Jason Halpern, Developer With An Eye For History

Jason Halpern began his career as a real estate developer at Halpern Enterprises, a firm his late father founded. However, in the late 1990s he founded his own business, JMH Development based in New York. JMH is a real estate development company that prides themselves as being pioneers in the development of growing markets in such areas as Brooklyn, Manhattan and Miami.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Jason’s goal as founder and managing partner of JMH is to create luxury properties by combining both the old with the new and giving his properties a new and inventive look. The best way to understand his work, is to look at the numerous properties he has developed.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

His first development was at 184 Kent. It was originally a warehouse, but he turned the Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse into 340 luxury apartments in 2010. However, recently Halpern co-partnered with Kushner Companies and the Rockpoint Group to convert the apartments into luxury condos. He has a soft spot for this location? Why? It is where his office and penthouse apartment are located. So once the conversion over to condos are complete, he will remain.


He ventured out of his home state of New York and took on a project in Miami, Florida in 2014. The Aloft South Beach project as it was called, was in the beginning, a 200-plus room historic hotel called the Motel Ankara. A joint venture between Jason Halpern and Madden Real Estate, restored and expanded the old structure with larger rooms and more floor space and an added eight-story tower. The opening in 2015 in Miami Beach Florida, offered an outdoor pool, roof deck lounge, fitness center, live entertainment from around the area and more. In September of 2016 JMH Development sold the property to Rockpoint Group.


The Townhouses of Cobble Hill project was a joint development by JMH Development and Madison Estates. The development site consisted of two properties that spanned from 110 to 126 Congress Street, which consisted of a single block within the Cobble Hill historic district in New York City. One of the said buildings was a Catholic church rectory and that was renovated into 4 townhouses. The other structure consisted of five townhouses.


Do you see a pattern with Jason Halpern’s developments? He is recreating housing in historic sections of New York and Florida by renovating the structures in the historic areas. You still have a taste of history on the outside, but with a modern structure on the inside of the building. These types of developments help to revitalize the inner city and give a family, who prefers to live in the city and not in suburbia a welcoming choice.



Tampa Venues Will Host Group B of Gold Cup 2017

Despite the lack of a franchise MLS club, Southwest Florida and the Tampa Bay region are often considered to be spiritual homes of American soccer, often referred to as fútbol. For this reason, local fans are delighted to learn that Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium has been selected as one of the venues for the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup. A second venue is expected to be announced in the next couple of months.


The Gold Cup is a FIFA-sanctioned tournament that selects the top national teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The defending Gold Cup champion is Mexico, a country that will also host some matches in 2017. It so happens that the United States National Team has been drawn in the group that will play in Tampa after the initial matches in Nashville. The first U.S. match in Tampa is scheduled for July 12.


According to an official press release issued by CONCACAF, the 2015 Gold Cup and the 2015 Copa America were a resounding success for soccer in the U.S., and the American team was able to advance past the group stage. The last time Tampa hosted a Gold Cup match was 2011; subsequent tournaments have been partial to major markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and New York; however, CONCACAF wants to reach soccer-crazy communities such as Sarasota, Bradenton and Tampa.


Some of the national teams scheduled to play in the 2017 Gold Cup have a strong FIFA ranking. Costa Rica, for example, is currently ranked 17. Other major national teams include Mexico and the United States; however, Jamaica and Panama are hoping to shine this time around.


In previous matches played in Tampa, fans have packed the stadium in support of the national team. The United States is a five-time winner of the Gold Cup.



Stephen Rotella: A leader of a Wonderful Company

The popularly known company of LIFT had announced that Stephen J. Rotella is the new Chairman of its National Board. He had assumed the position after Michael Gilligan, who was a veteran businessman and a long-time supporter of the work that was operated at LIFT.

Rotella’s business career spans back further than three decades in which he had a background in operating leadership in financial services and strategies that which includes deep experience in the retail sector, marketing, organizational development, Internet banking, asset management, and the management of larger scale operations. His work in the community has focused on helping those who are underprivileged and in the field of arts. He had previously served on a myriad of Boards, including: The Seattle Foundation, Youthcare, ArtsFund, and BalletMet Columbus. The Jazz at Lincoln Center is also happy to have him as an active patron.

He has stated that nothing is more gratifying than knowing that something that one has done, whether small or large, can provide someone with an opportunity of a chance to build a better life. LIFT has been of assistance to many people for quite some time now. He has stated that he is deeply honored to serve as the Chair of the Board of LIFT and to partner with Kirsten Lodal, who is a nationally recognized leader. He is certainly considered to be a valuable member of the organization and any other organization would only benefit from having a leader as himself on board.

LIFT has been known to be a reliable company on a nationwide scale. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the benefits that are provided by the company at LIFT. Would you not want to know LIFT offers you? Oftentimes, many of us will need a ride to get from “Point A to Point B”. However, many of those people do not have the means to get from one destination to another. LIFT makes one’s destination much easier than it needs to be. Be sure to check out the deals that LIFT has to offer and keep in mind that the leader, Stephen Rotella, is constantly striving to make the company stronger and better for each customer each and every day.

