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GoBuySide On How Compensation is Affected

With the increasing demand for fresh talent in the financial industry, there has been a steady yearly salary increase of six to eight percent. This is shown through financial professionals receiving these salary increase in the form of cash bonuses. Cash bonuses have reached over three hundred fifteen thousand dollars. However many professionals in the financial industry are not satisfied with their salary, as they feel the base salary, and the bonus is very low for their talent. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

This is due to financial professionals working in larger firms make more money than those who work in smaller financial firm according to GoBuySide. GoBuySide is a lead recruitment platform that uses technology and well-educated experts in the financial industry, to heavily screen and recruit fresh talent, and match the skill set needed to work either in venture capital, private equity firms, investing funds, and Fortune 500 clients. GoBuySide is located in over sixteen countries and fifty-two cities worldwide. GoBuySide has over four hundred clients in over ten thousand firms.


Big firms compensate more cash bonuses to talented professionals because they have a higher asset value. According to GoBuySide, a firm’s assets are an essential effect on how compensation is distributed, big firms that have reached over one billion dollars in value, pay more to their professionals. Compensation is also determined by firm performance, such as firms with low performance saw professionals reviving cash bonus but not a lucrative return. These effects on compensation have cost firms to continuously search for new fresh recruitment, and professionals working for small firms to search for jobs in bigger firms with a higher performance rate, and high asset value. This has led to over twenty thousand new fresh talented professionals in the financial industry to be recruited and distributed to over seven thousand five hundred firms worldwide. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.