Four Tips to Protect Your Technology


Start the new year off the safe way by using the five tips below to protect your technology. We live in a world that’s filled with technology that simplifies our lives. But, this technology also puts us at risk and safeguarding yourself against those risks is essential. Make these tips a part of your New Year’s resolutions and 2019 can be the best year yet.

Tip One: Update Your Software

Outdated software is the number one cause of security threats at businesses today. It is easy to avoid this hazard by keeping the software on your PCs and devices up-to-date. Most PCs have an automatic update installer that minimizes risks.

Tip Two: Protect Your Smartphone

If you own an iPhone, your device has a rather large glass screen that will shatter on contact with a floor or hard surface if it is dropped. With the costs of many smartphones well into the hundreds of dollars, it is important that you protect your device with a screen protector and a case. They cost just a few dollars and minimize risks.

Tip Three: Delete Apps

We add numerous apps to our devices every week, assuming we’ll use them later. Before we know it, our device is filled with apps that we don’t remember adding much less will ever use. Third-party apps can access personal information and put you at a greater risk of an attack. Delete the apps that you’re not using. If you don’t have the time to delete apps yourself, use a free resource like Unroll Me to help.

Tip Four: Read the Privacy Policy

How many times have you read a privacy policy before using a website? Most of us are guilty of this mistake. As such, make it your goal to read the policies on any websites that you visit. It is possible that you are agreeing to things that you would never want to actually agree to but you must read the details to learn. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Bonus Tip

Unroll Me, the company mentioned above, has been around for several years now and makes it easy to manage your email, unsubscribe from junk mail, and control your inbox. Using the service simplify your daily life!, a free service to unsubscribe from email lists, can scour people’s inboxes for receipts from services like Lyft and then sell the information to companies like Uber. The data is anonymized, meaning individuals’ names are not attached to the information, and can be used as a proxy for the health of a rival

Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life Hacker, which are influencer sites.


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Use Unroll Me To Protect Technology


Unroll Me rolls all your subscription services into one, keeps junk mail out of your inbox, and otherwise helps you keep your technology safe. Unroll.Me is a very simple program that organizes your e-mail – it’s an email organization tool to say the least. This is a product that was conceived from a combination of personal frustration and vexation from junk mail. With Unroll.Me, it will skim and scan through your mailbox and identifies mail that comes in bulk from a source – and they gather it to what they call a “roll up” and then from there you can select subscriptions that you would want to unsubscribe to.


Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life Hacker, which are influencer sites.


Aside from using this free service, there are a few additional ways to safeguard the technology that keeps you ahead of the game. Make it your goal to use these tips through the upcoming year and you have a head start on technology protection. Read This Article for Unroll’s app reviews.


Tip One: Update Your Software

Outdated software leaves your PC at-risk for many security threats that can turn your life upside down. This includes viruses and adware, malware, and spyware. Make sure to turn on auto-updates or manually update the software as needed. As you might suspect, this may be quiet often, considering the frequency of changes in software and technology.


Tip Two: Protect the Smartphone

Is your smartphone protected? It is ideal to purchase both a screen protector and a phone case to get the utmost protection. Smartphones are so much more than simple phones these days. As such, they oftentimes have price tags of hundreds of dollars. Keep your investment safe and get these safety devices without delay!


Tip Three: Unsubscribe

How many emails do you receive each day from companies that you don’t want to hear from? Make it stop by unsubscribing and free up your inbox and save valuable time. Unroll is the free app that helps you unsubscribe from those lists that you wish you were not on.


Tip Four: Read Website Privacy Policy

It takes a couple of minutes to read the privacy policies on a website or an app but doing so will save you arguments and headaches later down the line in the event of trouble. Be ‘that person’ who reads and understands the privacy policy! Familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of any website you intend to regularly use!


