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Jingdong Holds Successful Drone Test Flight In Indonesia

China’s biggest retailer, Jingdong, has had a successful delivery drone program in place in that nation for a while now. They are now embarking on offering drone delivery in Southeast Asia. the first step of JD.com’s plans began in Indonesia as that country has approved this company to fly drones there.

The team at JD.com successfully completed a test flight in Indonesia. The Indonesian government is now looking at approving future commercial drone use which will spread to other countries in the region, subject to further regulatory approvals. On hand for the test flight were that representatives from that country’s Transportation, Civil Aviation and Air Navigation department.

The Jingdong test flight occurred on January 8, 2019. It took place in West Java and the drone flew from Jagabita Village to MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. On board was backpacks and books for the students to use. These items were just some of the supplies that Jingdong had donated to this school. JD.com has offered philanthropic support in many of the areas in which it operates.

Jingdong has partnered with JD.ID in Indonesia. This partnership, formed in 2016, now sells over 1 million different items in that country and has 20 million active customers. There are 10 warehouses on seven of Indonesia’s islands that can provide goods to 6,500 counties and 483 cities. Drone delivery will really help in Indonesia which is a country made up of many islands which makes regular ground-based delivery difficult.

The eventual goal of JD.com is to have 85% of their packages be same or next-day delivery across Indonesia. The drones and services will also be used to help out in natural disasters such as an earthquake or tsunami. The Chief Strategy Officer at Jingdong, Jon Liao, said that they have used drones in China for the past two years and have seen just how much of a positive impact it has made in people’s lives.

JD.com had revenues of almost USD $56 billion in 2017. Now that they more than 300 million customers in China they have begun to expand their services into other countries in Asia.

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