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Tampa Offers Discounts to Zoo

One of the most popular attractions for locals and visitors in Tampa, Florida is the local zoo. While the zoo is often considered a more expensive entertainment option compared to other options, a recent news article ( has announced a way that residents and visitors to Tampa could visit the zoo even if they are on a budget.


Management at the Lowry Park Zoo, which is conveniently located near the center of town, has announced a new discounted single-day admission policy. This new policy, will provide Florida residents with the chance to get a one-day ticket for just $19.95, which is a $10 discount compared to the normal price of admission. Those that are coming to the zoo from out of state will also find a number of discounted options as well. However, in order to qualify for the lowest price, a person will need to submit a state-issued drivers license, a national passport, or another form of identification. The zoo is also offering significant discounts on annual memberships, which tend to be cost effective for anyone planning three or more trips to the zoo in a given year.


The Lowry Park Zoo is well regarded for being one of the top zoos in the country. It sits on a large 60-acre site and is the home to over 1,300 different animal species. The animals are located sporadically throughout the park in a variety of different manufactured habitats.


The zoo is also well known for providing guests with the ability to interact with the animals, which is a rarity compared to other zoos and enclosures. Those that visit the zoo can purchase passes to certain exhibits that allow for closer interactive activities, including the ability to feed the giraffes carrots or even pet a giant turtle. Those who are looking to spend a day at the zoo can purchase tickets at the zoo’s ticketing office or can purchase them online in advance. The website frequently has updated information regarding the animals, zoo hours, and further discounts available.


Rebuilding The Dynasty – Yankees Future Stars Report to Tampa in February

Major League Baseball’s most decorated franchise hasn’t added much to their “Yankee Mystic” lately. But, when pitchers and catchers report to Legends Field in mid-February, the buzz in Tampa will center on three new top prospects that will be wearing New York pinstripes.



In professional baseball, Keith Law’s list of top 100 prospects is one of the most respected. Heading into the 2017 season the Yankees spring roster will own 5 spots in his first 50, three of those superbly talented fielders.



 Heir Apparent to a Yankee Icon


It’s been two full seasons since Derek Jeter hung up his pinstripes. The greatest Yankee shortstop’s next stop will be Cooperstown, New York at the MLB Hall of Fame. Ever since their captain retired, Yankee faithful have wondered who will be the next star playing shortstop for the Bronx Bombers.



Gleybar Torres has the raw talent and all the tools. Already a slick fielder, Yankee scouts wonder whether Torres can produce at the plate. His fielding percentage has climbed each season, hitting .959% in 2016, while playing A-ball in Tampa.



Torres’ batting average has leveled out though, as the quality of pitching has increased. There seems to be little problem with his glove, so if his hitting improves, the Yanks will have their shortstop of the future.



Where Legends Have Roamed


Some of the greatest players in baseball history have roamed the outfield at Yankee Stadium. The next two highest rated MLB prospects in the Yankee fold are a pair of extremely talented outfielders, each making Law’s top 30.



Blake Rutherford is deemed the most talented player the Yankees have drafted since Jeter, considered by some experts to own top 5 rated skills. But, the most intriguing of all the young Yankees may be the kid tagged with the nickname “Popeye the Frazier Man”.



Clint Frazier already is deemed to possess one of the fastest bats in baseball. Although he has been a mild disappointment since coming over in a trade with the Indians, late last summer his bat started to improve over the last month.



Both Frazier and Rutherford have the raw speed to leg out extra base hits when they arrive at Yankee Stadium. Intriguing, considering the big gaps at “The House that Ruth Built”.


With a bevy of hard throwing pitchers already on the major league roster, and two more in this same top 50 prospects list, having three of the most highly touted fielders certainly gives pinstripe fans reason for hope. One thing about baseball in New York, there never seems to be too many years between champions, and these three youngsters may catapult the Yankees back to their customary prominence.


The Successful Career Of Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel coaches and recruits for college basketball. He works for the Nevada Wolf Pack team as an assistant coach. He has the reputation of a top recruiter. Yanni grew up in New York and received his bachelors degree from Cornell University. He was an intern for the New Jersey Nets until he went to the University of Oklahoma. He was an assistant coach and was partially responsible for the development of Blake Griffin.


