“Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Capital, Advise on Handling Burnout “

There are many things that a company has to do to ensure that employees are productive. However, while at work, it is common for employees to experience burnout. Burnout can affect an employee’s productivity. The top level management can help prevent it from happening by following the advice given by Paul Saunders. The warning signs of burnout can help managers have productive employees. Here are some signs of burnout and how top-level management can help employees overcome them.

Loss of control

When an employee begins to lose control on time management and scheduling, there is a high risk of getting a burnout. In such a case, an employer can encourage employees to outline their goals within the first 10 to 15 minutes of reporting to work. The employees need to list down what they want to accomplish during the day so that they can have some control. Listing down the goals keeps the employees in control.

Loss of confidence

Confidence in the quality of work done is essential in any organization. Employees with a burnout have doubts about the quality of work. Such an employee will not contribute actively to the given task. To help with such a situation, it is necessary for managers to encourage employees set personal goals which will boost their confidence at work. The individual goals are an excellent way to get employees back on track.

Change in overall attitude

A stressed employee will find it hard to control their attitude and will get upset quickly. Such stress is a sign of burnout. Burnout increases negativity, moodiness, and lack of motivation. An employer can offer support and encourage the employee to take up a new hobby. The manager can also advise the employees to focus on other things that are non-work related after office hours.

Lack of transparency

Employees can develop negative feelings when they believe they are being overlooked for promotion. Such feelings can result in burnout. A manager should be open with employees when it comes to promotions. By communicating on what qualification one needs to have to be considered for a promotion, it will reduce the negative feelings. The top level management can also come up with resources and workshops that help employees qualify for promotions. In doing so, it will help reduce burnout.

Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital Corporation. He is also the portfolio manager for the financial products of his firm. He has been in the company since 1995. Saunders career started in investment banking, and he later moved to investment and trading. Through hard work, he has managed to move up the ranks. Saunders is also passionate about philanthropic activities and has a Saunders family foundation. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/11/paul-saunders-james-river-capital-talks-burnout/


Healthcare: Deirdre Baggot Reforms and Programs.

The healthcare system is filled with gaps when it comes to services and payment of the same. With the rising cost of the technology used by hospitals and other health facilities to treat illness, the price of treatment is getting higher by the minute. This plus other factors have created the need for a healthcare system, where patients can afford treatment without sweating it. These reforms should also help the hospitals to manage current equipment, buy or repair old ones and most importantly, stay in business. These reforms are what Deirdre Baggot is known about. As a holder of a nursing bachelor’s in science, Deirdre Baggot has knowledge of how the human body responds to illness and how the same body fairs if not treated. She also holds an MBA from the Loyola University graduate school which has given her an optimal view of how to make a business profitable, how to create and implement a protocol that will improve it as well as what factors guarantee a maximum profit. Visit vimeo.com to know more about Baggot

Deirdre joined the healthcare system where her then CEO convinced her to join him as he moved into the consultancy business. At that time Baggot was working as at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in academic health. She joined the Camden group in 2010. Camden Group was later acquired by G.E. Her duty was to create consultancy practices focused on value-based incentives. With her education, Ph.D., MBA and BSN, and years of experience in hospital clinician and expertise in the healthcare industry, she has become a pioneer in developing programs that have been incorporated into hospital systems for the benefit of the hospital and the patients.

Over the years Deirdre Baggot has been involved in activities aimed at ensuring that the healthcare system is of a reasonable standard for all classes of people. She had and still is pushing for the healthcare reforms to be implemented in the health industry.

Learn more: http://vizualize.me/deirdrebaggot


Madison Street Capital: Exclusive Financial Advisor?

On December 11, 2018, Madison Street Capital reputation became known as an exclusive financial advisor. This reputation was created by Madison Street Capital helping MonDak Portables LLC by arranging a $3.2 million debt facility.


This portable toilet manufacturer was founded in 2008 and is based in North Dakota. North Avenue Capital is providing the facility for MonDak. The debt facility arrangement was announced by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital and Lester Rodgers who is the Senior Managing Director.


