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Article Title: Agera Energy Offers a Different Type of Competition

Companies that serve the same market can compete through price or product quality. Some other companies have found a way of not competing at all for the market. They call themselves hybrid companies because they strive to make their market segment.

Agera Energy is using the blue ocean tactic in the energy sector. It is barely five years since the company started, but it has already brought a new way of thinking. Agera Energy offers renewable energy only. This position makes it impossible to enter into price competition.

However, Agera Energy is using analytics to understand energy consumption and energy consumer sentiments. Through the knowledge gathered from this analysis, they bring an energy package that seamlessly reduces the overall cost of energy for all their consumers.

Agera Energy consumers do not have to settle for less power; they can utilize the available power effectively to power all their operations while keeping their utility bills down.

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