Bucs Are Thrilled to Have Rookie Ronald Jones II

Bucs Are Excited for Rookie Running Back Jones Start


In the NFL, drafting new rookies for the team is always exciting to see because of the potential for greatness, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are no exception to this.


For the Bucs, running back Ronald Jones II is one of their new players that they couldn’t be more excited about right now. Drafted out of USC in the second round this year, the Bucs picked up Jones as a way to address their problems with their running game, especially concerning the drama of current running back Doug Martin.


Bucs director of college scouting Mike Biehl spoke to the press on why Jones is a perfect fit for the Bucs offense. He stated that Jones was one of his favorite running backs during the draft and also one of the top ones available behind first round pick Saquon Barkley. He also stated that Jones II could provide the team with the long term successes that they needed, such as speed and being physically tough.


Biehl specifically emphasized Jones’ speed, stating that it would add a dimension to their team and give them a quality that they hadn’t seen in some time. He also mentioned that he may not have been given a ton of opportunities to catch passes in college but he believes that Jones could be a pure three-down running back. Diehl went on to note that Jones II is only 20 years old and still has a lot to learn from being in the NFL but does have the right attitude, something he thought many of the guys drafted this year also had.


As far as rookies go, Jones II was ranked as one of the top three running backs in the draft and is very likely to start alongside Peyton Barber this upcoming season. With all of this in mind, plus the lack of a strong running game over the last few years, it’s no wonder that the Bucs are very excited to see Jones II take the field.

Why USF Florida Gators Have to Happen

When you talk about football in Florida, the conversation can turn as serious as talking about it in Texas. It is for this reason that the head coach of the Florida Gators really has been pushing for a series with the University of Southern Florida. There are a number of reasons why this is a good move for the Bulls of USF. The biggest of these is the recognition that they will be playing a team in-state that is ranked in the top 25 on a regular basis. This is one of those boosts that you get on your resumé that can really get the attention of the media.. this also would have a monetary advantage that many people are not looking at having that kind of exposure especially if they win will put the school in the national spotlight and really give them something to brag about.


There is the benefit that comes for Raymond James Stadium and the surrounding area in 2023. With all of the fans, media and other people in town for the game, local businesses will greatly benefit from the increased business. While local businesses do well enough during football season, having the Florida Gators in town will just be an added bonus for the USF Bulls. This could be a massive shot to both schools Gainsville will see a huge increase in the number of fans that flock to their city in the years following the first meeting between these two teams.


The fans will be the last group that will benefit from these two teams meeting. It will be a battle for both teams and the fans of these respective teams will be in town to support their team. this helps to encourage a sense of team pride and will hopefully lead to a little fun Intra-state rivalry that many of the other teams in Florida enjoy such as Florida and Florida State or Florida State and Miami. This will add another chapter to this storied state and their rivalry in football.


All of these reasons are excellent reasons why the fans of both schools should be excited about these two teams going at it. This could lead to more schools in more states taking on the same concept in the upcoming years

Tampa Bay Lightning Eliminated from NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs

The final game of a best of seven serieswould take place in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals at the Tampa Bay Lightning home ice rink, the Amalie Arena. The Lightning and Washington Capitals had fought relentlessly against each other during the first six games, as they each clawed to try and win four game before the opponent. As game seven approached in Tampa Bay on the 23rd of May, each team knew that this would be the final game of the series that would determine everything.


The Tampa Bay Lightning roster took to the ice early on in game seven, but Washington would score early and force the Lightning to chase the game from behind on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, the home ice momentum could not bring the Lightning what they needed, as the Washington Capitals score three additional times to solidify their victory in the Eastern Conference finals.


As the final seconds ticked off the scoreboard in game seven, there was never a real chance for the Lightning to win this hockey game. The tenacity and urgency was never apparent during the entire series, but there were a lot of great things to appreciate during the regular season. After the game ended, the coaching staff mentioned how several players were fighting injuries, and that some would even require surgery during the off-season.


The Washington Capitals defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals to compete for the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup. They will face the Las Vegas Golden Knights in a seven game finale series to decide who wins the cup.


For the Tampa Bay Lightning, they will look back at their season with few regrets, and ultimately a solid third place finish in the league. They were the dominant force during the regular season, and managed to piece together a very respective playoff run, however coming ever so short of reaching the finals. As for the organization, they are still among the favorites to win in the coming years, despite the ever-growing issue to sign expensive players to loaded contracts while managing a limited cap-space.

ESPN Not Showing Much Respect For Bucs Upcoming Season

The kickoff to the 2018 National Football League season is now less than a 100 days away and that means it is time for prognosticators to make preseason projections.


On Tuesday, ESPN’s annual Power Index Rankings were released and the publication does not think highly of the Bucs chances to succeed in the 2018 season. In fact, ESPN predicts that Bucs will finish dead last in their division.


The FPI’s prediction is bad news for team General Manager Jason Licht and head coach Dirk Koetter who both may need a playoff run by the team to retain employment for another season. The Bucs are rated as the 22nd best team in the league by the publication and has been given a 10% chance of making it to the playoffs. The Bucs odds of reaching the playoffs in the opinion of FPI is higher only than the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals.


The offseason overhaul of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive unit has been much publicized by the team but has not impressed the prognosticators that produced ESPN’s FPI. The publication has rated the defense 28th in the league. The offense, which is led by star quarterback Jameis Winston is predicted to be in the middle of the pack.


NFL schedule makers obviously did the team no favors as they have the toughest schedule in the NFL. Nine of the team’s games this year would be against teams rated in the top ten by the FPI.


The good news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the report is that the team has a near 30% chance of landing a top-five pick in next year’s National Football League draft.


Players and coaches with the team do not take these predictions seriously and understand it is merely fun for fans. In fact, the Buccaneers organization is optimistic about the team’s prospects for the upcoming season and are expecting to see a great improvement over last year’s defensive performance.


Justin Evans, a second year player as a safety with the team expressed that there is a big difference in team chemistry with the defense than was present with the team a year ago. Evans says that the defensive coaching philosophy entails the unit improving in all aspects of their play.

Lightning Come Storming Back to Even Series 2-2

What a difference a few days make.

The Tampa Bay Lightning is back in the hunt for a coveted spot in the National Hockey League finals after it held off the Washington Capitals on Thursday and tied the series at two games each. Just a few days ago, most Lightning fans had given up their team for dead after the Capitals jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals. What is even more impressive is that Tampa Bay was able to rattle off these two consecutive wins on the road at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

Thursday’s 4-2 win by the Lightning sends the series back to Tampa for a Saturday clash at Amalie Arena. Puck drop is scheduled for 7:15 pm. What is left is essentially a best-of-three series with the winner getting the honor of heading to the Stanley Cup Finals to face the winner of the Winnipeg Jets and Las Vegas Golden Knights series. The Golden Knights currently lead that series 2-1 with the next game set to take place on Friday in Las Vegas.

The Lightning was led by goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy who turned in one of the most dominant performances of the series. The Caps outshot Tampa Bay 38-20 but the Lightning was still able to pull out the victory in large part because of the Russian goalie’s presence in the net.

Long-time fans of the Lightning should not be surprised about this last gasp by their hometown team. The team has an infamous history of getting down early in a series, only to come storming back on fire and ready to compete. And the Lightning did it again on Thursday, despite the extra bump in energy given to the Capitals when their star center, Nicklas Backstrom, returned to the ice after suffering a hand injury on May 5, causing him to miss four playoff games. Backstrom had four shots on goal, yet it was not enough to send his team to victory.

Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken Wants QB Winston To Stop Trying So Hard

Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken has an important message for starting quarterback Jameis Winston as the team begins preparation for the 2018 NFL season: Stop trying so hard.

Monken explains that there is so much pressure on starting quarterbacks to perform in the league and many young quarterbacks press too hard to live up to expectations. Monken goes on to say that he and other team coaches could see this happening to Winston throughout last season both on the field and in the locker room and says that it is important that his fourth-year quarterback realize that he does not have to try so hard to be the leader that he already is.

Winston left a week 7 game against the Arizona Cardinals last season due to a sprain to his throwing shoulder that would sideline him for three games. Sources close to the team report that Winston actually suffered the injury in a week 3 contest against the Washington Redskins and had been playing with the injury since that time.

Winston, while dealing with the injury and the suffering of his team through the first of two five-game losing streaks continued to try to be an inspiration to his team. An unfortunate incident caught on camera during this time was of Winston giving a pregame pep talk to teammates who seemed unconcerned with his words.

Various media sources used the incident as a reason to criticize Winston for what they say was an obvious sign that he was out of touch with the pulse of his team. DeSean Jackson, a wide receiver, and teammate of Winston came to his quarterback’s aid, saying that the star quarterback is always blamed when things don’t go right with a football team.

Things not going right is unfamiliar territory to Winston after a college career in which he lost no games, nor had he missed any games due to injury in his football career before last season.

Monken is looking to make his young quarterback understand that he is only human and that adversity will happen throughout his playing career. The important thing is to keep playing the game, Monken says, and in the case of Winston his natural leadership abilities will shine through.

Tampa Bay Lightning – Their Journey to the NHL’s Final Four

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been a poised NHL all regular season and into the playoffs as they dominated opponents throughout the opening two rounds. The defeated the New Jersey Devils in just five games in the opening round of the playoffs. The Lightning have also eliminated the Boston Bruins in as many games in the second round after a controversial series. This is not Tampa Bay’s first time to the Eastern Conference finals, as they have found themselves within this position in three of the last five hockey seasons. The consistency in which they have had these impressive playoff runs is almost unbelievable.

They have been considered a favorite for most of the season, and after missing the 2017 hockey playoffs by one point, you could sense the fact that they had some unfinished business. The Lightning have been an offensive superpower all season long, but what goes unnoticed along their journey to the Eastern Conference finals is the fact that they have had great defensive performances from their defensemen and goaltender. Having a strong offensive force while still maintaining with an above average defensive core is quite remarkable. The depth within their roster allows for these types of performances in the playoffs.

The Tampa Bay Lightning will have to win seven more games before they can lift the Stanley Cup. They have cruised through the opening two rounds and will now have to find a way to come from behind against the Washington Capitals in round three. None-the-less, the Tampa Bay Lightning have found their way to the NHL’s final four on a regular basis in recent years, and this year’s playoff run looks all the more impressive with the performances that are being presented out on the ice. Tampa Bay will face off against the Washington Capitals in game four on Thursday, May 17th in Capital One Arena in Washington.

Buccaneers Look Forward To Unleashing Retooled Backfield

Not many people with knowledge of the NFL found it surprising the that Tampa Bay Buccanneers used their second pick in the league draft to select a running back. This was especially so since the team had just released its starting running back for most of the last half a dozen seasons, Doug Martin.

However, the team is not in the middle of a total makeover in the backfield as last year’s end of the year starter, Peyton Barber, returns to provide more production for the team. Other returning running backs is the all-around skilled Jacquizz Rodgers and the accomplished receiver out of the backfield Charles Sims. As training camp approaches, the team also has once undrafted free agent Dalton Crossan, and Shaun Wilson, a draft pick in this year’s draft are also on the roster.

The mix of running backs the team possesses gives the Bucs a variety of styles to showcase in their offensive backfield. The drafting of USC running back Ronald Jones with the 38th pick in the draft was not to replace Barber but to complement him. The team felt like the two ballcarriers could be formidable working as a tandem. Jones will be depended upon to provide a big play element to the rushing attack that was absent a year ago and Barber is looked to for the ground and pound style already seen from him.

Tim Spender, the running backs coach for the Bucs, when asked of his initial impressions of his rookie addition, immediately mentioned the speed and quickness possessed by Jones. Spencer explained that Jones has decent size and will in all likelihood fill out more, but said that his agility and long-run capability is what he and the others on the coaching staff find truly attractive. Spencer also says that Jones has already shown he is a fast learner.

It is likely that the team will expect Jones to one day become a feature back as evidenced by the high draft pick used to secure his services, but in the meantime, they are quite excited about the tandem that he and Barber are expected to become.

Tampa Bay Lightning Fights Back in Game 3 with Impressive Victory

The Tampa Bay Lightning found themselves down coming into game three of the Eastern Conference Finals, with the understanding that they would realistically have to win this game to have a chance at winning the series. Their head coach, Jon Cooper, was optimistic coming into the day, and expected an impressive performance from his hockey team. He expected it, and they delivered, with an impressive victory over the Washington Capitals hockey team. The Lightning have cut their deficit in half and now only trail by one game, after losing the opening two games at their rink in Tampa Bay, the Amalie Arena.

The superstar line was slightly modified with the hopes to spark the Lightning, and they delivered with a stellar performance, and had an impact on almost every goal the team scored in game three. The general compete level was much higher, and there was a sense of urgency that had not been seen in this series up to this point. While this victory in Washington will lift the spirits of the players and fans of the Lightning, there is still work that needs to be done. The Lightning will have to have another impressive showing in game four to equalize the series. The momentum gained from game three’s performance will certainly have an impact on the remaining games in the series.

Game four takes place in Washington on Thursday, May 17th at 8:00 P.M. Eastern time. This game will surely bring some excitement to the table as the Lightning continue to try and find a way to catch up and equalize the series. They will have that opportunity in game four. One potential setback for the Lightning is the fact that their captain Steven Stamkos left with a foot injury after taking a shot to the leg early in the third period of game three, he did return but seemed to limp on the team’s bench.

Buccaneers Defensive Lineman Gerald McCoy Receives Help In Draft And Free Agency

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive line coach, Brentson Buckner, recently had a sit down with the team’s top defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to inform him that he would no longer be asked to single-handedly save the day for the team’s defensive line.

McCoy is 30 years old now and in the ninth year of a stellar NFL career which has included trips to the Pro Bowl the last six seasons. McCoy has led his team in sacks since the 2013 and is welcoming of what Buckner characterizes as a “group of super friends” that team has assembled to play with him.

Team General Manager Jason Licht, decided a complete rebuild of the defensive line, with McCoy remaining as the centerpiece, was in order after watching his team’s defense finish the 2017 season dead last for all NFL teams.

Beau Allen of the Philadelphia Eagles, along with Mitch Unreign and Vince Curry of the Chicago Bears was signed in free agency to join the Buccaneers defensive line. But the biggest splash was made when Licht was able to trade away a third-round draft pick to secure the services of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. Licht then used the team’s first-round draft pick to select defensive tackle Vita Vea.

Defensive coordinator Mike Smith has been quite forthcoming in his assessment of how dismal the performance of his defense was a year ago. Smith says the play of his defense “must be better” and “more consistent.”

The Bucs defense finished last among the 32 team league in quarterback sacks and the team knows that good defense starts with controlling the line of scrimmage. The need to pressure the quarterback takes on an added importance for the Bucs who play in a division that includes top quarterbacks Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan.

The lack of pressure applied to quarterbacks a year ago resulted in the Buccaneers secondary being scorched for the most passing yardage in the National Football League at 4,169.

Buckner states that his philosophy is that a defensive back is never responsible for a long passing play by another team. This, he says, is because the defensive line is closest to the opposing quarterback and has the opportunity to make a play long before the other team’s receiver can complete a long route.