Month: September 2015

Writing the First Article

As a new Wikipedia editor there are obviously a lot of things that need to be acknowledged. Wikipedia itself is a gigantic compendium of knowledge that has been growing at astronomical rates for over the last decade. We’ve seen the encyclopedia eclipse the 20 million pages of data mark, which is truly just mind boggling. With thousands of active editors and a constant need for expanding content, there can be some trepidation about how to get started. Fortunately it sounds more difficult than it actually is.

Back to the Basics
Editing on Wikipedia isn’t unlike working on a school paper, only the payoff for this project is that the editor will have their work enshrined on an internet legend forever. So, with that in mind editors must put forward their best effort in securing the fundamental aspects of a well written research paper are met. This means that they must meet citation, grammar, punctuation, and formatting guidelines. Wikipedia has a very strict set of guidelines when it comes to format as that is the most important aspect of the encyclopedia in order to ensure congruency. Editors can find these guidelines on the Wikipedia Manual of Style, which is a public document that lays out the basics of creating a document.

Avoid Areas of Bias
Wikipedia’s content fits together so well because the writers and editors do not allow their bias to show through. If every editor put in their own two cents then the whole encyclopedia would be thrown into chaos resulting in an unusable mess. This means that writers need to check their bias at the door and record text from a neutral point of view. Editors who have strong opinions on a subject, such as a notable figure, should probably let the topic be completed by someone who isn’t as inflamed by the subject.

Refrain From Posting Personal Content
Wikipedia itself is not a compendium of all things that exist, despite the common perception that says otherwise. Instead, Wikipedia exists as a place for notable pieces of information to be logged. Editors shouldn’t use their position to add personal content such as their business or a user page. Instead, editors can pursue a Wikipedia service like Get Your Wiki which will publish the article from an unbiased perspective, resulting in an article that meets all Wikipedia guidelines.

Ken Griffin Has Given A Big Donation To His Past College

Ken Griffin is a man who has done much with his life. When he first set out in his career he probably had no idea of the places that it would take him. Back when he was studying at Harvard College he didn’t know that he would one day be making a huge donation to it. He couldn’t have predicted his future back then, but he knew that in order to have a good career that he would have to work hard to make it happen. And so that is what he has always done.
Ken Griffin didn’t let himself slack off on anything, and that is how he got to be in such a good position, today. One does not have the kind of success that he has had without putting their full effort into making it happen. One does not become rich by being lazy and not caring for what they are doing. Ken Griffin put his all into his career and the work that he was doing in it, and now he is able to reap the rewards of doing that.
The success that Ken Griffin on has had has allowed him to be generous to others, and he was happy to give a good amount of money to the college that helped him to learn everything that he needed to know for his career. He wanted to be able to give back in a big way, so he gave a large donation to Harvard College. And now the college has renamed their financial aid office in his honor.
People like Ken Griffin should be respected and looked up to for many reasons, and one of the biggest things that sets him apart from other businessmen is his generosity. He realized that he would not have made it to the places that he did if it were not for Harvard College and the education that was supplied to him, and he wanted to help to provide the chance for others to get a good education there, as well. So, he gave money to the college so that that could happen.
Ken Griffin has done so many good things with his life, and helping out Harvard College is one of the biggest things that he has ever done. He has had success in his career and the things that he’s chosen to do, and instead of keeping all of that success and the riches that he has earned to himself, he has decided to share a portion of them with others.

