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Doe Deere Gives People the Freedom to Express Themselves Through Makeup

From a very early age, Doe Deere has been ambitious. It’s one of her most admired qualities other than the fact that she’s not afraid to express herself. Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a popular cosmetic company that specializes in cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products. Lime Crime is bright, fun, and affordable. It’s everything that Deere realized was lacking in the makeup world.


Deere made Lime Crime happen because she’s always had a passion for makeup. When others ask her for advice, she likes to say “go where you love.” That’s exactly what she did. Deere not only loves makeup, but she’s also very good at it. If you see pictures of her or catch her out in public, her sheer beauty is something to be admired. She’s not like anyone else and that’s why they call her the Queen of Unicorns. Deere likes to rock bold makeup and bright hair. Altogether, she’s perfected a flawless look that makes her stand out from the crowd. Deere likes to inspire others to treat makeup as an art form. That’s why there’s a look book available on Lime Crime’s website where users can show off their favorite looks as well as get inspiration from others.


Lime Crime has created a community of makeup and fashion lovers. It’s brought together people from all over the globe who share the same goal of becoming as magical as they can. Deere realized that there were people who loved bright colors and that’s what helps her continue to grow Lime Crime.


Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 when she couldn’t find unusual colors. Everything seemed a bit neutral and boring to her. She knew she couldn’t be alone and that’s how the company was born. Deere simply started making colors that couldn’t be found anywhere. If you were to ask Deere what makeup means, she would say it means freedom to express yourself. So many people are worried about being judged for what they look like. Deere is trying to fight against that by showing others that they can be whatever they want and they can dress however they want. That’s why Deere doesn’t discriminate with her products. She wants users to know that male or female, there’s a product for them. No one has to give into the stereotypes of what they should look like and what kind of makeup products they should use based on gender. Learn more:

Malini Saba And The Importance of Belief

One thing that could be said for Malini Saba is that she believed in herself. She believed in her own power. She also believed that what she is doing was the right and wise thing to do. For people that start out with some bid goals, it requires that they believe in themselves in order for them to succeed. Their beliefs have to be very strong and they have to be stubborn in some way. For one thing, it is very likely that at least one person is going to try to stand in the way and prevent them from succeeding in their goals.

Malini herself has been faced with some obstacles and has pushed through them. Now she is in a place where she can give more than she ever dreamed. While she could also give at a time when she had less than she has now, this is the success that she has achieved which has given her a lot that she could help with so that she could actually make a huge difference in the lives of women and children. This has actually been one of her dreams because she knows how vulnerable women and children are when they are struggling.

One of the people that Malini are especially interested in helping are those that are doing as much work as they can to improve their circumstances. These are the types of people that typically could benefit from the type of help that Malini’s foundation offers for women and children.

Malini has gained a position as one of the worlds most powerful women. One of the ways that she was able to achieve that is through belief in herself and her abilities. Another aspect is her belief in what she was working towards. She has decided that her goals of helping women and children are worth pursuing. She has worked hard and made sure that she is able to get past all of the obstacles that came before she was able to successfully establish Saban. If she did not believe in herself, she would not have even been able to get started.