Jack Sock Rises on the ATP Tour

Tampa Bay’s tennis star Jack Sock recently made it into the top twenty on the men’s professional tour, the ATP. He also advanced to the fourth round of the 2017 Australian Open only to lose to the French star Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.

Jack Sock played well and appeared resplendent in Melbourne with his trademark sock choice. On this occasion, he wore socks to match the season’s new color, fuschia. This hot color is found on Nike shoes and is being worn by a large number of male and female tennis players. This shoe color is also Sock’s choice to go along with his matching fuschia socks. But it was not just his shoes and socks that stood out, but his play as he had won three matches at this Grand Slam event and played a tight match against the higher ranked and highly regarded player Tsonga. For more about Jack Sock and his climb into the twentieth position on the ATP go to Yahoo.com: Your text to link…

Tampa has a long history as a sports town with baseball, football, and ice hockey to chose from. Tampa residents are blessed with multiple PGA level golf courses and countless tennis courts to hone their sports skills. The weather in the Tampa area is conducive to outdoor activities and the playing of sports year round. But the area pales in comparison to the other Florida Coast that boasts many more public facilities and training programs for tournament level Junior competition. Directly across the state from Tampa is the Space Coast and Florida District 15, an area that used to draw thousands of junior tennis players from the state to play in 6 or 7 sanctioned events taking place in a public tennis facility, Lawnwood, located in Ft. Pierce, Florida. This type of program specializing in promoting junior tennis works wonders for the sport of tennis itself.

All individual sports like tennis and golf rely on players who achieve star status like a Tiger Woods or a John McEnroe to induce others to play the sport. We can hope that Jack Sock will do his part in inspiring others to enjoy the sport of tennis. Visit the latest ATP standing on Reddit: Your text to link…


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