In many ways Yanni Hufnagel is a good Jewish boy. He coaches basketball at Harvard. The team has been incredibly successful during the four years he has held the position. He is a hard worker and a genuine person. The assistant coaching job pays well although he admits to being quite nervous during his interview. He is a difficult man not to become fond of.


Yanni does not offer scholarships to Harvard. The requirements for admission are difficult. He stays focused on his goal of finding the high-schoolers whose dream is to be a first round choice for the NBA. He found Zena Edosomwan. This recruit stands six feet and nine inches and his ranking places him in the top 100 players.


It will not be long before Yanni can choose whatever job he wants. He has both the credentials and experience to be exactly where he chooses. He will be coaching in Israel during the summer for the Maccabiah Games. He believe these kids are amazing basketball players. This will also be his first experience in the position of head coach. Yanni knew he had achieved success when Lin who is the guard for the Houston Rockets sent him a text. Lin had watched the practice at Harvard and wanted to ask if Yanni would be interested in tickets for his game. His response was absolutely.

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Susan McGalla Knows What It’s Like To Be A Busy Mom

UPDATE: February 27th, 2017: Susan McGalla is proud to announce the newly name vice presidents to the Steelers family! Read more here:

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant from Pittsburgh. Susan McGalla is the former President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and also the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She currently sits on the boards of HFF Inc. HFF is a company that provides commercial real estate services. She also sits on the board of the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She is currently the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC.

Susan McGalla began her distinguished career at Joseph Home Company, where she worked in managerial positions from 1986 until 1994. That same year, in 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters. She began working for the company as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She worked in other various positions, working her way up to President and CMO.

She was born and raised in Ohio. She attended Mount Union College, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing. She still sits on the Board of Advisors at the college. She is married to wealth manager, Stephen McGalla. She knows exactly what it’s like to be a busy, working mother.

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Doing a balance act between work and home is never an easy thing to do. Establishing that balance is hard, but it is worth it in the end. Susan McGalla offers some tips to achieve the perfect work-home balance.

* Understand the significance of downtime: Downtime must be made a priority every week. Make sure you plan fun or relaxing activities with friends or family. If you don’t take the proper steps to unwind, conquering challenges at home and work will become more difficult.

* Get rid of activities that drain you: Forget trying to prove yourself to others. If you find yourself involved in activities that seem to be pointless and only leave you physically and emotionally exhausted, quit doing them. Start freeing yourself from unnecessary strain.

* Seek your own quiet time: Downtime is important, but different than “quiet time.” Taking “me” time, especially for mothers, is essential in making sure you keep your sanity. You should try to do things to pamper yourself and give yourself a little time to unwind by yourself.

* Make sure you fit “getting fit” into your schedule: Physical activity can do wonders for people, namely mothers, who have extremely busy schedules. Being overwhelmed can be remedied by physical activity that makes you feel more in control. It can also boost your mental lucidity and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

* Dole out tasks: You shouldn’t feel the need to get every menial task done yourself. See if others can help you with small tasks, or look to other resources. See if you can buy groceries or stamps on the internet.

* Forget your ideas of being perfect: No one is perfect. If you can admit this to yourself, you will stop trying to do everything with a perfect expectation. This realization could have a long-lasting effect on your life.

* Let go of technology: Keeping in touch can be helpful but also overwhelming. Technology can make it easier to overwork yourself because everything is more accessible. Ignoring those technologies for a just a little while can help you get away from it all.

* Try meditating: Meditation has the same effects as exercising. You can take a few minutes to meditate to help clear your mind and relax.

* Stop feeling guilty: Working women, especially mothers, tend to have a lot of guilt; for not spending enough time with their children. This feeling isn’t getting you anywhere. Try concentrating on doing your best instead.

* Take the chaos out of your mornings: Having a chaotic morning can set your day off on the wrong foot. Take care of all the tasks you can at night, to alleviate stress in the morning. A less stressful morning can lead to less stressful work days.