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The Exemplary Career of Compliance Law Authority Bruno Fagali

The founder of New/sb Bob Vieira acknowledges the work that is done by Bruno Fagali in his firm. Speaking during an interview with Media and Message, he said that the company is happy to have corporate integrity manager, Mr. Bruno Fagali who is responsible for applying compliance rules within the agency. Under his leadership, the firm has established a system of good practice, a measure that guarantees justice and a way to avoid any corruption. Due to his experience, Bruno has a stability of over 24 months in his position.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a recognized authority administrative law. He specializes in compliance and advisory and contagious public areas, bidding law, regulatory law, urban law, anti-corruption and electoral law, administrative and civil liability as well as public civil actions. Bruno Fagali has a vast knowledge in the law sector having studied in various colleges. He graduated with bachelor’s degree in law in 2009 from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree, Bruno Fagali also studied in several other institutions to further his knowledge. Some of the institutions include; Brazilian Society of Public Law, RHS Bids, Institute of Administrative Law Paulista, Getilio Vargas Foundation, and Legal Ethics Compliance. In 2015, Bruno Fagali enrolled for master’s degree in law at the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali is very experienced in the law sector. He has been practicing law since 2006 as an intern in several institutions such as Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns, Manesco, and Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques law firm. He also worked as a lawyer at Radi, Calil and Associates advocacy for two years before servicing as the scholarship holder at the University of Sao Paulo. Currently, he serves as corporate integrity manager at New/ sb. Moreover, he also serves in different positions in various institutes including; as a lawyer at his law firm, FAGALI law firm, as the effective associate of IBDEE and as a member of the Society of Compliance and Ethics.

Source: https://www.escavador.com/sobre/3828478/bruno-jorge-fagali


The Sunny Plumber Keeps Your Life Running Smoothly

When you have a leak, a break, a clog, or any other sort of plumbing problem; you want it fixed quickly. That’s because the longer you leave a problem, the more bothersome it can become. It can also get worse. That’s why picking up the phone and calling a plumber should always be your first thought. It’s also key to find a plumber that can get there as soon as possible. That’s why The Sunny Plumber comes highly recommended. They can get there quickly and get the problem fixed quickly which leaves less stress for you and more time to get on with your life.

The Sunny Plumber is a Tucson-based company but it has quickly expanded due to the demand for high-quality plumbing services. The Sunny Plumber is also very versatile. It seems to do it all! They offer a variety of different services from plumbing system repairs to drain and sewer services. These are problems that need to be handled by professionals and that’s exactly what the Sunny Plumber staff does! They have keen eyes that will spot any problems. It’s also crucial to have well-maintained pipes. Plumbers from The Sunny Plumber will find the source of all clogs and they will also expertly clean any pipe.

The Sunny Plumber also ensures that a person has hot water flowing throughout their home. Hot water is crucial to so many. It’s used for cooking, bathing, washing clothes, and more! Therefore The Sunny Plumber can help if there are any problems with a water heater.

Overall, you are in good hands if you choose The Sunny Plumber. They know exactly how to keep a house in tip top shape from the bottom up. They can spot any sort of problem, fix any sort of kink, and keep everything running smoothly.

Post-Trump Market Changes Usher In A New Economic Era

Asset manager, Tim Armour, believes the Trump presidency will be accompanied by quicker economic growth, high inflation, and rising interest rates. The head of Capital Group noted that the unexpected victory of Donald Trump during the recent elections had resulted into fatigued markets. Although the bond market has so far stabilized, the equities are struggling to set new highs.

The chairman and CEO of the Capital Group has accepted that the market shifts caused by the elections are enormous and real. Such a confirmation by the head of an investment group charged with managing over $1.4 trillion came as a surprise to many people who had previously believed that the economic impact of the election was just a mass media story or a euphoria.

He asserted that although the recent decades have been associated with falling interest rates in the United States, the reign of President Trump could push the trend to the opposite direction. According to Tim, the resulting effects of his presidency are huge and will significantly affect investments across many sectors.

Despite impressive market statistics, many asset managers are still skeptical about the changes. After almost ten years of sluggish economic growth and subdued interest rates, they believe that the decade-long trend will continue. These professionals believe that the market euphoria caused by the election will fade.

As an experienced professional in the field, Tim Armour accepts that market regime changes are not easy to identify. There is always a possibility of many financial experts getting it wrong. However, he is confident that there will be more market turbulence in the coming months. The main cause of this instability will be the many uncertain policies the trump government is expected to implement.

About Tim Armour

Timothy (Tim) Armour is a long serving professional at the Capital Group. The executive leader joined the firm over three decades ago. He rose through the ranks to become a senior leader at the company. In 2015, he was appointed the Chairman and the CEO to replace James Rothenberg who passed away. Despite being in the leadership position, Tim is still an active asset manager at the firm. He manages many assets, including the $100 billion American Capital Income Builder Fund Management.

Tim is a graduate of the Middlebury College, where he studied economics. Before being recruited in the Capital Group’s administration, he participated in the company’s Associate Program. The company is regarded as one of the largest investment firms in the United States.

