Month: November 2015

Yeonmi Park’s Book Shows the Strength of the Human Spirit

Yeonmi’s book, “In Order to Live” has demonstrated the strength of the human spirit and has shown what people could overcome. Her book gives a brutally honest look at what has happened in her life. She has grown up in harsh conditions in North Korea. she has spent a large chunk of her childhood starving due to her parents being locked away. Then her book talks about a completely different nightmare where she had to fight to survive. However, she went pretty far in depth in order to write the story. For one thing, it had to be a very painful thing in order to write the story as she had to relive all of the events that she went through. Yeonmi Park talks about all of the times that she has been brutalized, beaten and raped in her book. One thing that she avoided was being emotional about it.  Yeonmi Park has experienced a lot in North Korea. She has kept the hope. One thing that has got her desiring a better life is one of the Hollywood movies, particularly Titanic. However, when her and her family made their escape, Yeonmi Park has fallen into a new nightmare. This nightmare is human trafficking. This is where Yeonmi has experienced the worst dehumanization of her life. She was protected by her mother from rapists. However, that didn’t stop her from getting raped at a later time. In overcoming all of the trauma that she has experienced, Yeonmi has shown that she has a strong spirit on twitter. She has also inspired people and shown that they can overcome even the worst trauma imaginable. Yeonmi has expressed desire in order to free North Koreans. Another desire that she has is to stop the Chinese from persecuting North Koreans that flee the country. She is going to work hard in order to continue to shed light on the abomination that is in North Korea.

Visual Search Shows How A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Shoppers

Human beings are visual beings. Vision is our “super sense”, and we remember more of what we see than what we hear, smell, etc. And as advertisers have known for thousands of years, advertising dominated by image reconition on is far more effective in selling products than ads dominated by text. So it’s not surprising that as we advance further and further down the digital highway, we’re hearing more and more about visual search.

Visual search is certainly not a new hi-tech concept and buzz word. The term has existed for decades, and refers to the process in which the human eye (and brain) can pick out a certain image from a cluster of many others. Not only is visual search not a new term, the actual practice of it is believed by scientists to go back to the dawn of mankind, and was instrumental to the species’ survival. Visual search probably helped our ancestors to quickly identify and locate edible foods. It also probably them to distinguish friend from foe. And as humans and their shopping habits evolved, advertisers utilized visual search to sell products.

So as humans spend more and more time on line and doing their shopping there, it stands to reason that visual search is being used to capture their attention and money. And leading the way with this marketing approach is Slyce.

Slyce is a groundbreaking industry leader that takes the concept of online visual search to the next level. With the aid of a Slyce application, shoppers can use their mobile device to photograph an item, its barcode, or even a similar product.
They can then request specific information on the product image. The Slyce app, known as Scout, acts as a “virtual concierge”, providing its user with visual and textual information on product prices, locations on where it’s sold, and even does price comparison shopping and provides electronic coupons.

The company was created by Canadian business consultants Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot in 2012, and moved to its Toronto headquarters in 2013. By 2014, Slyce had generated almost $17,000,000 in financing from international investors, and now works with some of the world’s leading retailers like Neiman-Marcus to sell products using visual search technology. In addition to Toronto, Slyce also has offices in Calgary, Nova Scotia, and in the United States, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Susan McGalla Is an Inspiration to Businesswomen

When it comes to women who are pillars of the business community, Susan McGalla is a person who is highly respected by many of the people she has worked with. In a career that has spanned 30 years. Susan has proven that hard work and persistence can pay off in a big way. Susan gained a great deal of fame when she ascended to the position of president of the apparel company called American Eagle Outfitters. In that lofty position, she proved more than a match for many of the male CEO’s of competing companies.

However, she wanted for nothing. She focused on her studies, eventually being accepted into a very highly regarded private university called Mount Union. Susan decided to major in business and marketing, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree. However, she was not exactly sure which career path she wanted to take. Many companies expressed an interest in hiring Susan McGalla. She eventually received an offer she could not refuse from the Joseph Horne Company. This company owned and operated a very successful national chain of department stores. Susan quickly made a name for herself. She continued to be a loyal employee for many years. When Horne’s was purchased by Dillard’s, Susan thought this was the ideal time to leave the company because she did not want to answer to a completely different management team.

As it turns out, Horne’s being sold was the best thing that could have happened for Susan’s career. This is because her next job was at American Eagle Outfitters. At this company, she showcased her business acumen in a way that she never could at Horne’s. She was given various positions of enormous responsibility which were uncommon for women. She thrived in these roles, always finishing her tasks quickly and under budget. Because she had a knack for knowing what different types of clothing would sell on a national level, she rose through the ranks at a rapid pace. The constant promotions culminated with Susan being named the president of the entire company. It was under her leadership that American Eagle Outfitters experienced profits that had never been seen before in the company’s three decade history.

Since moving on from American Eagle Outfitters, Susan has been involved in many different jobs. One that she is extremely proud of is being the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers National Football League (NFL) team. She has been a football fan all of her life, so being able to mingle with the players on a regular basis was a major thrill for her. The Magee-Womens Hospital research Institute and Foundation is a board that Susan is a member of. She is very passionate about the work this hospital is doing. She has stated in several interviews that working with a hospital is great because she wanted to be a nurse when she was young.