Month: October 2015

Ways in Which, the Tech Boom, Has Affected the Real Estate Landscape of NYC

Tech activity has seen significant increase since 2000, as it continues to have a big impact on the landscapes and economies of cities all over the world. Tech hubs are changing fast to be at bar with the invasion of tech companies.

The following are some of the impacts of tech companies on the real estate landscape in NYC.

• Diminishing supply, more competition, and high prices
According to CB Insights, a lot of money is being invested in the New York scene. For instance, series B financing saw an increase of $17 million this year as opposed to the $6 million recorded in 2013. Tech companies are now making a huge change in the commercial real estate market. Last year, the tech industry contributed over 19% of the leasing that took place. Tech startups have taken up almost half of the bids in NYC neighborhoods like Union Square, Chelsea, and Flatiron. Rent has also gone up by 80% compared to how it was ten years ago.

• Increased demand for bespoke office spaces
According to Crain’s, HR professionals are mostly interested in the company culture and engagement that is characterized by the company’s space. Tech companies are now approaching property owners and requesting for non-traditional office space with open floor plans, exposed brick wall, and loft spaces with rooftops.

• Creating new perspectives in old neighborhoods
The Garment District is a perfect example of how the tech boom has changed NYC. Some years ago, it only had fashion designers and garment manufacturers, but currently technology and other creative companies have settled in the area. It is attributed to the area’s transit options and relative rent prices. Flatiron area has also become a haven for tech startups. These areas now have new bars, restaurants, and retail stores to meet the needs of the tenants.

• Creation of “hotspot” residential neighborhoods
The tech people also need a place to settle in. While some can afford to live in the popular and expensive areas, the rest opt to settle in the surrounding areas that are less developed. This invasion of educated people eventually makes the less developed area a hotspot and attracts new businesses and developments.

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Dogs Love Good Food, So Why Not Feed Them Beneful?

Dogs are like humans in more ways than they care to be. A dog can get seasonal allergies, just like any human does when springtime or other seasons roll around. Imagine a dog sneezing and feeling poorly once a certain season comes along and it brings on their allergies. Dogs can contract other diseases as well, and whether a pet owner knows it or not, what a dog eats can contribute to the diseases they get or even help to fight diseases they may already have. If a person has a cold, they tend to eat chicken noodle soup.

It’s even been proven that chicken noodle soup is good food for those who have a cold, and there is science behind why the soup can help those who are suffering from a cold. Since it’s proven that certain foods can help or hurt a person when they have certain illnesses or diseases, then why wouldn’t it be the same for a dog? Dogs need to have good food at all times, and food can make all the difference in the world with the diseases they suffer from.

If a dog eats regular dog food that is healthy for them, then it’s unlikely that they will suffer from a disease like diabetes, but it’s possible for them to contract the disease if they eat very poorly. It’s up to a pet owner to determine what goes into their dog’s stomach, and they need to watch what they decide to give to the dog. Pet owners who feed their dog junk food will eventually see that their dog ends up being unhealthy.

Pet owners who want to help keep their dog healthy will pay for a premium dog food that can help give them all the nutrition they need. Vitamins and minerals should be in a dog food to help keep dogs healthy, similar to how a human can fight a cold by taking more vitamins. One dog food in particular that has all the nutrients a dog could need as well as great taste is Beneful dog food. Purina Beneful is not new on the market, but Beneful has been around for many years.

The reason why some pet owners are very fond of Beneful is because of the fact that it has nutritional value, and Beneful can be a great source of energy for most dogs.  Eating Beneful regularly may mean that a dog can stave off many of the diseases that plague humans as well as dogs. Giving a dog Beneful is not hard at all. All that’s necessary to give a dog Beneful is to purchase the food, put the food in the dog’s bowl, and watch the dog enjoy their meal.

The Works of Kenneth C. Griffin

Ken Griffin, now renowned in the financial world, started his business enterprise as a mere undergraduate whilst studying at Harvard University. Relying on nothing more than his fax machine, computer, telephone and business acumen he began trading from his dorm room. He became so successful at this college room trading that he quickly caught the attention of various hedge fund managers, one of who, a one Mr. Frank Meyer, picked him up and allowed Mr. Griffin the opportunity to create Citadel Capital, the financial institution for which Griffin is best known today.

