a run that put them ahead. It is just another example of Kiermaier’s hustle that has made him a favorite of his manager and loved by his teammates.


Marcell Ozuna had belted a home run in the fourth inning that had tied the score. The game was very significant for the Rays because it marked the return of starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi. He had been on the disabled list because of a strained left hamstring. Overall, it was a successful start for Jake. He wound up pitching five innings and giving up a pair of runs. Wei-Yin Chen also gave up a pair of runs in six innings of work on the Marlins side of the ledger.


Brad Miller had a very successful night on the base paths. He was able to steal a pair of bases. These were the first two steals of the season for him. He stole second and third in the eighth inning. It turns out this was the perfect time for those steals to occur. Miller was able to score when Daniel Robertson drove him home with a single. The run gave the Rays some insurance in their eventual 4-2 victory.


George Soros Donates Money to Help Refugees Re-establish Their Lives

George Soros, billionaire investor recently donated $500 million to support migrants and refugees found businesses. He is encouraging other wealthy people to follow his example. Soros claims that the ineffective policies for dealing with the increased flow of immigrants and refugees is contributing to the human misery and political instability in all countries involved. He claims that refugees are often forced into idle despair, while the countries that are hosting them lose out on the benefit of greater integration within society.

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Soros points out that government should play a role in creating a better environment for refugees, however he points to the power of the private sector as the key to solving the problems experienced by these people. The recent donation made by George Soros has been designated to specifically help migrants’ refugees and host communities to create a better solution. Read more at The New York Times about George.

He says he will invest in startups, already established companies, and businesses founded by migrants and refugees. His focus will be on migrants and refugees in Europe however he will look to benefit them throughout the world. He says the investment will complement his foundations other involvement including emerging digital technology. He feels that this will provide solutions to the problems of dislocated people. He believes this will provide for people to gain access to government legal financial aid and health services.

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George Soros claims that private businesses are currently investing in these services for non-migrant communities. He wants to show how private capital can play a constructive role in helping solve the immigration problems facing many countries. He plans to work with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Rescue Committee to create ways to best use the funds. His main goal though, is to help dislocated people gain access to the services in their new communities, and to have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

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Why Are Millenials Flocking To Tampa, Florida?

The city of Tampa, Florida is home to a significant and growing millennial generation population. So why exactly is Tampa such a magnet for millennials? To start off, here are some numbers that may help explain this trend. rated Tampa, Florida, as the most popular city that people move to in 2016. That is not bad right?


Additionally, Tampa is rated as one of the best cities for startups according to a report released by Fortune Magazine. This can be a major explanation on why there are so many millennials in Tampa and why so many continue to flock there. Millennials and startups are often synonymous with each other. A good place to start a startup will inevitably draw large amounts of millenials who are looking for a place to get their business launched. Millenials also tend to draw other millenials in with them when they settle down, so the hotbed of startup activity is attracting and growing the millenial population significantly.


We are not finished there yet. Another reason why Tampa is hot with millenials is because it is one of the most pet friendly places to live as well. This is according to RewardExpert. Millenials are obsessed with their pets and spend lots of time, not to mention money on them. Being pet friendly and having lots of pet friendly amenities is going to be a major draw for Tampa to millenials and helps to further explain the draw of Tampa to this crowd.


Money Magazine also named Tampa as the best city in the Southeast to live in, beating out famous cities such as Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. If your city is listed as being the best to live in, it will attract everybody and not just millenials. Millenials also say they come to Tampa because of low traffic compared to cities with traffic jams such as Atlanta or Miami. Crime is also very low in Tampa when compared to other major cities such as Dallas and Atlanta. Low crime and minimal traffic are a big plus to millenials who are looking to settle in or start out their life.


Of course, Tampa draws milllenials with its abundant beaches, plentiful sunshine and warm weather. Add lots of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and places to go out and you will quickly see that Tampa is a millenial’s dream city to live in.


Feel Magical with Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a line of makeup that has a unique twist. They offer lipstick, face and eye makeup, nails, and hair color. They are big supporters of animals. Therefore, their products are cruelty free. They do not test on animals. Their products are also 100 percent vegan made. Their makeup is known for their wide range of colors. They stand behind expressing yourself through your makeup and living without regrets. Their products are made to put a smile on people’s faces and bring happiness. Their brand is centered around the slogan “Makeup for Unicorns.” It means their makeup is meant to make you feel magical.

Lime Crime provides lipsticks in all colors and types. Their most known type of lipstick are the Metallic Velvetines. They are made for long-lasting wear and will not transfer. They have more of a metal look. To make sure that their lipsticks are pigmented, they infuse the ingredients. Another product that they provide is pop on nails. They are made to apply yourself with ease an also for hassle free removal. They will leave your hands looking like you just had a girl’s day at the nail salon. Another product that they offer is the fantasy hair colors from the unicorn hair line. They come in a variety of different colors for just about every kind of person. They have ingredients that will not harm your hair. Their hair color products are semi-permanent hair dyes designed to start out bold in color and will fade gracefully.

They first originated as a digital makeup brand. They have a huge following in the social media world. Their trends have become a phenomenon on the internet.

Lime Crime’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer is Doe Deere. She created the company to resemble her sense of style and character. She loves to wear the brightest colors in order to make a statement. Her signature hair color is purple. Her company came to life because she needed makeup to go with her Halloween wardrobe. From that day, she has been changing the way the world looks at makeup.