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How to Be a Better Leader according To James River Capital’s Founder Paul Saunders

Not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Holding this position and effectively directing its duty calls for a proper combination of both business and social skills. More importantly, it calls for open-mindedness and having the desire to keep on learning new skills that enable you to delegate the roles of this position successfully. According to Paul Saunders, there are simple things that business leaders can do to improve their leadership style and in effect increase productivity within the institutions they run. These include:


Being part of a team


Every leader must learn to be a supporter of the teams they lead as opposed to playing directors. Supporting instead of leading increases effectiveness in that, it enables them to change their approach to interactions with their juniors. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


Opening up to ideas


Paul is also of the opinion that business leaders should encourage vertical communications between senior and junior staff. He particularly emphasizes on this factor because the harder it is for employees to communicate with their bosses, the tougher it will be for them to reach out to them when they have information or ideas that could help the business grow.

He argues that when leaders create a smooth rapport with their subordinates, the easier it is for both parties to bring ideas to life. Ease of communication also makes it possible for employees to reach out when they have problems that might hold down their productivity. Learn more:


Encouraging divergent views


Apart from offering support and creating a good rapport, another way for leaders should also allow and encourage everyone to air their divergent views regardless of their rank. Allowing everyone to give their input during a meeting or any other function boosts productivity as many ideas are brought together to create something unique. They should also avoid coming off as pushy by trying to force views out of an employee as this might create fear.


About James River capital


James River capital is an investment firm headquarters in Virginia. The firm was established in 1986 as an alternative investment department for another firm. However, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt took over its reigns in 1995 and steered it towards operating independently. Currently, Saunders is the majority shareholder and serves as the chief executive officer, portfolio manager, and chairman while Brandt serves as the president. The firm specializes in investment management, commodity trading, and advisory services.


Marc Beer Is Helping Women Overcome Pelvic Floor Disorders With New Technology

A common health problem that a number of women suffer from each year is urinary incontinence. This common health problems occurs for a number of reasons. Some women may experience this condition due to childbirth while others might have developed an infection and suffered long term effects from it. No matter the reason, Marc Beer is working to make it easier for women and men to overcome this problem. Learn more:

Marc Beer is responsible for creating sensor technologies to work on helping others overcome this condition. Through the use of sensors and technology, the goal is to help patients discover new treatment options for their overall urinary and pelvic conditions. Coming up with innovative solutions is what he does best.


Renovia has been created to come up with new and exciting ways to bring commercial products to life in the first line of the diagnosis and treatment options to improve the overall health conditions of patients. The overall quality of life that a woman might experience can be devastating without the proper help. It is the hope of Renovia to help women who suffer from the pelvic floor disorders to be able to regain their self image once more by cutting back the number of concerns they are faced with monthly due to the pelvic floor disorders.


The hope of Renovia is to monitor in real life movement what a patient is experiencing. The technology that has been created will allow precise visualization for the patient suffering from the pelvic floor disorders. It will offer insight into the pelvic muscle training as well as taking notes for progress reports over time. Marc Beer was hoping that with his help, there would be more cost effective methods to be used to help patients suffering from pelvic disorders over long periods of time.


The start of Renovia has led women down a path that they might have otherwise not known about if the discovering of technology and diagnostic devices had not yet been discovered by individuals looking to help patients overcome health effects caused from Pelvic floor disorders. With the start of Renovia, there has been in increase in the money used to come up with new and exciting ways to overcome these health problems. With the funding of 42.3 million dollars behind them, Marc Beer is sure to come up with top of the line solutions for patients suffering from this condition or diagnosis.

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Olympian and Mental Health Advocate Michael Phelps Partners with Talkspace

The world knows Michael Phelps as an incredible Olympian who took home 18 gold medals, but few know that Phelps struggled with anxiety and depression. He waited until he lost all hope before he asked for help from a therapist. Remembering the pain of hopelessness and healing he received from therapy, Phelps partnered with Talkspace, an Internet startup that offers confidential and reasonably-priced talk therapy through an online platform.

As a member of the Talkspace Board of Advisors, the Olympian is reaching out to those who need mental health guidance but don’t know where to turn. Phelps waited to ask for help because he did not realize that professional therapy was available by text, messaging, or phone. Now he wants to break the stigma that surrounds depression and anxiety so that people will ask for help before they reach a crisis point. Alternatively, if they do reach a crisis point, they will have a confidential and convenient place to turn for evidence-based psychotherapy.