After the founding of Citadel, Griffin’s interest in school funding began in increase. He saw most schools as the shinning beacons that led the youth to greater heights in the world of business. Unfortunately, he also realized that many, if not most prospective students simply did not have the money that needed to make that dream a reality and those that did where quickly swamped with debt that would likely follow them for most, if not the rest, of their life.

Because of this revelation Griffin began aggressively funding various academic projects and institutions such as his alma mater, Harvard University, to which he offered a extremely generous donation of one hundred and fifty million dollars to their financial aid department. And to this day, Griffin’s addition remains the single largest charitable donation which the college has ever received. In addition, in 2006, Griffin partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in a joint venture to open up a new charter school in Chicago, called Woodlawn High School to further the educational and career prospects of the Chicago youth. But Griffin’s extensive works of philanthropy did not stop there. Only three years later Griffin, along with his wife, Anne Griffin, made a enormous donation totaling ten million dollars to the Chicago Heights Childhood Care Center and a additional 16 million to the nearby Memorial Youth Hospital. Most recently, in 2015, Mr. Griffin has taken up a keen interest in the arts and has contributed over ten million dollars to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and maintains a extensive art collection himself consisting of works by such notable artists as Cezanne, Jasper Johns and Renzo Piano.

The Achievements of Chicagoan Business and Marketing Leaders

The city of Chicago is characterized with a vast number of businesses and entrepreneurs. The city has engaged in various efforts to support the growth and development of businesses. The various endeavors include supporting the small businesses and conducting businesses expos. The city through the Small Business Loan Program has facilitated startup ventures and companies by providing incentives to banks in Chicago to offer loans to small ventures. Through the Expos the small businesses acquire skills and knowledge from well up businesses in Chicago, which they use to grow their businesses. These small businesses are vital since they create a good source of employment.

The growth in business and marketing in Chicago has been increasing in a fast rate with most of the success observed in the previous year 2014.

Businesspersons and marketing leaders have come up with various techniques to boost their businesses. This include inception ways and means to ensure they get financial facilitation from financiers such as new marketing plans and advanced sales techniques. In addition, the Chicagoan business and marketing leaders have been able to ensure continuous employment through increased salaries and remunerations, boosting brand awareness, and regular vocational training of their employees.

In other cities, the business and marketing sector is pre-dominantly occupied by male figures. However, In Chicago the case is contrary with a development of several women rising above the gender barrier to become top business leaders and board members. This has marked a revolution in gender equality, and created a basis through which other female figures in other cities can look up to.

Nonetheless, creation of business empires does not come easy. It takes a considerable amount of effort, skill, dedication, and perseverance. Many people have tried coming up with superb business ideas and plans but only few have managed to create a niche for themselves. The various renowned business moguls in Chicagoan business and marketing sectors include Trina Dru Gordon, Peter McGuiness, and Majeed Ekbal.

Majeed Ekbal is a senior Marketing Executive and entrepreneur in Chicago. His academic proficiency trace form American University, Washington D.C, where he acquired his undergraduate degree. Mr. Ekbal is on Vimeo and has managed to make a name for himself through his company called Expresso, which acquires groceries on behalf of clients before delivering them within a stipulated amount of time. Currently, he is the brand manager and client relations officer for Razorfish, which is a public relations and marketing company.

The Advantages of Switching to a Better Dog Food Brand

Dog food comes in many types, varieties and flavors and these products are all designed to be nourishing to your dog. Unfortunately, some dog food products have more fillers and by-products in them than the average dog owner would like to see. These fillers and by-products make it possible for the companies to lower their prices and essentially sell more dog food. This is an unfortunate fact simply because lesser-quality dog food brands can wreak havoc on your dog’s health and overall well-being.

Junk dog food brands may be cheap, but you are doing your dog a disservice by offering these foods to him on a regular basis. Think of yourself when it comes to the food that you eat and remember how lethargic you might feel after eating nothing but junk all day. Low-quality food may cause you to feel tired, sluggish and generally unhealthy, so this is very much like how your dog is going to feel if the food you’re offering to him is low-quality. Better-quality foods are obviously going to be more expensive and there is absolutely no getting around this fact.