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USF Lady Bulls Aim to Slay the Giant of Women’s College Basketball

The USF Lady Bulls are fresh off their 5th conference victory, besting the SMU Lady Mustangs, Wednesday in Dallas, Texas. Sunday Coach Jose Fernandez’s squad will play a nationally televised contest against the Temple Lady Owls, tip-off at high noon in Philadelphia. On the line is second place in the conference standings and potential #2 to tournament seed.



Avoid the Lady Huskies


The #1 seed come conference tournament time is pretty much a foregone conclusion. The University of Connecticut Lady Husky squad has set the benchmark for excellence across all college sports.



Geno Auriemma’s UConn team has won the NCAA title eleven times, a feat matched by no other school in collegiate basketball history. While UConn appears the overwhelming favorite in their quest for a twelfth crown, the USF Bulls have also established themselves as a perennial power.



Perennial National Prominence


Catching the class of women’s college basketball may not be realistic for the Lady Bulls. Finishing the season strong enough to earn another berth in the women’s national championship tournament is realistic. Last week the Sun Dome Arena was treated to Fernandez’s 300th career victory, spanning a stellar 17-years as the Bull’s boss.



During his tenure, Fernandez has led South Florida to a dozen post-season appearances, including seven with more than twenty wins. This year the Lady Bulls have responded with maybe their best year yet. USF already has 15 victories against two solitary losses, one of those to Connecticut at the XL Center in Hartford.



The Giant Comes to the Sun Dome Arena


USF splits the last 10 conference games, half on the road and the other half at the Sun Dome in Tampa. South Florida will sandwich 3 straight Sun Dome games in the middle of a pair of back to road tilts as they head down the final 10 game stretch.



A victory over the University of Cincinnati on February 1st, plus a split in the two games against Temple, and USF could clinch the #2 tournament seed. Earning the second seed means they would be in the opposite bracket from the UConn powerhouse.


Before the tournament time, USF will have one more chance to slay the giant. On Monday, February 27th, South Florida will welcome the all-time winningest team in college basketball to the Sunshine State. If the Lady Bulls continue to play well, USF will have a shot at snapping the longest undefeated streak in basketball history.


Tampa Bay Trade Russian Defenseman To Clear Space For Salary Cap

The National Hockey League team, the Tampa Bay Lightning have just announced that they are doing a major trade. Tampa Bay has traded Nikita Nesterov to the Montreal Canadians. Nikita Nesterov is a 23 year old Russian defenseman who is considered to be an up and coming player with a lot of potential. Nesterov has played 35 games so far for the Tampa Bay Lightening. In that period he has scored three goals and made nine assists. This season was one of his best in his career. Previously, he has scored eight goals and made 20 assists in a total of 119 career games.


Russian defenseman Nikita Nesterov was on a $725,000 per year contract with the Lightening. In exchange for trading Nikita Nesterov to the Montreal Canadians, the Lightening have received lower division defenseman, Jonathon Racine as well as a sixth round draft pick that was originally reserved for the Montreal Canadians. Jonathon Racine, who is now a member of the Tampa Bay Lightening has only played a single NHL game in his career. He joined the NHL in 2011 as the 87th draft pick of the year. He currently plays for lower division team, the St. John’s IceCaps.


The Tampa Bay Lightening will now be free of the salary allotment that was paid to Nikita Nesterov. Club officials say that the reason they decided to trade Nikita Nesterov to the Canadians for a new draft pick and a backup defenseman was that the team needed to free up salary allotment space. Current players, Jonathan Drouin, Ondrej Palat and Tyler Johnson are expected to receive an increase to their salaries. Johnson and Palat are both on $3.33 million dollar salaries that have reached their cap. Drouin who is on a $894,167 salary is also at his capped salary.


The trade of Nikita Nesterov will allow the Tampa Bay Lightening to use their salary allotment to retain players such as Drouin, Palat and Johnson as well as goalkeeper, Ben Bishop. Tampa Bay is currently 6th place in the Atlantic Division and it seems a playoff run is unlikely. The team currently has 22 wins and 22 losses. Their last game was a loss to fellow Florida side, the Florida Panthers 2-1. Their next game is on the 31st of January when they host the Boston Bruins.


