Nine9 Builds An UnAgency For The Majority

Breaking out into stardom is a path fraught with many pitfalls for those that are fortunate enough to find some measure of success within the entertainment industry. The possibility for failure and missteps are even greater for those that have yet to break out into the industry and are very much in the infancy, and what could be the most instrumental portion of their career, of their prospective future.

As many prospective actors and models can attest to, the most difficult portion of breaking into the entertainment industry can be those first few gigs trying to make a name for yourself within an industry flooded with talent.

To help prospective actors and models make the most of their time within the industry and find the success they desire casting and talent agency often are the first, and most crucial, step taken within their long path to success.

Nine9’s Unique Approach To Shaping The Future of Talent

So as crucial and important a step choosing a talent agency is, it comes as a surprise that many people who truly wish to find a future within the industry decide on an agency without much effort.

Aiming to change the way talent agencies and prospective talent interact as an entity, Anthony Toma’s Nine9 Talent Agency was built around the main principle of providing talent with the tools other talent agencies often forget to equip their clients with early in their career. Nine9 at Instagram .

Anthony Toma’s revolutionary talent agency takes into consideration many of the aspects other agencies overlook while considering that every client has the potential to find success within the industry.

If you would like to learn more about Anthony Toma and his groundbreaking talent agency, Nine9 The UnAgency please read the latest article from IdeaMensch profiling Anthony and his vision for the future of the entertainment industry at for more .


Four Tampa Bay Buccaneer Players Receive Injuries After Last Week’s Game Against the Cardinals

Last Sunday’s NFL football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ad Arizona Cardinals left Buccaneer players Doug Martin, Robert Ayers, Cecil Shorts III and Donovan Smith with injuries. During the first half of last week’s game, Martin injured his right hamstring which will leave him sidelined over a three-week period. Other players received bodily injuries, including Ayers and Stocker ankle injuries and Smith injury to his hip. The players maybe injured but the Buccaneers Coach Dirk Koetter is confident in the team and believes they have what it takes to win this Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams. Yahoo Sports reported Charles Sims and Jacquizz Rodgers are expected to replace Martin for the next three weeks or until he fully recovers.



Rodgers showcased his skills during the game against the Cardinals by breaking a 24-yard run and finishing with 29 yards on two efforts, the best for the Buccaneers. Sims also proved his abilities by rushing 529 yards and gaining another 561 yards on 51 receptions that gave the team a huge push. The Buccaneers worked hard the whole week to face the Rams on Sunday. Coach Koetter admitted he has some concerns involving offense now that Martin is sidelined for a few weeks.



Doug Martin received recognition as the NFL’s second leading rusher when he ran for 1,402 yards and scored six touchdowns. He recently signed a five-year contract in the amount of $35 million during off-season. While Martin heals from his hamstring injuries, it is obvious the Buccaneers may encounter some challenges during this Sunday’s game against the Rams.



Rodgers and Sims had to prove themselves during practice, but who will officially replace Martin is unknown. Coach Koetter is careful about disclosing information about the upcoming game against the Rams. The Buccaneers and Rams share the same record with one win and one lost each.



The Buccaneers and Coach Dirk Koetter are self-assured the team players are prepared to overcome challenges when playing against the Rams. The injuries of the leading rusher, defensive end, receiver and left tackle players will not leave the Bucs helpless. Other team players have their backs and plan to defeat the Rams this Sunday’s game.

Ubuntu Fund

There are a lot of people who use their wealth to invest in the local community. One of the best funds that is doing this right now is the Ubuntu Fund. This is a fund that is made up of people who have a lot of business experience. With that experience, they are able to offer advice on a variety of subjects that can help people in their person financial journey. Not only that, but they are really excited about the future as well. If you are wanting to excel at what you do to help others, Andrew Rolfe is the person to model yourself after.

Andrew Rolfe

From the time he started in this industry, Andrew Rolfe has wanted to help others with whatever he is doing in life. He sees the huge need in his area to help others with what they are doing in their life and career. Over time, he has proven to have the knowledge and experience that you need on your team to make an impact in the lives of others. Not only that, but he is ready and willing to put his own money and time on the table to change the lives of other people in his area. If you want to start investing for the future for others, working with Andrew Rolfe is one of the best things that you can do.