Frans Schoeman, One of the Best Attorneys in South Africa

Frans Schoeman is the Director of Phatisma Diamond Corporation. He is the founding partner of the renowned Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, which is a leading law firm in the South Africa. Very few people can match up to his experience in the legal field. He has been in practice for a period of 25 years.
His career in law began in 1987 when he joined the University of Free State. Frans Schoeman received his degree in 1990, giving him the powers of being an attorney in South Africa. As a student, he was an active member of legal society body in school. At Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, Frans was able to serve as an active partner marking his first sting into legal practice.
Frans Schoeman has severally been selected due to his experience and unique set of skills in areas of legal research, corporate law, and dispute resolutions. He has also covered the areas of commercial and civil litigation, international law, and negotiation. At Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, he has done pro bono works that aim at helping several courses relating to children, arts and culture, and education.
Something worth noting is that, Frans Schoeman has helped many organizations in understanding better the area of environmental law. This is in terms of understanding their obligations in relation to the natural world. It has ensured that the interaction of the companies with the natural world is in accordance with the set principles of the National Environment Management Act. These actions indicate how a responsible attorney he is in terms of conserving the environment.
Frans Schoeman has led in the development of solid and creative techniques that can tackle any legal challenge. Equipped with excellent legal experience, knowledge and skills, he has offered effective solutions to many clients. This has enabled him to build a strong client base on both the national and international level. His main strategy lies in specializing to deal with few clients at a time than a large number. This he says enables him to provide excellent service as a result of quality engagement.
Presently, his scope of practice though not limited to the following covers administrative law, finance, and banking law. He is also involved in the practice of commercial litigation, medical law, and intellectual property. In addition, he practices in forensic investigations, property transfers, and debt recovery.
Frans Schoeman has served at Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwal Inc as an attorney. In the year 2001, Frans rendered his services as one of the directors of tg Minister Group.  served as the Managing Director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation from 2005 before becoming the Director of the corporation.

Shaygan Kheradpir Biography

Shaygan Kheradpir attained his bachelors, masters as well as Ph.D from Cornell University in electrical engineering majoring in control systems.

All through his profession Shaygan has established mission-driven groups to steer change, which matters-to consumers, staff, investors, plus the society. He has linked, straddled, and revolutionized at the edges of customary disciplines across numerous business segments worldwide.

Shaygan was lately pronounced as the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks, a ground-breaking corporation in networking business in Silicon Valley.

Before the recent pronouncement Shaygan Kheradpir of ececornell served as chief operations as well as technology officer for Barclays Group. In 2011 Shaygan moved to Barclays bank HQ in London as COO (Chief Operating Officer) for the international retail bank, plus afterwards became chief operations plus technology officer working for the whole bank worldwide in retail, business, corporate, cards, investment banking and wealth. While in Barclays Shaygan has spearheaded cultural transformation needed for change of the financial institution alongside the guidelines and requirements of 21st century systems of industrialization. This includes; front-to-back digitization using industrialized controls and product innovation, which concerns people’s lives, like Pingit alongside Cloudit.

He began his profession at GTE Labs in Boston where he did networking routing, control and management. He finally upgraded to manager of software systems lab. While working here, Shaygan recruited plus set up a sophisticated organization that facilitated the development of country’s initial nationwide network control platform for GTE, which incorporated infrastructure, transmission as well as switching; known as TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System). These systems advances allowed GTE to amalgamate its network firm into top efficient plus united network setups for the firm.

Shaygan then relocated to GTE HQ in Dallas where he steered systems development for every GTE’s units of cable, wireless, internetworking (previously BBN), as well as information.

When GTE plus Bell Atlantic fused in 2000 to create Verizon, Shaygan relocated to New York City and was made the president of eBusiness Unit as well as consequently assumed the roles of Chief Information Officer for Verizon. During this time he set up same methodologies for attaining breakthrough outcomes for the firm through employing and bringing world class talents that knew the prospective of collaboration as well as hastening of introducing market-leading goods and services.

Whilst at Verizon, they began transforming the proceeds outline of the company with new plus innovative IP alongside multi-media merchandises for the marketplace, fusing old-fashioned networking with web-based software, causing a sequence of award winning innovative products such as FiOS interactive TV plus internet streaming, really super-fast data, as well as carrier-grade VoIP (voice over IP). Through the consolidation of the 2 execution tentacles of product creation alongside process operationalization within the same place, they were capable of building plus scaling to mass market-leading resourcefulness like FiOS (fiber optics to homesteads), arguably among the biggest infrastructure platforms ever made in US. After few years FiOS turned into a $12B company with at least 35% penetration in the market.

