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Paul Mampilly happier outside Wall Street

Paul Mampilly is one of the greatest traders and investors to have gone through Wall Street. For two decades, he worked his way from the bottom to the top. From an assistant portfolio manager in 1991 to becoming a hedge fund manager and one of the best traders in Wall Street, this is a great achievement. In this period, he learned vital lessons about profitable investment techniques and helped the organizations he worked for to make billions in profits. However, at some point, he felt that he would not continue offering these services to a few ultra-wealthy persons in the country. He wanted his knowledge to help as many people as possible. The only way he could accomplish that mission is by leaving Wall Street and concentrate on helping the less fortunate in the community.

Paul Mampilly says that Wall Street is filled with pressure due to the burden of success always. With billions of dollars on your shoulders, you cannot even contemplate making the wrong decision. You must make the right decisions always, or else you will be reduced to zero. In Wall Street, there is no room for mistakes or your career will be over. Paul, however, feels that this pressure makes those in Wall Street be out of touch with the reality on the ground. Now that he is no longer there, he feels things are less stressful. One thing that stands out today is his commitment to offering investors solid investment advice.

Paul Mampilly believes that unless one is cautious with the decision they make, it is very easy to hurt many people since you only deal with numbers and that is the only thing you care about as long as you are in Wall Street. Paul Mampilly is happy that by leaving Wall Street he has regained Mampilly’s attributes. He is now in touch with the lives and challenges that other people go through. The stories he hears from people who have benefited from his advice makes him happier than he has ever been in Wall Street. In Wall Street, he was making money, but he could not see the direct benefit of his efforts as it is happening now.

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