The UK Vintners’ Company is an Award-winning Winemaking Firm

The United Kingdom has thousands of hectares with 700 vineyards and 130 wineries. This country produces approximately 5 million bottles of wine annually, and most of its wines have won awards internationally. The UK’s cool climate favors farming of grapes by offering them extended growing seasons to ripen while preserving their flavors and aroma.

The UK Vintners’ Company

The Vintners’ Company ( is one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom. The company takes pride in being one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies and, in 2013; it celebrated its 650th anniversary. The composition of the company’s membership is 500 Liverymen and Freemen.

The company has significant interests in trade, charity, social, and education. Additionally, the company has been supporting education through its organization known as the Vintners’ Foundation. The firm owns the swans together with Dyer’s Company, and it hosts a ceremony of the ‘Swan Upping’ at River Thames once per year. This company also owns halls that are occasionally rented out to London’s citizens for special events.

The Society of Vintners

The Society of Vintners is comprised of 25 British member companies. These companies are family-held, and their shared interests bring them together. These firms have merged their businesses to improve their competitiveness in the wine business. The sale of wines within this consortium is highly encouraged and is a point of difference between independent members and national operators.

Operations of this consortium are that when a member accepts to negotiate with a particular wine dealer in the UK, he/she is obligated to advise the other members on the available options. If the members agree on the price and quality of the merchandise, stocks are bought and sold through the member’s network. The Society of Vintners runs businesses in Italy, France, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Australia, California, and Portugal.

Top Ten Vintners in the UK

Some of the leading vintners in the UK include Albany Vintners Limited, Baron Wines, UK Vintners, Bordeaux Index Limited, Bon Coeur Fine Wines Limited, BWI, City Wine Collection, Coe Vintners, Cult Wines Limited Divine Fine Wines, and Ditton Wines Limited.

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How to Become a Certified vintner

To be a professional vintner in England, one must develop an interest in the wine business and, if possible, acquire some experience of working in the vineyards. One must obtain a degree in viticulture or enology. This degree offers the holder an understanding of the science behind the winemaking process. Additionally, passing the board examination and obtaining the certification is mandatory.



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