Yeonmi Park’s Hope for North Korea

Yeonmi Park is one of the fast advancing human rights activists globally. At the age of 21 years, the North Korean born charismatic and brave lady has made headlines all over the world on human rights violation by the heartless regimes. Her wretched story about the encounter with the North Korean oppressive regime has left many in tears.

Park was born in a remote part of North Korea known as Hyesan. Yeonmi Park narrates a tearful experience on youtube of a life full of sorrow and anguish inflicted on her and her family by the tyrannical and cruel North Korean government.

In one of her interviews, Park recalls how freedom in North Korea is something only heard about, but never experienced. She talks of how the government controls everything they do and every move they take. Park narrates her ordeal in the hands of the North Korean government that further compels her family to find a way of escape from the country. With the increasing rates of violence and starvation in North Korea, they had to find a way out.

With the help of someone Park and her mother were able to escape from North Korea to China. In China, things did not go well for them either; Park talks of how a man raped her mother when she tried to save her from the ordeal. With the desire to live a life of dignity, Park and her mother decided to leave China. They endured the cold Gobi desert with the determination that one day they will find freedom. They finally arrived in South Korea with her mother vowing never to set foot on the North Korean soil again.

In her ambition to expose the filth and the brutality of North Korean Government, Park has been traveling all over the world telling her heart-wrenching story to big audiences. She has been published in many newspapers and journals retelling her stories. She has indeed become an inspiration to thousands of oppressed people globally. By encouraging them to embrace bravery, many people have come out of their closets to expose many cases of oppression by authorities without fear. Her dream for many is for everyone to obtain freedom.

Park has experienced challenges in her efforts to preach against oppression in North Korea. The government has tried to hamper her efforts by issuing threats to her and her associates. For example, Maryanne Vollers received an email from the North Korean Press barring her from writing with Park. The government had even forced her family to refute her claims and term them as lies. Recently Park had to refute the claims by the North Korean Government that she had been lying about her family in her stories.

Despite all the threats and potential dangers she could be exposed to, Park has vowed to continue exposing the brutalities of the North Korean regime.


Doe Deere recently sat down for an interview on about her product line. Doe Deere has been living unapologetically for a very long time, and she is not about to stop now. To ring in her new beauty line, she sat down to answer some questions.

Here are some of the questions that she sat down to answer.


I had my own Do-It-Yourself line going, which was through eBay. I wanted something to show for it. I did everything myself.

This idea actually started back in my sewing days. Back in those days, bright colors were hard to come by. I had to make do with what I had. I also had to make things from scratch. The idea just continued. Now it’s being used in my Lime Crime line.


Oh yes. I didn’t have much to start with. I had to make the most of everything I had. This also included my line. No matter what success has brought me, I still remember those days of struggle. I think I always will. Those days help to shape me.


It means lots of things. It mostly means being happy with who you are. This also resonates with my customers. The idea is to reinvent yourself. You have to do this over and over. You also need to stay true to your original values. This is something that has stuck with me from the beginning. You have to grow and change. You can’t just stay the same person you were from 20 years ago. This attitude I share with my Lime Crime line.


That’s a tough one. Probably, the security breach last year. That hit home to me. Me and my time had to work hard to restore the image. My image was tarnished because of it. I still feel bad over what happened. I had to work hard to restore the Lime Crime name.


The biggest thing this entailed was education. When the name got dragged through the mud, lots of nasty, untrue things were being said. I had to work double-time to restore all that. I had to work overtime to show that I wasn’t the one saying certain things.

This meant educating people in ways I never had before. It was a good lesson. What happened last years was a lesson. It was a blessing in disguise. It helped me to realize I couldn’t handle things the way I had been before. It also helped me to realize I couldn’t be as complacent as I had been. I had to set up a whole new protocol. We had to bring in new security. We had to set up more of an elaborate customer service venue. it was a big lesson.