Founded in 2012, co-founder and CEO Oren Frank reports that Talkspace has already helped more than a million clients with addiction, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and other problems. Licensed therapists treat clients whenever they need help no matter where they live. With a mission to make a billion people happy, Talkspace does not require appointments and makes professional therapy a practical and affordable option for help with family problems, couples therapy, and mental health.

Talkspace offers the clients the option to communicate with professional therapists through texts, messages, or live conversations. Talkspace recently hired Neil Leibowitz, formerly a medical director at United Health, as the startup’s chief medical officer. Leibowitz is working with Talkspace’s board-certified psychiatrists to begin prescribing medications through the online application via video. Talkspace aims to make therapy available to as many people as they can by creating a stigma-free environment where help is private, convenient, and affordable.

Michael Burwell’s Vocation


Michael Burwell is was named an alumnus of the University of Michigan in 2010 where he received his undergraduate degree in business administration. He is the current CFO of Willis Towers Watson. A position which he acquired in 2017 after the then CFO, Rogers Millay, retired. His success in business transactions, management, and finance has seen him attain crucial positions in the financial industry. He has been named the chief of operations and the chief financial officer and the vice-chairperson in charge of transformations in the US and globally for PwC, amongst other positions way before he joined Willis Towers Watson.

Michael Burwell has sharpened his skills in brokering, finance and investments over the thirty years he has been operating in the financial world. These skills, experiences, and education have made him suitable for the CFO position in Willis Towers Watson’s future expansion plans. In previous years, Michael Burwell has gained respect and credibility due to his ability to take initiative whenever the need arises for the organization he is working for. This ability plus his effectiveness in delivering helped make partner at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, a position which allowed him to build and expand the internal shares of the firm.


What makes Michael Burwell different.

Michael Burwell was built his career about a number of things that make him stand out from other Chief financial officers. He puts a lot of emphasis on using minimum resources to acquire maximum returns. This efficiency technique has been useful to him when it comes to making big financial decisions, like when he reduced the cost of production without laying off any employees and saved up to 500 million dollars. With Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell hopes to achieve more success while at the same time reach out to different people, especially those fighting with addictions, in terms of improving their status by means of rehab and employment.

Among his achievements, Mr. Burwell is proud of the deal he helped make with Google that will help boost consumers experience for the company while incorporating the new generation of innovators. Did a man who values experience, Michael Burwell is proud of the people that were able to learn from him and their achievements.


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The Success Journey Of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a prominent premier American firm. This company is highly recognized due to their high-quality protein products. OSI Industries is also featured in the Forbes list of the top 500 companies. This firm is among the longest-standing corporation of David McDonald business venture, majored in the production of burger patties for fast food restaurant for many years.

OSI Industries success is associated with their dedication to becoming the leading food manufacturer across the globe. David McDonald is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI. He has devoted much effort in ensuring that the company gets recognition in the whole world. McDonald actively fights for the growth and expansion of OSI Industries into various other nations. He also looks after the operations and conduct of its satellite facilities.

The history of OSI Industries started at the point that Otto Kolschowsky got in the United States in the early 1990s after he emigrated from Germany with the intention of doing some business in the United States of America. On his arrival to the US, he settled in Chicago where most people are German-descent. This was a great challenge for him to survive in the US with his family due to lack of job vacancies. This is what triggered him to start a business. Fortunately, he was able to sell a lot of meat, and the demanded consistently grew with time. He decided to launch another branch on the adjacent to try and meet the demand.

Otto Kolschowsly finally decided to register this business in 1928 and branded it, Otto & Sons. The meat shop grew and flourished all through the year. Among the most successful junctures was in the 1950s when David McDonald Corporation made a deal with them on becoming one of their burger patty suppliers. This firm had to borrow additional finding from several other financial institutions due to the amazing demand from David McDonald’s Corporation. They were able to supply various restaurants with beef patties.

On the other hand, Otto & Sons managed to grow after McDonalds Corporation grew and expanded internationally tremendously. As we speak, OSI Industries has also grown to an international scale. They have been in operation in 17 nations all over the world.

