Month: April 2016

Goullet helps Make Diversant a IT Staffing Leader

The nation’s largest African-American owned information and technology staffing and solutions company already has cultivated and developed a great reputation among Fortune 500 companies. Recently, named it as a Top 2015 Business.

With the goal of connecting businesses and employees in the IT industry, Diversant aims to help by providing strong training, good mentoring, and plenty of career options for those in the field. The company helps prospective workers find good professional connections designed to help develop their careers.

Among the key members on Diversant’s board is its principal John Goullet. An entrepreneur who has had great success in the IT field, he started as a consultant in the industry before moving on to the staffing branch. He founded Info Technologies as a solutions and staffing company to help businesses navigate the information tech sector.

Goullet eventually joined forces with Gene Waddy of Diversant in 2010 to form what has become of the leading companies in IT staffing and solutions.

The combination has made Diversant a destination for many IT job seekers. The company uses its own methodology in vetting prospective candidates to make sure it can provide a strong list of qualified personnel to clients. Their candidates are particularly fluent in such areas as software development. Diversant continues to monitor the industry and adjusts their personnel list according to the ever-changing methods within in the field.

Goullet brings plenty of experience in his role with Diversant and how the company can continue to be ahead of the curve in terms of IT staffing. He has spent parts of his career as a computer consultant as well as a staffing executive. He tends to focus on a corporation’s climate and matches personalities to a particular line of work. Given his experience on both sides of the hiring process, Goullet is uniquely qualified to aid both job seekers and IT corporations in finding the right match.

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Wen Hair Products for Beautiful Hair

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy hair. However, achieving this can be a very difficult task. There are many beauty products available in the Sephora modern market to help the modern woman to achieve this look. These products are advertised everywhere in the commercials, and most of them leave the customers with a lot of disappointments. Most of these products are quite expensive to acquire, and clients are left with huge losses.
One of the most popular hair products is known as WEN, manufactured by Chaz Dean Hair products. Since the introduction of these popular hair products, there have been a lot of positive rumors from clients saying that they achieved a beautiful and full hair after using the products. The consumers argued that the cleansing conditioner was the reason for the great look.

These positive reviews posted on Guthy-Renker made one of the hair fanatics to use the products in order to achieve the look everyone was talking about. The client had always wanted to have a luscious and healthy hair, and the cleansing conditioner from Wen was believed to help many women get this.

The cleansing conditioners from Wen Hair Products have been popular in the recent times. The product comes as an all one conditioning shampoo and also a styling treatment for the hair. The company says that the product is ideal for different hair types, and the client is supposed to choose the formulation they need. The customer selected the Fig Version from the company. The version had indicated that the client would be good hair moisture, bounce, and shiny look. This is the desired look for most women.

Since the first day of using the product, the client began to experience some changes in her hair texture and ends. Her hair stopped breaking when cleaning, and in seven days, she had the look she had always dreamed of.
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What Did Charles Koch Say About Hillary Clinton?

Charles Koch, the influential GOP donor, made a controversial remark on ABC news. A lot of buzz and chatter has emerged from Koch’s comment that Hillary Clinton might prove to be a better president than some of the Republicans running for the nomination. Koch is not a fan of Donald Trump, and Koch has been lukewarm to Ted Cruz’s aspirations. Many are, however, shocked Koch would make such a statement in a public setting.

Charles Koch did mention that Clinton would be a better candidate if she governed in a manner removed from her campaign rhetoric.

Many sources report that Koch outright endorsed Clinton, but a cursory glance at his words reveal he did no such thing. Regardless, Clinton was quick to rebuke Koch via a tweet.

Charles Koch’s words carry a lot of weight since he is a major donor to the Republican Party, although he leans more Libertarian than conservative. Koch oversees, along with brother David, a massive donor network that supports the GOP in various local and national elections.

The Koch brothers also run Koch Industries, an immensely successful privately held corporation based in Kansas. Koch Industries is diversified into many different industries, and does well in all of them. Charles Koch did share some of his insights for success in a book he recently authored.

For now, Koch is not mentioning what type of a role he will play in the upcoming election. No matter who turns out to be the presidential nominee, Koch is sure to support the GOP in House and Senate races.

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James Dondero From Start-up to Philanthropist

James Dondero has had a very successful time in Dallas, Texas. Not only has he found a personal wealth there but as co-founder of Highland Capital Management he has also find professional success. The business was started by James Dondero and Mark in January of 1990. At the time, the company was a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation and the original business name was Protective Asset Management Company or PIMCO. Despite being in business for over 20 years now it wasn’t until May of 1997 that the management firm really began to pick up momentum within the industry.

The launching point for Highland Capital Management and consequently the beginning of its time being called that was the co-founding partners Dondero and Okada bought out the outstanding stake of Protective Life Insurance Corporation from PAMCO. After the buyout, they transitioned the company into the present day title. From this launching point, the management firm has expanded into providing an alternative investment 40 act platform, entering the mutual fund market with some acquisitions, and even expanded globally to the point of opening a Singapore office.