This deal was done to provide MonDak with support for their long-term initiatives. It addresses a variety of MonDak’s capital needs to ensure these initiatives. With this solid leadership team, the company is ready for growth and anchored by its diverse capabilities.


MonDak is one of the leading providers of portable toilets who also rent various types of portable toilets and trailers. They offer standard, handicap, and portable trailer toilets. They also can deliver hand washing and Comfort Stations that are air-conditioned and heated.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm which was founded in 2005. The company is referred to as a middle market investment banking firm which provides a variety of services. These services include corporate advisement, business valuation, and financial opinions.


It is an international company and has a reputation for integrity, excellence, and leadership when it comes to delivering corporate advisory services. It can be extremely laborious trying to find an investment banking firm, but Madison Street Capital has an established history and reputation for excellence.


With the company’s expertise in financial services, mergers, and acquisition, they can provide their clients success in the global marketplace. Every project this company agrees to complete has goals and objectives.


Madison Street Capital ensures success by making these goals and objectives their own. They have earned the trust of their clients by their unwavering dedication to high levels of professionalism and integrity.


With their experience in assisting various clients in a wide array of industries, Madison Street Capital grasp that every customer is unique and requires exact analysis and precise recommendations. This fact helps to ensure growth and success for every client.


With knowledge, extensive relationships, and experience, Madison Street Capital has opened offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. This debt facility for MonDak proves that Madison Street Capital can match active buyers and sellers as well as appropriate capitalization and financing structures to the individual client.


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OSI Group McDonalds Relationship

OSI Group is a global franchise that deals with the manufacturing and processing of food products. OSI Group is an international brand because it sells quality food products that are carefully inspected and vetted before being put in the market. Some of the products that one can find from the OSI Group include sausages, meat patties, vegetables, and hot-dogs.

OSI Group does not only provide these food products to customers directly, but it also partners with other food franchises to deliver food products. McDonalds is an exceptional example of a food franchise that OSI Group works with. OSI delivers food products to McDonalds that they serve to the customers. This business relationship began in the late 90″s when the first McDonalds was opened by Roy Kroc. Roy Kroc had made an informal agreement with Arthur and Harry (sons of the founder of OSI) to bring him meat patties to the restaurant.

This was the genesis of the OSI Group McDonalds. Roy Kroc soon after became the CEO of McDonalds after buying it from its owners, and he made OSI Group McDonalds official. The relationship between OSI and McDonalds has significantly grown over the years with OSI having a storage facility and warehouse that produces products for McDonalds. The growth was however faced with some challenges along the way. When McDonalds started opening branches all over America, OSI found it more and more difficult trying to get to the branches in a timely manner. McDonalds main issue was maintaining consistency to their customers and OSI had to ensure this. Another challenge that OSI faced was ensuring the food did not go stale or go bad over the long distances.

With time, OSI Group McDonalds utilized technology to ensure that the food products did not go bad. This maintained the freshness and safety of the food that was being delivered. OSI Group was, therefore, able to guarantee the safety of the food that they delivered. OSI Group McDonalds are a big corporation now and the partnership is bringing a lot of food and custom solutions to their customers.

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Ryan Seacrest Bringing in the New Year Surrounded by Friends and Glamour

Talking about really wanting to bring in the New Year in style, even if it means getting drenched. As far as Ryan Seacrest is concerned nothing could hold him back from bringing in 2019 with friends. When he was asked to host the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve show Times Square, he didn’t expect it to be raining, but rain is better than the freezing cold. Remarking “I prefer the rain, over last year’s cold”. Ryan Seacrest wasn’t soaking it up alone, however, thousands of people showed up to bring in the long awaited 2019 right along with him.

Joining Ryan was the glamourous Jenny McCarthy a former teen idol from New Kids on the Block. Dressed in a piece from her Barbie x Anna Karenina, Jenny looked absolutely gorgeous in a cute little rhinestone studded jacket. Later Christina Aguilera

made an appearance, catching the eye of anyone with a pair of eyes. As beautiful as ever, Christina Aguilera gave her best wishes for a brand new year.

Dan & Shay along with handsome Colton Underwood, the former football player, who will be playing in the Bachelor next Thursday, all made appearances, bringing in the New Year with style, surrounded by friends and fans. Colton Underwood even publicly made a New Year’s resolution, which was to be more faithful.