Forsythe Trade Suggests Rays are Looking to Replenish Farm System

A few days ago, the Tampa Bay Rays again did what the organization tends to do: trade an established veteran player for a promising prospect.


Tampa Bay sent second baseman Logan Forsythe to the Los Angeles Dodgers for prized pitching prospect Jose De Leon, a 24-year-old right-hander. The move may have cost Tampa Bay a reliable player, but does help replenish a farm system that is considered middle-of-the-pack at the moment.


Forsythe has had the two seasons of his career with the Rays, hitting .281 with 17 homers and 68 RBIs in 2015 and then belting a career-high 20 homers to go with 52 RBIs and a .264 average this past season. He also was considered an above-average defender.


In his place, Tampa Bay does land Jose De Leon who is regarded as one of better pitching prospects in the game. He is considered the third-best overall prospect in the Dodgers’ system after going 7-1 with a 2.61 ERA at Triple-A Oklahoma City. He struck out 111 batters in 86.1 innings there, then was 2-0 with a 6.35 ERA during a September call-up to the Dodgers.


While the trade of Forsythe won’t go down with the current roster as Rays third baseman Evan Longoria already has voiced displeasure over it, Tampa Bay has used its developmental program to good benefit in the past. The Rays have usually produced some solid pitching prospects in the past such as David Price, Matt Moore, Jeremy Hellickson, and Chris Archer.


However, there have been some concern over the dip in its farm system of late. In mid-January, ESPN’s Keith Law rated the Rays’ farm system as the 19th-best out the 30 Major League Baseball organizations. This was prior to the De Leon trade, so it is possible the Rays have moved a couple of spots up.


In particular, 2016 was a rough year for some of the Rays top arms. The top pitching prospect Brent Honeywell dealt with injuries while other top arms such as Taylor Guerrieri and Jacob Faria took steps back in their development. In De Leon, the Rays get a player who is almost major-league ready and possibly by as soon as Opening Day in 2017.


After going 68-94 in 2016, Tampa Bay may be looking to collectively bring another set of promising prospects to fruition with an eye toward having a successful run a few seasons down the road.

Tampa Bay Rays Acquire New Pitcher From Minor League

Major League Baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays, have made a surprising trade. The Florida side have traded Logan Forsythe, a consistent performing second baseman to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Who did the Rays get in return? The Tampa Bay Rays have gotten a pitcher named Jose De Leon who has performed well in the minor leagues.


The deal is viewed with skepticism by many. It could turn out to be a great deal, should Jose De Leon develop into a top pitcher, which many believe he can. Or, it can turn out to be a complete flop, should Jose De Leon disappoint. Jose, who is 24 years old, says that he was shocked to receive the news that he was going to to the Tampa Bay Rays and may begin to start next season. De Leon also said that he is very happy to join the Florida side as it will be much closer to his home in Puerto Rico. He lives in Puerto Rico and the trip from Florida to Puerto Rico is much closer than it is from California.


Jose De Leon has dropped 30 pounds recently and has improved his pitching mechanics. Injuries have plagued him recently however, with him being sidelined for a month twice in a short span of time. The pitcher says that he is now feeling stronger and healthier than ever. His arm feels fine he says and he has been in very good form. Since returning from injury, he has gone 7-1 with a total of 102 strikeouts in only 81 1/3 innings. If that is a sign of his performance to come in the MLB, then Tampa has surely stuck gold on this deal.


While signed for the Dodgers, Jose De Leon played in its Triple A affiliate team in Oklahoma City. It is speculated that he may first play for the Durham Bulls of the Triple A league before he gets called up to play for the Tampa Bay Rays. Ned Colletti, who was the former general managers of the Dodgers, says that he views De Leon as a Major League Baseball pitcher starter for sure. He is not sure he says, whether he could be top of the rotation though. De Leon, meanwhile is extremely motivated to prove to people that he can succeed at the highest stage and prove his detractors wrong.



USF Women’s Softball – Ready for 2017 with 4 Recruits that Shine a Sunnyside for the Bull’s Future

At the University of South Florida in Tampa, the Lady Bulls softball squad is consistently a hot topic of sports conversation. As the Lady Brahmas prepare to swing into the 2017 season, the saying, “we don’t rebuild, we just retool” is fitting.