Not only does Highland Capital Management currently have a global presence in the distressed credit, alternative banking, and emerging market sectors but it also employs 180 people all around the world. This includes a significant portion at its Dallas, Texas headquarters which is also the center for disseminating charitable endowments and funding. Both Dondero and the management firm have convictions in veteran affairs, education, and social causes in the United States as abroad. One such organization which has earned the engagement of Dondero is the Towers fund.

The Towers fund is named for the former U.S. Senator John Goodwin Tower. This group is dedicated to promoting the study of politics and international affairs as well as stimulating a genuine interest in serving the public in an ethical manner. Highland Capital Management issued a donation of approximately $2 million out of its $8 million in charitable donations for that year. This is a clear sign of the commitment to social issues that both its President and company share and continue to pursue every year.

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Keith Mann Opening Up Opportunities for the Entire Globe

When individuals are looking to see what Keith Mann is doing, it’s no different than investing within an organization. That being said, the organizations and startups he is choosing to invest in is the education of young people for the future. When young people are rewarded for their actual efforts, it not only gives them incentive to keep going, but it frees them up as well. Students who are stuck behind student loan debt don’t have the capital to be able to afford rent, let alone to start investing their time and energy in new technologies. The hope is that as scholarships just like Keith Mann continues to help, the trickle down effect will help spur brand new ideas.

This is the exact reason that Keith Mann wanted to make a change. On the one hand you have an opportunity to encourage a young entrepreneur and give them just one more opportunity. Even the most energetic and passionate individuals still need to catch a break from time to time, and with the efforts of someone like Keith, you can certainly see how quickly the incentive of even a small scholarship can provide help, relief, or additional funding.

Mann not only acknowledges that his hard work was what made him what he is today, but he also realizes that by having no other option to go it alone he was able to get ahead farther. Having nothing to fall back on was exactly what helped him to get so far ahead. At the same exact time, he also believes he could have been held back in some capacity simply because he was too busy trying to make enough money to even pay his bills, let alone continue to advance and invest in his organizations.

The key to not only furthering one specific life, but also furthering society as a whole is the motivation for someone like Mann to offer up a scholarship such as this. By recognizing that everyone can use a hand and everyone can use a little more motivation to be rewarded, there is a much better chance of being successful when it comes to making a difference.

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Why Will No One Help Me, Avi Weisfogel Is Helping With The Go Fund Me

How do you tell your little boy that you can not afford to take him to the dentist when he is crying in pain from a toothache? How do you tell your child that they have to live with the hole in their lip because no one will help pay for the surgery to repair it? How do you make your child understand that other children can be cruel? It is a difficult thing for any parent to go through. A parent is working full time at the local burger joint. They are unable to buy enough food to feed the whole family until they are full. The food bank is empty and you can not provide what you need to provide for your family even after working all week at that dead end job. Why will people not help?

Avi Weisfogel is trying to help with the dental problems. He has launched a go fund me campaign to try and collect money to help people that are in the situations above. He hopes that people will donate enough money to pay for several people to see a dentist and to get the work done they need. Avi got his start with his first dental office in New Jersey. He opened Old Bridge Dental after completing his college education and receiving his Doctorate in Dental Science from NYU. Avi loves to help others and he does a lot of lectures to train dentists to help people with sleep issues.

A good dentist understands that sometimes you may need to use mouth guards to align teeth so that their tongue does not fall in the back of the mouth. Avi works hard to teach dentists how to detect sleep apnea in their patients. He lectures on things like having narrow airways to enlarged tonsils. Avi also helps his patients to understand how being overweight or smoking can play a large part in sleep problems. Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe campaign to help the local people get the dental help they need. They do not have to pay for the services. The dental van will bring a crew to their area. Dental professionals are volunteering to help. You can help by donating to the Operation Smile campaign. Every dollar counts.

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QNet Encourages Positive Thoughts

QNet has joined with RYTHM in order to help bring forth positive thoughts. Today’s age is filled with plenty of negativity. A lot of people are overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Also, some people succumb to the negativity and find themselves in a really depressed state. Fortunately, positive thoughts can have a similar effect on people. QNet, a company that is focused on products that improve the lives of their customer, is encouraging positive thoughts from people in order to bring forth donations of water to schools. They are running a campaign in which people are encouraged to leave positive comments so that a donation will be made to Taarana for the first phase and Rashid Centre for the 2nd phase.

QNet is a direct selling company that is based in Asia. They offer products that are helpful for people that are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial means for gaining income. They are also offering people opportunities to explore their career as entrepreneurs so that they can make an unlimited amount of money and improve their lifestyles. QNet is very passionate about improving the lives of others with their philanthropic pursuits and the products that they have to offer like VTube and SMC. They also offer opportunities to join the team.