When it comes to getting money to the right places, a lot of people struggle with this process. There are many people who want to use the work of Andrew Rolfe as a role model for themselves. However, oftentimes this is easier said than done. This is an established fund that has a strong base of donors to fuel their growth and change. Andrew Rolfe is a great worker and leader in this industry.


The LA Kabbalah Centre Connects People Worldwide to Kabbalah

Learning about Kabbalah is better done in person, but the largest Kabbalah Centre is streamed over the internet 24 hours a day. This makes it convenient to learn about the ancient wisdom wherever you are. The Kabbalah Centre in LA is the largest physical Centre, and both of them are designed to help students learn about Kabbalah and apply the principles to their lives.

Kabbalah centers around the universe and man’s part in it, and it is believed to have originated before the Jewish people were established in Israel. It is not a religion, but rather principles and tools that Kabbalists use to improve their lives. The LA Kabbalah Centre focuses on these concepts with classes, meditations, volunteering events and fellowship. Today, there are Centres in over 40 cities worldwide.

Many people who are interested begin studying Kabbalah online, and when they have been introduced to the spirituality, they connect by attending a physical Centre. Kabbalah is not studied like other disciplines; the student learns the principles and then applies them practically to build a better life. Meditations are held in the Centres as are other events and conferences.

History of Kabbalah

Kabbalah hasn’t always been studied in Centres or online. Through the centuries, only the high priests and rabbis were permitted to study this ancient spirituality.

Kabbalah didn’t become available to the common person until 1922 when Rav Ashtag, an elder Kabbalist, founded the first Centre in Israel. He opened the door for everyone who was interested in learning about Kabbalah.

Rav and Karen Berg studied under Ashtag for 10 years, and then they came back to the U.S. and founded several Centres including the LA Centre in the 1980s.. The Bergs and their children are leaders in Kabbalah..

Equity First Holdings Has Noted a Surge In Borrowers Wanting To use Stock As Loan Collateral

Equity First Holdings is a financial company that provides businesses with loans that are backed by that companies stock. The capital that they raise in this way can be used for any business purpose. Recently, the leaders at Equity First Holdings said they have experienced strong interest shown by companies that want to raise capital in this way, particularly due to the fact that traditional lenders have tightened lending criteria to the point where many companies don’t qualify for traditional lending.

Another problem with traditional lending is that many banks have increased the interest rates they charge. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings, Al Christy, Jr., has pointed out some of the benefits of the stock-based loans his company provides as an alternative. The first is that the capital raised can be used for any purpose. The second is that they offer better interest rates than traditional lenders. Third, a stock-based loan provides these companies with a hedge against a down market in their stock value. The stock-based loans that they provide typically have non-recourse language so that the borrower can walk away from the loan at any time even if the value of their stock is down.

The type of companies that benefit the most from working with Equities includes those who can’t qualify for a traditional loan under the current market conditions but still need capital in order to expand and/or operate their business. These companies can get a stock-based loan under conditions that are beneficial to them and repay the loan in three years. The interest rate they pay is fixed which removes the uncertainty of a variable interest rate. The benefits of stock-based loans is beginning to become understood in the business community which has led Equity First Holdings to become a very busy and active company. for more .

Andrew Rolfe And His Role With Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the board of directors of Ubuntu Fund, and he is part of a much larger mission that ensures all donations to the children of South Africa are given without restrictions. This article explains how he has become one of the finest men in all of education in the country, and it shows what a commitment he has made to helping these children learn. Andrew Rolfe is giving much of his life’s work to ensuring underprivileged kids are given the education they deserve.


#1: What Is Ubuntu Fund?

Ubuntu Fund is an education foundation that Andrew Rolfe helps to run, and it gives money to schools and programs across South Africa that serve children. Each child is in a position where they would not receive an education otherwise, and Andrew ensures that all the children are given what they need to survive in the real world. The money that is raised for the group comes with no strings attached, and that is a part of the mission.