USF QB Wins National Award

The accolades for Quinton Flowers, the quarterback at the University of South Florida, keep coming in. He was recently named the National Performer of the Year by the College Football Performance Awards.


Th group based their decision on the season’s statistics and feel that Flowers was the most impact player in college football. Instead of voting on who most deserves recognition, the group bases their decision on scientific information. Data from each game is collected and analyzed as the group assesses whose performance was most exemplary.


Flowers set school season records for total offense, total touchdowns, rushing yards, and rushing touchdowns. In nine of the thirteen games he played, he was responsible for over 300 yards, also a record. Thanks to his level of skill, the team finished the season with 11 wins and 2 losses. This year was the program’s most successful one.


Flowers was also named the American Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the year in 2016. Other awards include being a first team all-conference quarterback, a two-time College Football Performance Awards performer of the week, and a three-time College Sports Madness AAC offense player of the week. He was a candidate or finalist for the Walter Camp Player of the Year, the Davey O’Brien Award, the Manning Award, and the Johnny Unitas Award.


He is currently a junior, measuring six feet tall and weighing in at 210 pounds. He hails from Miami Jackson High School in nearby Miami, FL. His passing and rushing abilities make him hard to defend, and fans are hopeful that he’ll continue his winning ways with the USF team next fall.


Colby Rasmus Latches on With Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays 2016 roster is continuing to take shape as spring training gets closer. The Rays have reportedly agreed to terms on a contract with Colby Rasmus. The outfielder has spent the previous two seasons playing for the Houston Astros. He has also spent time with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Toronto Blue Jays. It would be a massive understatement to say that Rasmus had a disappointing 2016 season.


Rasmus became the first player to accept a qualifying offer prior to the 2016 season. Doing this guaranteed him more than $15 million. It is fair to say that the Astros would have never extended the qualifying offer to Rasmus if they thought there was the slightest chance he would accept it. He earned the most money on the Houston roster last year and he certainly did not earn it. He hit a paltry .206 for the season. A change of scenery could do him some good.


Colby Rasmus figures to play a lot in the outfield for the Rays. However, he might also see some time at designated hitter to allow some of the Rays younger players to get some time in the outfield. The exact details of his contract have not yet been revealed. However, it is a very safe bet that he will be making much less than he did last year. Rasmus put up the poorest numbers of his career in 2016. However, injuries definitely played a role. He had surgery to repair a lingering problem with his right hip after the season concluded. This hip issue prevented him from being able to run like he once did.


The hitting coach of the Rays is Chad Mottola. This is important because Mottola was the hitting coach in Toronto when Rasmus had the greatest year of his career.


St. Petersburg Student Commits to University of Florida

Jalynn Williams, a highly touted receiver from St. Petersburg High, has orally committed to play for the Florida Gators. This oral commitment is non-binding, unlike the letters of intent that players sign. Williams won’t be asked to officially commit to the school until next year.


This past season as a junior, Williams caught 53 passes for 399 yards. He scored six touchdowns as his team went on to win eight out of ten games.


The three-star recruit is 5’11” and 185 pounds. He becomes the first member of the 2018 Gator recruiting class. He also considered offers from other colleges, including Ohio State and Miami.


The Gator football team could benefit from having his agile feet and sure hands. They’re known for having explosive offensive power, and Williams has proven that he can make it quickly down the field both with and without the ball.


The University of Florida finished the year with a 10 – 4 record, beating Iowa in the Outback Bowl. They were ranked number 14 at the end of the season, but fans generally expect much more. The school has won three national championships, the last of which was in 2008 with Tim Tebow leading the way. Everyone is hungry for a chance to break into the top ten at the very least. A trip to the college football playoffs is always the ultimate goal.


The team is led by coach Jim McElwain, who took the helm

After the 2014 season. He likes to focus on the pass, and Williams could be a valuable addition to his group of receivers.


Colby Rasmus Completes Agreement with Tampa Bay Rays

Baseball’s off season continues, and this week we learned some news affecting the Tampa Bay Rays. With a few months to go before spring training, the team has begun changing its line-up, and more changes are likely on the way. Free agent Colby Rasmus has signed on with the Rays.


USA Today reports that the 30-year-old Rasmus, who spent the last two seasons with the Houston Astros, has reached an agreement with the Tampa Bay Rays. Rasmus will provide depth in the outfield, which was sorely needed last year.


Other players in the Rays line-up might be wondering what other changes will occur in the next few months. The team needs to make room for Rasmus on its line-up, so someone will have to go. The Rasmus deal could be the first of many changes, but that remains to be seen. Some off-season reshuffling of the line-up was expected, and now it has begun.


No one expects Rasmus to emerge as a team leader in Tampa Bay. Adding him to the line-up, however, is an intelligent decision by management, and the addition shows a willingness to address weaknesses in the team’s roster. He could easily emerge as a solid outfielder, and that is clearly the outcome that the team’s management expects.


The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, so it is unclear hos much Rasmus will cost the Rays. As an eight-year veteran with a decent record, Rasmus is likely relieved to have the deal inked. Now he can focus on preparing for the upcoming season and learning the ins and outs of Tampa Bay’s system. Here’s hoping that he is just what the Rays need in order to give fans a fantastic season.