With the RYTHM campaign, people are able to have their comments converted to HomePure. There are limits to the campaign. For one thing, each individual can only leave three comments and have them count. People that are considering blowing up the comments section in order to speed up the process are going to have to reconsider. What could be done is spread awareness of the campaign and the cause the campaign is working towards in order to encourage others to leave positive comments. QNet really cares about improving lives for many people.

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Fabletics Puts A New Spin On The Tankini

Fabletics has put a new spin on the tankini as it releases its swimwear line. The swimwear from Fabletics is not 100% tankinis, but it has some very good versions of what a true tankini should be. Elite Daily shared the swimwear with the public for the first time, and a look at the catalog proves that Kate Hudson knows how a tankini should be built.

JustFab report says that Kate Hudson started Fabletics because she wanted women to look fabulous even if they were wearing athletic clothing. The line has many different styles that are worth mentioning, but the tankinis are striking ( A good tankini is not supposed to just fall loose to cover a woman’s belly. Some women want to have some coverage, but other women want to have better support in their swimsuits. The tankinis in the Fabletics line can be paired with any bottom, and the top will give women support even if they are heading off to the gym.

The tanks are going to work with all sorts of clothes, and they fit into the athleisure concept perfectly. A women who falls in love with her tankini top at Fabletics can wear it with jeans, shorts or even a skirt because they all fit so well. They are not obviously swimsuits, but they still work really well at the beach or at the pool.

On their Insagram page, a source said that Fabletics is a concept that is supposed to be easy for all women to wear, and women who have had a hard time finding a good swimsuit can look through the Facebook catalog to see if they can find the one suit they will love all year. Women do not have to dread shopping for a suit when they can get more support from a tankini at Fabletics, and they can find something that covers them up a little more without feeling like it is too much.

Fabletics is straddling the line between athletics and fashion perfectly, and they are creating a style that any woman can wear all year with any of her clothes even if she is just going to the gym in the morning.

Brazilian Banking for Passive Income wit Igor Cornelsen

The good news from facebook is that one does not have to work for long hours in the day in order to bring income. There is another kind of income that one could make. This is passive income. People can make investments in the right stocks and bring in the profits. They could also invest in certain savings or other types of investment accounts and collect profits. Igor Cornelsen is one of the experts of passive income and banking in Brazil. He has a lot of tips when it comes to different types of methods for earning finances. Brazilian banking is one of the methods.

For one thing, Brazilian banks has shown themselves to have a lot of resilience when it comes to dealing with the storms of financial downturns. This causes people to scratch their heads trying to figure out the secret to staying on top while the other markets are falling. Igor Cornelsen says that the secret is in knowledge. In other words, knowledge is power. Knowledge of the market is very important if one is planning to weather the different states of the market. For one thing, if people know when to invest and when to stay out of the market, they will be able to save some money whenever there is a bad market condition.

Experience is another factor that helps people survive the turbulent times of the market. When people have experienced losses and made their mistakes, then they are more able to make the right decisions due to learning from their mistakes. Igor Cornelsen would agree that experts are people that have made many mistakes and have learned from them. For many people that are successful in making investments, it takes a lot of failures in order for them to get it right. The only thing is that they have to be willing to actually learn from their failures.

Bustle Writer Share Athleisure Style Tips

JustFab, the internet based company largely know for its Just Fabulous shoe selection has branched out and paired with supermodel Kate Hudson to include an athleisure wear division called Fabletics on bustle. It is also largely internet based, with a few brick and mortar stores. The subscription based company sends good quality, carefully personalized, athleisure garments to your home on a monthly basis, at a discounted rate. This information and more can be found at If you need information or style tips on how to transition from a more traditional style to this more comfortable, casual one, then Fabletics have got some information to share with you.

Recently, a writer for Bustle shared her tips on how she transitioned from a very girly, ‘vintage dress and high heels’ style to athleisure wear, and how she makes it work for her. She makes a good point on in saying that whatever your style is, your outfits should match your lifestyle. This is what will help your style work for you, and not the other way around. This does not mean though that you should put little to no effort into your appearance. One point that she suggests is to wear neutral colors, this helps you feel more put together and sophisticated. Mix and match to see what works best for your body type. Also, make sure that most of the outfit is tailored so that you don’t look sloppy or like you just rolled out of bed. Good fits and coordinated colors make pieces come together to create an ensemble rather than a random hodge-podge.

One nice thing about athleisure wear on Fabletics is that it is acceptable for running errands and carrying on life, but since they are actual athletic clothes, sports and gym are one step closer since you’re already dressed. This also applies to footwear on Sneakers are the gear of choice, of course, but they can sometimes feel too casual for a night out or for a date. Planning is the key. Wear something a bit more dressy to balance out the casual shoe, and look at your sneakers as your battle gear that will keep you going all night rather than having to stop early because of tired feet. Remember, your outfit should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.