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Bumble Sees Massive Growth In 2 Years

In her 26 years of living Whitney Wolfe has done an amazing job of succeeding in life. She has worked for Hatch Labs, the creators of Tinder, and she has also made her own online dating app. Wolfe has created an entirely new idea of what business is. Millennials were supposed to change the world, and thanks to people like her it seems as if this goal of theirs is on track.

Bumbling Around The World

After college Whitney Wolfe decided to try her hands with Hatch Labs. As you are probably aware their mobile app Tinder is a smashing success and has changed the way young people look at dating. With a simple swipe to the right you can find the perfect match for you on Tinder. However, there are problems with the Tinder model. Sexual harassment complains and other issues have discouraged some from using the app. This is where Wolfe came up with the idea of Bumble. It offers a new and more comfortable way for people to try online dating for themselves.

Bumble Takes Off

So far Bumble is a smashing success. The app has resulted in more than 150 million matches so far with few complains about harassment. Only 650 cases were reported in 2015 and these cases comprised only a fraction of a percentage of all Bumble users. That high rate of success has made this app an alternative to Tinder. Another important feature of Bumble is that women always make the first move. This feature has made the app more comfortable for women who don’t want to deal with the harassment they find on other apps.

Where She Goes From Here

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur with a vision for the future. She has seen incredible growth over the course of 5 years from her work at Hatch Labs to starting her own company. If things continue the way they are headed she might find herself in the same leagues as greats like Mark Zuckerberg in the future.

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