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Oren Frank Believes the Future of mental Health Lies in Technology

Talkspace is an online therapy company that many consider a pert of the future of mental health and technology. The start-up offers therapy via video chat and has really picked up steam recently. So much so that it has brought on a Chief Medical Officer to help in anticipation of selling to an employer soon.

The person that will take on the Chief Medical Officer position is Neil Leibowitz. Neil has experience working in a leadership role as he is the former senior medical director at UnitedHealth. His hiring comes as Talkspace begins its plans to grow the company as it thinks about a potential initial public offering.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for Talkspace as it recently hit 1 million users in a five year span. Users can talk to a therapist online for $79 weekly or message a mental health professional for $49. Talkspace CEO Oren Frank says the company is worth millions of dollars.

Neil Leibowitz brings a certain level of professionalism the company was missing. With his background as an ex-insurance executive, he can help the company navigate the corporate side of things. Oren Frank thinks Neil is a great addition since the corporate side of business will represent around 50% of the company’s revenue by next year. Talkspace began venturing more into the corporate side after it partnered with employer-focused Magellan Health last year.

Depression and mental health in general are two topics that have a huge amount of stigma. Luckily, employers are showing more interest in both after recent studies show employees with mental health issues are less productive. According to Oren Frank most employees who try Talkspace’s business service choose to message professionals rather than talk.

Mental disorders are one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Despite this many people choose to pretend mental health issues don’t exist. Hundreds of millions of people currently suffer from some form of mental disorder. many mental health professionals and advocates like Oren Frank believe technology can be a very useful tool in combating mental health issues.

Matt Badiali as an investor in natural resources

If you are looking for the right information on natural resources investments, then look no further since all the answers are with Matt Badiali. He is an expert who will take you through the whole process of ensuring that the necessary information about investments is acquired. He is a successful investor and not on of the many people who call themselves experts yet they are masters of failure. Matt has proved his skills through the information he has shared with investors. His followers know how accurate he is with information when he says that something will occur, it is almost a guarantee that it must happen.

Matt Badiali is one of the people who are ready to make a difference in the lives of the people through the information they have. He is prepared to share some of the tips of the information he has with the average investors. Matt Badiali’s main goal in life is to support the people who have never had the opportunity to learn the things he has learned, and he is a senior adviser who can call opportunities even before they happen. He, however, makes the call at the right time. A true test of an investor is one who can call an investment at the right time and price. Matt is the kind of traders who have perfected the art of trading and are ready to make a difference by sharing the information he has with others.

Matt Badiali has been helping people to understand what is happening in the mining sector. As a trained geologist, he has been to many countries around the world looking for the right information about investments. He has been to countries that produce oil and has seen what mainly affects the oil sector. He can, therefore, help other investors to predict when the market is going up or down. He recently said about the soaring of the oil prices, and that came to pass. Oil prices have been going for some time now. Matt Badiali is the investor to follow if you would like to turn your dreams of investing into reality.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Work in Finding Solutions for Joint Pain

At the corporation Bronxcare Health System, a juggernaut in the healthcare industry of New York City, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the Chairman of the company and one of the most effective executives of the firm. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also the Chief Medical Officer of another company in the healthcare industry, DTC Healthcom, and is the Advisory Chief Program Officer of the Swiftpath Program.



Dr. Kirschenbaum has specialized in the joint and bone issues of individuals and has conducted lots of research and therapies to improve these health issues that often occur in the joints of the knees and the shoulders. Ira Kirschenbaum has also conducted the replacement of these joints to enhance the well-being of these patients and reduce the amount of pain and stress that they feel in those areas. The replacement surgery is extremely effective and sophisticated, but Dr. Kirschenbaum has developed extensive studies and research on these replacements as well as continually seeking new technology and innovative solutions to improve the likelihood of success.



Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, besides being the Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System is also a lecturer who has already published many studies on the joint replacement surgeries and taught many young students about his profession and duty in the healthcare industry.



Dr. Kischenbaum is an influential individual in the orthopedic community in general, having published studies that improved therapies and developed new treatments for pains and health issues in the field. He’s been a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons for more than two decades and has been one of the directors of the EHR Project Team since his entry in 2010.



As of now, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum continues to conduct researches on these surgeries and is one of the leading individuals in many healthcare companies in the field.