Playing it smart Cher even bought in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest and friends, but phone. She called in wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Andersen Cooper and Andy Cohen both stood out in down pouring rain for hours. And they both looked so happy doing it. Drenched with water, but nevertheless, chatting and joking and having the time of their lives. Two others that endured the wet weather, with Ryan, friends and fans were Faye Dunaway and Paul Shaffer.

Find out more about Ryan Seacrest: https://abc.go.com/shows/new-years-rockin-eve

Five Minutes with Vijay Eswaran as an Entrepreneur

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies as well as head of business conglomerate worth multi-billion which operates in various sectors including direct selling, retail and financial services. QNET, a flagship subsidiary of QI Group is today an international company with offices in the UAE and has managed to utilize traditional methods of sale with digitalized online marketing model.

According to Dr. Vijay, his dream was to introduce a new kind of market that would combine the better ability of a direct sale force with the internet. To make this happen Dr. Vijay and his team merged the already tested and tried business model with the e-commerce platform.

Although he is a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Vijay journey to success was not an easy way. As he started, the economic stability in Asia was under crisis, Vijay lacked financial support, he also had no connections, and no one believed he would succeed. His only relief came from his wife, and luckily he got supportive partners who shared similar goals. He still faces challenges even today, and he is ready to face them even tomorrow as challenges to him are signs of progress.

In the future, Dr. Vijay`s dream is to expand the University of Malaysia, which is one of his companies investment, to be a leading environmental sustainable university through the introduction of pollution-free projects. The means of transport will only utilize electric buggies, eco-friendly living using solar power and to create an international student association which will be proud to be part of the University of 21st Century.

Dr. Vijay important lesson he has learned while as an entrepreneur is that, it is not the company that succeeds but the people in them who do, therefore, while employing his candidate’s various factors matters alongside the skills a person possesses.

Vijay Eswaran: A Glimpse at His Genius and Background

A story is told of how Vijay Eswaran paid his for his tertiary education while working as a cab driver. What makes it even more captivating is, he accomplished the feat twice in two different countries, braving the unpredictable clients and whether to get an education. One can imagine the culture shock that the young Vijay Eswaran encountered in the two distinct continents. This determination, the time has proven is not only limited to his academic ambitions, but he has also since cut his teeth in the business world earning a respectable reputation.

Vijay Eswaran was born on October 7, 1960, in Malaysia. The constant work requirements of his father in the Ministry of labor meant they constantly were on the move. This gave a young Vijay insight into the diversity of his country. Equally the professional backgrounds of his parents meant that he had relative access and exposure. His mother, for instance, was a teacher and founder of Malaysia Hindu Youth organization. Perhaps his social consciousness to the well-being of others can be traced to this.

Vijay would later graduate with a degree from the London School of Economics in Socio-Economics, paying his tuition-free while working as a taxi driver. Juggling work and school, meeting different people may have informed his tour of Europe after graduation perhaps to figure out what he wanted to do in life. It is reported that Vijay’s journey of self-discovery would result to him staying in a Franciscan monastery where he took a 33 vow of silence.

He would return back and immerse himself in academia by studying the binary system of marketing in London. This choice proved to be a smart move, considering the imminent dot.com bubble and the personal computer age that soon took over. It can be safely assumed that this knowledge had a role to play his e-commerce business.

Hussain Sajwani The Reasons for the Growth of DAMAC Properties

One of the biggest real estate firms in the world today is Damac Properties, which was founded by Hussain Sajwani in the year 2004. Since the time Hussain Sajwani started Damac Properties, it has already sold more than 20,000 apartments and over 44,000 properties are currently under construction in different countries. Hussain Sajwani is famous for its business acumen and skills and understanding of the real estate market. He has ensured that the properties developed by Damac Properties are high-end and luxurious just as the modern consumers are looking for. DAMAC properties also offer many exciting freebies with its real estate properties, and it makes them quite popular among the buyers.