Beneful is a top dog food brand on the market and is the current go-to for many dog owners. Beneful has always put dedication into the science and research that goes into all of the products that they offer. The high-quality ingredients that you will find in all Beneful products will aid your dog’s digestion, health and energy levels.

Better brands of dog food like Beneful on have many wholesome ingredients that you wouldn’t otherwise find in cheaper brands of dog food. For example, you will find whole grains and veggies in this brand of dog food as well as fruits, vitamins and necessary nutrients. You may even find that your fussy dog that tends to refuse foods takes to Beneful because of its delicious flavor and texture. Making the switch to a better brand of dog food may not only be beneficial in the respect of being more nutritious, but it can also be beneficial to a dog that tends to be fussy with what he eats.

Your dog deserves the best in terms of fine quality and nutritious ingredients. If your current dog food is lacking in both of these aspects, it is time to consider switching to a brand like Beneful. Your dog will benefit in terms of their health, energy levels and even in the way that their coat shines. The wholesome ingredients found in better dog foods is nourishing to their bodies and brains just like better-quality foods are beneficial to your own health. Even though better brands of dog food can be more expensive, you can save money by comparing prices in different stores and looking for money-saving coupons that might be available.

Some Little-know Strategies on Financial Investment by Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin was born in Florida, Daytona Beach, in the year 1968. He commenced his investment techniques in 1968 while at Harvard University through his first year after he saw an article in a magazine – Forbes. He came up with a hedge fund that was focused on bond arbitrage that was convertible during his second year at Harvard.

He capitalized the above fund with cash gotten from his friends and family with the inclusion of some money from his grandmother. This strategy on investment aided him preserve capital during the crash of market stocks in the year 1987. This success earlier on enabled him to instigate another hedge fund. He eventually graduated from Harvard with a Degree in Economics.

With only $4.6 million in the capital, Citadel was created in 1990 by Kenneth Griffin, who was the founding member. With an approximate of 8 years, Citadel has been operational and with a team of about 100 employees.

He made his first entry in 2003 in Forbes 400 when he accumulated an estimated value of $650 million. At a mere 34 years of age, Kenneth became the youngest self-made rich man on the Forbes list. By the ending of 2014, he had a net worth of around $ 5.5 billion.

At the beginning of 2015, Citadel was recognized for being one of the best top working environs in the financial industry, based on a survey done by the workers of Citadel. Griffin got an accreditation for creating an amazing working culture and providing gifts to workers to motivate them. Some of the rewards were like personal gifts, museum tours, fitness programs and free lunches.

Kenneth got featured by the Milken Institute Global Convention, where he majorly discussed Citadel in depth. He also talked about how structuring intricate organizations is motivated by investing very highly in corporate activism and the workers. He further stipulated that corporations should set themselves free of giving big roles to activists and shareholders while managing their organizations. Organizations should also be grateful for the benefits that they get since they all owe it to the society.

Based on the wide experience as a business executive, Griffin gave his views on issues related to financial regulations and market structuring. This experience made him testify in varied hearings of the government. He also insisted on the requirement of having regulations put in place to help catch up with changes in the market structures to increase fairness and pliability in the equity markets in America.

Shaygan Kheradpir and His Contributions as a Business Executive

Shaygan Kheradpir is a leading expert in matters concerning technology. His innovative spirit has been displayed in many projects that he has handled, both as an amateur as well as while he was serving as a student. Shaygan Kheradpir has graduated with a doctoral degree in electrical engineering, something that places him among top individuals in the tech industry. His impact to many companies he has worked with remains solid and positive as he has helped to roll out different useful software that has been used to make service execution easier. Shaygan Kheradpir is well disciplined and he is able to stick to his plans until they have materialized.

He has been identified as one individual who will not lose hope regardless of the situation. Failure to him is something that helps to offer motivation for greater things in life. He takes everything with a positive perspective and this has helped to avail some glory to his side. He is able to recollect himself in case of failure.

Spending his childhood in London was something that opened up his mind to view things differently. He was able to interact with individuals from different groups and this allowed him to get a better grip of what the society is made up of. Shaygan Kheradpir was raised by parents who believed in education as a great tool for the elimination of ignorance and to help improve an individual. This is something Shaygan Kheradpir received with a warm heart. He showed much interest in pursuing education and was particularly interested in topics that touched on science. For his high school education, he went to Switzerland at the Aiglon College. This was another chance that helped him understand more about the outside world away from his homeland. He came back with great ideas and motivation to pursue his dream of becoming a leading technology professional and manager.

The completion of his high school education came as an opener for yet another opportunity to greatness. He joined the Cornell University, where he would pursue engineering. He chose electrical science as this is what makes up his passion. His pursuit was more of fun and learning. He then completed learning at this university and graduated with a doctoral degree in the same field. This prepared him to handle the challenging tasks that were presented ahead.

Shortly after graduating, he joined the GTE Corporation. He was hired to occupy the laboratories of the company in a bid to oversee networking and routing. His work was great and within a short period, he was able to receive several awards and was promoted to the chief communications officer of the company. This is a positing that offered him a better chance to exercise his management skills and to learn more facts that could help him control bigger tasks.

Bruce Levenson’s Honorable Accomplishments

The NBA is a prestigious organization that involves not only athletes but successful businessmen. Among all the businessmen and athletes, is Bruce Levenson, a successful American entrepreneur who has made a living through information others of global current events. Mr. Levenson, not only has a strong tie to his family, but also has used his strong sense of tradition in any decision that he has made. One of the most important contributions to Mr. Levenson’s success is the fact that Mr. Levenson always includes his family in his decisions. This sense of tradition and family translates into every single business transaction that is made.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington D.C. to a Jewish family. His Jewish roots are what inspire him to continue to make contributions to the Jewish community. Despite the fact that Mr. Levenson was born in Washington D.C., Mr. Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. His childhood in Chevy Chase is unforgettable for Mr. Levenson. He still cherished the 18 years that he spent at home before attending the prestigious, Washington University.

After attending University, Mr. Levenson set out to earn his law degree from American University. After earning his law degree, Mr. Levenson decided to co-found one of the most successful companies that involved informing the public of the oil industry. This company was named the United Communications Group. Mr. Levenson, with the help of Ed Peskowitz, set out to create weekly newsletter that would inform the public about the hot topic of the oil industry. The company was started in the small apartment that was leased by Mr. Levenson.

The United Communications Group started to grow as the company began to pick up new newsletters from different companies. As the company expanded, the newsletter then addressed hot topics such as healthcare, energy, the environment, communications, technology, and many more big industries. The United Communications Group even helped a startup company known as TechTarget.

One of Mr. Levenson’s most notable achievements is the fact that Mr. Levenson was the co-owner for the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. As the co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks, Mr. Levenson wanted to show his team about the importance of not only being great athletes but also how to inspire others. One of the ways that Mr. Levenson inspired his team was by taking them to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. He wanted to show the Atlanta Hawks that they have it lucky compared to many others in the world. In addition to the field trip, Mr. Levenson had his mother in-law speak to the team about her experience in the concentration camp.

Mr. Levenson has always been a philanthropist through his volunteering as well as his donations. Mr. Levenson is not only a constant donator to the Holocaust Museum but is also a constant donator to the I Have a Dream foundation.

Shopping With Slyce

Imagine walking down the street and finding an item on the street that is beautiful and is a must-have. Now imagine taking a photo of that item, finding it at a local retailer and buying it instantly. This is the new technology that is available to the general public. The way we shop and search for items is changing each and every day. Currently, the technology world is evolving and start up companies are utilizing smartphones and other mobile devices to allow consumers to do more and access more than ever. There is one company that is creating a new technology and a new way to get what consumers want and need.

Slyce is a start up company that is changing the way consumers shop. Slyce is using visual and image recognition technology to allow individuals to get what they want. Slyce is used as a smartphone application that integrates the user’s smartphone camera to get information about a product. In addition to the visual recognition feature, Slyce also uses a visual search feature that gives users the ability to search about an item with visual technology.

How Does Slyce Work?

Slyce is unique in its technology. Users who download the Slyce application on their smartphones can simply take a photo and get information. For example, a woman sees a tote bag that she likes on the street, she doesn’t know any information about it but she wants to know more. She can simply open the Slyce app and take a photo of the bag.

In addition to scanning actual items, users can also scan bar codes, printed material, billboards, coupons and QR codes. This ability gives users access to more options to shop and research items.