#2: The Funding For Better Schools

Andrew Rolfe and his compatriots at the Ubuntu Fund do not allow their large donors to put any restrictions on the money they give. They want to have freedom to give to the children of the nation of South Africa, and Andrew believes that the children benefit more when they are allowed to learn without worrying about how their learning will be funded.

The career and mission of Andrew Rolfe is to help people, and he serves that purpose quite well as the leader of the Ubuntu Fund. He is giving back every day to kids in South Africa who need an education, and he is showing them that there is a way to get on in the world give the proper education.


The Former Brains Of Westwood One, Norman Pattiz, Applauds The Start Of The Podcast ‘Beyond The Darkness’ In His Podcast Network

The founder and chief executive officer of PodcastOne has a strong work ethic and advises professionals to ascertain that they spend enough time at the workplace. Norman Pattiz started PodcastOne in partnership with Kit Gray. Kit Gray was managing other people’s podcasts from his apartment and met Norman Pattiz after through one of their mutual friends. Norman had just left Westwood One and saw an even greater opportunity in teaming up with the freelancing podcast professional. The two entrepreneurs exchanged numerous ideas and finally set up PodcastOne in 2012.



At the end of 2016, PodcastOne created a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness. The CEO, Norman, explained that the show would explore various paranormal activities such as ghouls, angels, and demons. Beyond the Darkness currently features as one of Chris Jericho’s podcasts in his network, the Podcast Umbrella. It invites famous paranormal figures such as witnesses and eccentrics who delve deeper into subjects such as aliens, monsters, miracles and mysteries. Chris Jericho aims to provide his listeners with real life experiences that will strike a nervous chord by finding witnesses such as alien abductees and people who have had a near-death moment. Beyond the Darkness is hosted by Dave Schrader, an author, and Tim Dennis, a renowned radio producer. Learn more:



Norman Pattiz was enthusiastic about the new shoe and said that Chris Jericho is a great asset and enjoyment to the PodcastOne network and subscribers. He revealed that he realized Jericho’s potential in delivering outstanding shows when he launched The Jericho Network forum. In the past, Chris has featured comedians and is now divulging his followers into an ecstatic world of the unknown. After the announcement of the new show, Chris couldn’t wait to be part of the listeners too. He was confident in the skills of Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis and promised his audience a moving and nerve-wracking podcast.



PodcastOne quickly rose to become the number one podcast shows production and distribution under Norman’s leadership. He inducted modern icons like Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Steve Austin and many other WWE fighters. Before setting up the network, Norman headed Westwood One as founder and CEO. The system managed and distributed news, entertainment, sports and much more for massive networks like CNN and CBS. Some of Westwood’s longtime partners included NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, March Madness, Mutual Broadcasting System and NBC radio. Norman is not an avid reader but enjoys listening to books that builds his spirit and educate his mind.

Learn more:


A Look At What The Nine9 Talent Agency Offers To Aspiring Actors And Models

Semetra R., Success Story #1,

Symetra R. is an African American actress who has managed to secure a modeling position with Bronner Brothers at their 2017 hair show. She was actually contacted to attend a casting call by Bronner Brothers and was then selected to be one of their models. Symetra R. thanks the Nine9 talent agency for providing her and other aspiring models with information and support that is vital in order to succeed.

Tara C., Success Story #2

Tara C. is a female actress from Akron, Ohio who has said that she now receives casting after casting calls since joining the Nine9 talent agency. She says that her dream of acting and modeling is now a reality and thanks Nine9 for all their support and highly professional staff. Nine9 CEO .

Evelyn C., Success Story #3

Evelyn C. is an aspiring female actress and model from Bowie, Maryland. She states that working with Nine9 has helped her come closer to her goal of being a model and actor. Evelyn says she looks forward to working further with Nine9 and find more opportunities to launch her career.Visit Nine9 offices .

Deborah T., Success Story #4

Deborah T., says that she has been a member at Nine9 since 2011. Since that time, Deborah has landed positions as a core actress for the TV series, Chicago Justice and an extra on shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD. She has also found work in the theater, music videos, and student projects. Nine9 Talent Agency has been instrumental to Deborah’s success in acting. Click Here for more .