Hussain Sajwani has studied economics from the reputed university in the United States named Washington University. He went to study in the United States on government’s scholarship. Hussain Sajwani has collaborated with many domestic and international real estate firms to take DAMAC Properties to new heights of success. It is essential for the companies to invest as well expand their business operations to consistently grow. Hussain Sajwani has also ensured that he continues to give back to the community in every way possible and is also associated with many charities in the country that support different humanitarian causes. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is currently busy with the latest project that his company is developing in UAE that has a golf course in it as well. The famous golfer Tiger Woods design the project and managed by Trump Organization.

Hussain Sajwani is also friends with the United States President Donald Trump who he admires for his business acumen and statesmanship. As both are from the real estate business, they have been partners in the past and continue to collaborate on different projects worldwide. He also works with many government projects for the development of different areas that would help them bring in more tourists. He invests a considerable amount of money every year on government infrastructure and real estate projects throughout the country. He is closely associated with the normal day-to-day activities of the company and also takes part in its hiring process.

The Story of Nick Vertucci the Founder Of The NVREA

Nick Vertucci was brought up in a humble background. The situation became worse when his father died when Vertucci was still young at a tender age of ten. Nick Vertucci , beat the odds to become successful in social life and career. His success story has been fueled by his hard work and devotion towards his investments. After Nick Vertucci attained 18 years, he started a business that specialized in sales and computer accessories.

Unfortunately, his prolific business career abruptly comes to a halt during the 2000 dot-com crash. This crash threatened the future of this businessman Nick Vertucci. His debts accumulated subsequently to point of even losing his home. A turning point came about in Nick’s life when he enrolled to a real estate academy , which inspired him to venture into real estate business. The training came to the rescue of his financial turmoil. Vertucci motivation of investing in real estate business was fueled by the classes he attended in one of Real Estate training industry. This happened after he had lost hope in his floundering tech business. After a few years, Nick began investing in real estate business. In ten years, this business has changed his financial status greatly.

The turn around Nick had made him think of helping other investors get a return on their investment. He began by creating a turnkey system for investing in small family rentals. Nick was able to market his business to the public using his own radio show “The Real Estate Investing Hour “. Later, in 2014, after he accomplished his financial plans he decided to perfect his investing strategies to the masses. In the very same year 2014, Nick launched NVREA with a mission of creating and establishing a reputable real estate training co. Luckily, the company has achieved the mission and currently, they are offering such training services.

Nick Vertucci has created a pattern of strong self-belief that has made him persevere all the challenges he has encountered through his success story. Vertucci advise to young entrepreneurs is to plan for change. Nothing last forever, not even in the business world, to be a successful business person, you need to always be prepared financially for downtimes.

James River Capital’s Tips Becoming a Good Leader

In the modern business world, it is not uncommon for businesses to morph and evolve with the times. James River Capital Corp is a company located in Virginia. It was originally born as an alternate company under a parent brand, but that changed in 1995 when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt stepped up. As a pair of senior level workers, they acquired the business for independent operations. In a recent company blog article, they describe a series of tips for an effective leader.


The most effective way to becoming a good leader is not down to simple science, but rather its more of an art form. It requires unique personal traits that differ person to person. A healthy first step is to become part of the team. The team leader who supports form the sidelines is not going to see the same success as one who activity gets involved with the project. By directly supporting your team, they will see how much the project truly matters. Learn more: http://jrccblog.net/


The presence of a leader in the workplace is a double edge sword. A leader who is overbearing or obnoxious will never get the same level of support as a leader who listens to their team. Studies have shown that 85 percent of employees will likely hold back important information to their bosses. This is out of fear of negative consequences for speaking up. A good leader should create a safe work environment where team members can freely speak their mind. The creative process only work when team employees don’t have to hold back.


Lastly, the blog recommends encouraging each member to speak up. Even in the most open groups, there are always going to be a few quiet and shy individuals. A simple solution is to regularly ask them if they have something to contribute. Another way to keep track of who is speaking up and how frequently, then focus on those who’s voice haven’t been heard. A good leader who takes into account everyone’s opinion will see longer term success.


The path to being a good leader is one that requires time and practice. The approach to one team, might not work another team. A good leader is someone who is loved by those around them, and adapt to the task at hand. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn