Month: January 2016

Gourmet Dog Food Grows In The Market

In the wild, feral dogs of years past would eat whatever they were capable of hunting or scavenging. The diet the dogs ate was natural, but it did not exactly contribute to the healthiest or longest life. Domestic dogs have a better deal. With the arrival of premium dog foods, the deal has gotten even better. The Daily Herald allows those wondering about the world of premium dog to see things in crystal clear clarity. Someone who never wondered about premium brands before is going to be very intrigued upon reading the article. Beneful, a brand produced by Purina, is one of the more popular premium dog food options on the market. With wet food selecting displaying names such as “Tuscan Style Medly” and “Chicken Stew” and “Simmered Beef Entree”, the Purina-owned Beneful brand is sure to capture attention. The names of these selections are not crafted purely for marketing. The containers do actually house high-quality ingredients that live up to the lofty names. The article reveals that great steps are taken to make sure the right ingredients are chosen. Turkey, for example, really does mean turkey and not processed poultry with outrageous fillers. Real turkey is baked like a Thanksgiving meal and then given to taste testers to ensure only the merchandise is perfect when it goes on for sale. For premium dog food to rise to truly gourmet levels, a lot of work has to be performed on the manufacturing level. Upon reading the article, pet owners are going to be left with a positive impression about the legitimacy of these brands. Beneful is a brand that does not present unique dinner selections just for taste alone. Quite a few selections are promoted by Beneful for their nutrients. Pet owners interested in treating their dog to a balanced diet should take note of this as well. The spike in sales on premium dog food selections has led to more top retailers choosing to carry the various brands. Easy access is great for owners since they no longer have to search and search. The big winners are the canines since their dinner immediately becomes a gourmet one night after night.

Legal Analyst Wardle Speaks On Racist Tweets Not Protected By Freedom Of Speech

Being “woke” means to be politically and socially aware. It allows you to critique the world and its idealogies and dismantle those that are detrimental to marginalized groups in society. It’s not really possible to stop being “woke”. It feels as though your eyes are open all the time and you’re no longer able to see things as they once were.

These activists that take to social media have so much following and power that they can find your employer and explain to them how you posted something racist, sexist, or homophobic on social media. That’s exactly what happened from “woke” Twitter when Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, and Justin Van Vuuren made racist statements on Twitter. Hart has been suspended from his analyst job and all three are facing charges. Sparrow’s daughter even stated that she received death threats via phone calls. However, an analyst Brenda Wardle states, “The constitution states that all can exercise their rights, provided the rights of others are not infringed.” Sparrow, Hart and Van Vuuren’s freedom of speech rights were not violated since they were infringing on the dignity of black South Africans.

Increase of social media has caused a decrease in tact among people. It’s easy to forget that there are people behind these profiles and that we’re not just speaking into a void. With the advancement of technology it is also best to keep in mind that any opinion we share, under the protection of freedom of speech or not, may offend and that the retaliation is in new form. It is called doxing and it entails that activists or their supporters find out your address, phone number, employer, simply with a google search or with GPS location on your status update.

Brenda Wardle who gave her opinion on Sparrow’s daughters worries of her mother’s freedom of speech being violated is a legal analyst in South Africa. Her main focus is on children, education, human rights, politics, and poverty alleviation. She received her three law degrees as well as her Master’s degree. She speaks fluent English, Xhosa, and Afrikaans. Currently, Wardle is the Chief Operations Officer at Wardle College of Law in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is renowned and recognized for being a legal moderator and is frequently called on to speak about any legal ramifications that may occur from a legal battle. She is also a consultant for important national conferences that involve parole boards and laws of correctional management.

When George Soros Makes an Economic Prediction, Investors Listen

When George Soros makes an economic prediction, investors are sure to listen. The reason why is he has had more than four decades worth of success, and his financial empire now nets at about $27 billion. However, is his latest warning of a repeat of the 2008 market crash valid?
Currently, other economic advisors are not declaring a possible recession. However, some of them say that any trigger such as a new war or declining United States manufacturing ISM indicators could result in one. In Soro’s defense, Bloomberg has outlined many of the financial problems caused by a devaluation of the yuan currency.
The price of the yuan has dropped, and Soros attributes this as being one of the primary reasons for Chinese trade shut-downs. Already, this is part of what pushed the Down Jones Industrial Average down by more than 390 points from close on Wednesday, January 6, 2015 to the end of the following day (January 7). Many of the Chinese and Asian markets also have experienced the effect of recent trading troubles. Declining eastern stock prices is one evidence of financial problems.
The service sector also shows signs of job growth. Therefore, it might take more to decide how much at risk of a recession the world is right now. More might just need to happen yet for economists to believe George Soros is right.
The Chinese government is making moves to restore the yuan’s convertibility by 2020. However, the fact that the world relies on China as the second-largest economic power is a concern. If this is one of the country who normally is making it, what kind of hope does it leave for other countries not doing as well financially?
Certain other events could possibly trigger a recession. For instance, a recent Saudi-Iran conflict concerning the Yemen bombing incident could compound into a full-on war. Additionally, other Asian countries might feel the pressure to lower their currency prices to stay competitive.
George Soros warns of a recession much like what happened in 2008. However, this economic fallout might possibly be isolated in certain locations and not throughout the entire globe. In any case, many investors are keeping on watch and using caution per Soro’s advice.

Learn How to Sell Any House Fast With Greg Hague

For many years, home sellers have faced a specific dilemma. They want to sell their homes fast but they also want to sell them at the best possible price. This particular tug of war has led to some problems as home sellers face conflicts between the two when the market is not quite on their side. They may need to sell fast but they also need to sell at the highest possible price. One of today’s leading real estate experts reminds us that the two goals can be accomplished at the same time without a loss in price or without a home sitting on the market for many months.

That expert is Greg Hague. In his latest interview with Forbes Magazine, Hague tells his readers and potential sellers his secret for selling a house fast while still helping the seller get the best possible price for their investment at the same time. He wants sellers to understand what makes buyers excited when they go look for a house. Buyers are looking for a house that is valuable and likely to go up in the future as well as a house that feels right for them. They are also looking for a house that is likely to be cheaper than other houses on the market and represent the opportunity for them to get a great deal on a home.

He and his fellow sales staff at Real Estate Mavericks see this process in action and have developed a plan to help seller take advantage of it. With his help, any given real estate agent can learn how to work closely with buyers and sellers and help both feel a sense of excitement about a specific property. He knows that real estate agents may become jaded if a property sits on the market for too long and not do their best to promote it to buyers.

At Real Estate Mavericks, Hague and his fellow highly qualified staffers also know that the best way to help combat this feeling is by starting a campaign aimed at avoiding such feelings even before the house goes on the market in the area.  To this end, they suggest that real estate agents offer the property in question as an exclusive only to selected buyers. They also suggest that the seller only aim for specific buyers who are highly motivated and like the idea of buying a property that may not be available at the time to the general public or even to other buyers.