How The Nine9 Talent Agency Is Different Than Other Talent Agencies

The Nine9 talent agency is unique from other talent agencies in that it actually helps to develop talent and provide them access to a national listing of castings in the country. No commissions are charged and staff is ready to assist with developing acting abilities and compiling a portfolio. Alerts and a comp card both in print and in digital format are some additional benefits that set aside the Nine9 talent agency from the rest. Visit

Nine9 in twitter .


Who Would Benefit The Most Working With Equities First


April 3rd, 2017— Equities First is happy to share their new Crunchbase profile. This will help with keeping up with all news/events on Equities First. See link below for details.

Equities First Holdings has proved itself worth to become the world’s largest stock-based loan provider. Or over a decade, it has shown itself to offer a substantial amount of money to any loans presented to its capacity. For this reason, they have worked to determine high-end capabilities in a way that is unparalleled in this industry. Equities First Holdings has also worked to develop high-end solutions to those in need of fast working capital. During an economic crisis, the company has been there for those who need fast working capital. For this reason, they went on to found the biggest entity in this business to make life and business better in reality. As a matter of fact, you will always receive better results in anything if you are committed to working. For this reason, Equities First Holdings has struggled to reach all markets to sell their stock-based loans and gain popularity.

While you always have many options there during the harsh economic crisis, you will find it extremely hard for people to get better business if you are not in dire need. For this reason, you end up working for the least. According to Equities First Holdings, they always provide the stock-based loans to those who seek them to provide a hedge against their problems and solution through the loans. As a matter of fact, you can find their services welcoming during the harsh economic environment. During a tough economic time, there is always inevitable market fluctuation. However, the situation can be mitigated by the dire need associated with these capabilities. If you end up working for the company, you can associate yourself with other entities in this management.

According to Al Christy, he founded Equities First Holdings to make it become a world-class economy. They have started by issuing fast working capital using stocks as collateral. While they are excelling in this business, they have also been voted as one of the most trusted companies in this line of finance. Alternative sources of finance are what people seek during the harsh economic times. For this reason, Equities First Holdings has taken advantage of this capability.

View their Crunchbase profile here:

Eric Lefkofsky Asserts That Business May Spell the End of Cancer

Billionaires typically think bigger than the rest of us; maybe that’s why they’re billionaires. Rarely are their thoughts more apparent than in The Giving Pledge, formed in 2010 to fuel philanthropy among the world’s wealthy elite. Some 154 billionaires in 16 countries had joined the organization as of June of 2016, with co-founder Bill Gates expressing surprise at the outpouring of support and another member fueling a dream infinitely larger than dollars and cents.


His name is Eric Lefkofsky, whom you may know as the founder of Groupon, an e-commerce site linking local consumers and merchants through offers on goods and services. His longer-term goals rest with Chicago’s Tempus Health Inc., of which he is chief executive officer.


Tempus’ ideal is to assist physicians in the care of cancer patients by providing real-time technology-driven data on the disease — data resulting from the years-long technological explosion that reveals them. Mathematicians, computational biologists, data analysts and software engineers team with doctors and clinicians in a search for the best possible medical results.


“We now can gather incredibly rich… data,” Leofsky says in a film on the firm, “but how do we analyze it? How do we help physicians while they’re treating a patient that might actually improve outcomes? That’s what Tempus is delivering.”


Tempus is currently focused on the treatment of breast, lung and pancreatic cancers.


According to Chicago Tribune, Lefkofsky calls his approach to Tempus one of “accelerated disruption,” with technology leading the way in determining the pace of world commerce. Gone, he would say, are the days of the rotely sealed contract inside a smoke-filled board room.


“Disruptive companies,” Lefkofsky writes on the website, “are born every day. Someone has a great idea that offers a better choice in terms of price, convenience, service or functionality, and for a moment, they hold the keys to the remaking of an entire industry. Businesses that can understand and control the forces of technology will thrive in the coming years.”


The Giving Pledge is arguably delighted with its contributions from The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which funds several Chicago-area programs in education, medicine, the arts and human rights endeavors. With Tempus, Lefkofsky has a state-of-the-art company designed to enhance and prolong the lives of those programs’ beneficiaries.


Lefkofsky, 47, is a Detroit native and a 1993 University of Michigan law school graduate.