Yes, of course. There were some dangerous waters I had to ride; but, it’s okay.


Yes. It feels good.

You can read the full article here at the link down below.

Yeoung Park: A Force For Change

Think of a bad day. Think of the worst day you have ever had in your life. Now imagine it over and over every day of your life. Now realize that what you are imagining is likely not even close to the horrible days endured by the citizens of North Korea on a daily basis. Kim Jong-Un and the 70-year legacy that he stands for believe in nothing but they oppression of their people. Children are indoctrinated with a belief in two rules: worship the dictator and hate the enemies of the regime. They are not allowed to choose what to sing, wear, or think themselves.

But there are people standing up against the oppression in North Korea. Brave people like Yeonmi Park. Yeoung was born in North Korea and raised to believe these principles so wholly that she was certain her leader could read her thoughts, and she would be punished for thinking anything negative about her government. At nine she witnessed her friends mother being executed for a minor crime. Her father was forced to smuggle gold, silver, and other precious metals to China just to try and feed his family through the horrible famine in 2002. Her family fled the country, and she and her parents were sold into human trafficking while trying to escape through China to the South Korean embassy in Mongolia. Her mother was raped to save her from the same fate and her father died of colon cancer in the Chinese Mountains. Burying her father at 3am so as not to be seen, she remembers feeling that she couldn’t cry or she would be immediately caught and sent back to North Korea.

Now, having finally escaped by crossing the Gobi Desert at -40 degrees, she still fears speaking out against the government that oppressed her, but she is not letting that fear stop her. Giving a speech at the One Young World Summit in Dublin Ireland, she became a YouTube sensation and the face of the movement to end the oppression in North Korea. Even having escaped the country, she still faces oppression from her former government. Currently, she is publishing a tell-all book through Penguin about her escape, but more importantly about the horrible crimes that she suffered through in North Korea.  It speaks volumes about Yeoung Park that the worst her family members were able to conjure up was that she was an “ambitious girl.” Yeoung, along with others, continues to work towards change for the people under the thumb of this tyrannical dictator.

Business Executive Bruce Levenson

The field of media is a very popular career choice. People today wish to be part of a field that allows them to communicate with each other and express their feelings. Many people also like the idea of entering a field that allows them to meet people all across the world and be part of an effort to help make their lives easier and happier. Those who are looking to be part of the world of publishing, communications and sports need to be prepared to work hard and be open to new ideas in order to help provide others with the kind of assistance they need.

One leader in the field who understands the need to be highly vigilant and open to change is Mr. Bruce Levenson.Bruce Levenson is a talented and skilled leader in the field of media, communications and sports. His work has helped provide readers with access to high quality information as well as an opportunity to be part of a beloved American national sport. He has shown that is possible to succeed in many varied communication fields and do well at all of them. Mr. Levenson is much admired for his work in many areas including business leadership, sports management and philanthropy.

Levenson is a native of the Washington, D.C. area. He grew up in the area’s fine suburbs. During his youth, Levenson was able to spend many hours exploring the Washington D.C. area’s many museums and other fine institutions. After graduating from high school, Levenson left to attend Washington University in St. Louis. He later decided that he wanted to earn a degree in law in order to better understand that field as well. Mr. Levenson has a law degree from American University. During his time there, he began his career in media and worked for a highly prestigous Washington newspaper.

Mr. Levenson decided that people needed access to world class information. With a partner, he founded the United Communications Group, a world class information service that still today helps people all over the globe get access to information about specific industries in order to help them make important business decisions. His success here led him to invest in various other industries related to the communications field. One such venture was co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. His leadership of the team helped the entire area flourish and meet the challenges of contemporary society and the needs of fans at the same time. Since that time, Levenson has been involved in many other ventures that have benefited others.