USF will start the season ranked as one of the top 25 best softball teams in the nation. An even brighter future lies ahead for Coach Ken Eriksen’s Bulls, as four highly rated student athletes will join the fold next fall. The world-renowned coach, who occupies the third base coach’s box for the Bulls, is also the leader of the United States Women’s National team.



The Lady Bull softball team has received letters of intent from a pair of powerful hurlers, adding depth to the pitching staff, plus a hard-hitting outfielder and a versatile utility player who has experience at eight different defensive positions.



Two More Aces in the Herd


Miriam (Mim) Schmoll and Georgina (George) Corrick will be eligible to toe the rubber for USF beginning in 2017. Eriksen justifiably conveys an enthusiastic level of optimism since signing these two power arms.



Both Mim and George have posted an earned run average, (ERA) below one run a game during their prep careers. Schmoll has led the Bayshore, Florida Lady Bruins since her freshman season, while Corrick is the ace of the Seminole High School staff. Each pitcher throws year-round on the travel ball circuit, with Corrick the lead pitcher for the European Champion Great Britain 19 & under squad.



Bulls Add Big Bats


Kyndall Williams and Jasmine Haynes are a pair of excellent fielders who also possess superb bat control. With a pitching staff that is going to be hard to score upon, team defense, getting runners on pace and scoring runs, are the next needs Eriksen hopes to fill.



Haynes and Williams will bring excellent fielding skills to Tampa next season, plus a pair of high batting averages. Kyndall also has a home run power, including a near perfect base stealing percentage.


Since pitching wins games in women’s fast pitch softball, but batters plate the necessary runs, the future looks bright for the USF Lady Bull softball squad. With one of the brightest and most creative minds in the world of fast pitch softball leading the herd, the future looks bright for the Lady Bulls.


Dr Scott Rocklage’s Role in the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Scott Rocklage achieved a B.S in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley as well as a Ph.D in Chemistry from MIT. At MIT he was in charge of research in the workroom of Richard R. Schrock. He has an experience of more than 30 years in healthcare management. Through this he had tactical administration tasks that enabled the endorsement of FDA of three U.S. Fresh Drug Applications namely; Cubicin, Teslascan and Omniscan. He became part of 5AM Ventures in the year 2003 as an initiative partner and later on was managing partner in the year 2004. He has a continuous good career I the healthcare industry. He was the chairman and also CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Rocklage was part of R and D responsibilities at Catalytica and Salutar. At Nycomed he served as the CEO and also President. He previously was a chairman of the board of Relypsa as well as Novira. Furthermore he has board chairman of several firms, they include; Cidara, Rennovia, Cidara, Pulmatrix and Epirus. At Ilypsa that was received by Amgen he served as the executive chairman as well as Semprus and Miikana. Apart from being part of the world of healthcare, Scott Rocklage is a starter and co-starter of more than 30 U.S copyrights and moreover has over than 100 seen publications. He is from Boston at the MA office.

5AM Ventures is one of the top companies that deal with venture capital. It is dedicated to developing future science organizations that have the ability to supply unique revenues to their investors. They work together with firms as well as supporting them in finding solutions to essential healthcare requirements through pioneering innovations in science and medicine. The organization has a collection of companies that head original methods to identify, stop and treat a large occurrence of medical conditions.

The experts OF investment at 5AM have specific qualities that guide them in development, they are; medical, scientific, financial professionalism and operational. Their balanced backgrounds give them an extraordinary advantage in getting and forming life science selection of firms. The staff members are devoted to delivering their best in organization building and especially on initial investors. The organization has responsibilities of implementing firm strategies, business growth, fundraising and organization employment. They are also in charge of temporary tasks and they often participate as board members.

The investment tactics of 5AM are categorized into three sectors namely; medical technology, biopharmaceutical and research tools. These are for the purpose of the enhanced life science skills of health care at the company. Furthermore they add up creative podium technologies, products and business byproducts with growth series and thus investing in large therapeutic regions.

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