Securus rolls out a mobile visitation app

Incarceration is a frustrating process for the state, the prisoner, and the family. No one is happy to see people go to prison, but when crimes are committed justice must be served. Prison is meant to help rehabilitate the individual, and a critical aspect of this rehabilitation is to stay in contact with family and friends. Prisoners have the right to stay in touch with their family, and they need to remember that they have a life on the outside to go home to. Getting adequate visitation used to be difficult for family members that lived far away from the prison, but technology is changing the nature of visitation. Watch campaign here:
Securus technologies is one the breaking edge of prison technology. They are constantly looking for solutions to the prison industries technological issues. One problem they have remained focused on for several years is visitation. Securus wants to make it easy for family members to visit with their loved ones. After years of development, Securus recently unveiled their new mobile visitation app.

The mobile visitation app is a major break through in visitation, says PR In the past, family members would have to visit their incarcerated love one in prison or wait on a phone call. This new app allows friends and family to visit with just the touch of a button. The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. The app will forever change the way that prisons and people think about visitation.

Using the app is simple. First, the family member must download the app. Then, they visit the Securus Online scheduling site, Users log in with their Securus e-mail address, and then they simply pick a time for their visit. When it’s time for the visit, the visitor makes sure they have a great connection and then they enjoy a wonderful visit with their loved one.

The Securus mobile visitation app is great for families and the incarcerated, but prisons are giving it rave reviews as well. The app reduces the need for extensive computer hardware, which allows prisons everywhere to reduce their costs. All prisons need is a tablet and a great wi-fi hotspot. Prisons also enjoy the decreased need for visitation space. Securus America is extremely optimistic about the future for their mobile visitation app.

Securus has a rich history in the prison communication industry, and they hope to be an industry leader for years to come.