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The Role of Protein Powder in a Weight Loss Program


Many people think that protein powders are for the bodybuilders who want to gain bigger muscles. If this is also your line of thinking, you should learn more about protein powder as it can be used for other purposes rather than building muscles. While we all appreciate that proteins are crucial for the development of muscles and bones, these proteins are also crucial in keeping our bellies full while at the same time keeping our bodies trim. As a result, we can all agree that protein powder is an important tool for the people who want to embrace a weight loss plan. In fact, according to experts, the best way to control your appetite is having enough proteins in your meal. Other than controlling appetite, it has been proven that proteins can decrease your body fat, maintain the muscle mass and manage weight. Proteins are also very effective in increasing satiety. This information was brought to light by Dr. Heather Mangieri. She is also the spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Other than being a spokeswoman, Mrs. Mangieri has written a book known as Fueling Young Athletes. According to this expert, she believes people who eat enough proteins can prevent the secretion of ghrelin, the hunger causing hormone. Enough proteins also ensure that your body does not secret other hormones that signal to the brain that you need to eat.


This means that people who are looking to improving their metabolism should consider some powder protein in every meal they take. This makes it simple to sneak the much-needed nutrient to your body. You can scoop the product into a wide variety of foods and products that you take on a daily basis. This includes your hot cocoa, waffle mix, pancake, nutrition bars, oats, coffee, dairy-free milk and even any other smoothies you take on a daily basis. This works better for vegans and vegetarians as they rarely get enough proteins in their diets. According to a registered dietician known as Lauren Antonucci, the easiest way to introduce protein deficit to your body is through protein powder. Lauren is known as the founder of Nutrition Energy. This is a nutrition company from New York. The expert acknowledges that the women who work out on a daily basis do not get enough proteins as they should. She also says that they skip the important post-workout protein that they should take. It’s, for this reason, she feels that these women should settle for the protein powder if they wish to improve their workouts and their bodies also.


Currently, there are plenty of powder proteins on retailers’ shelves which make it difficult to choose the right protein for yourself. This is the reason why people choose to walk away rather than spend their time trying to decide which protein is good with their body. However, by talking to qualified nutritional experts and through a little research, this article offers you an insight of the top powder proteins and also lists the advantage of each product.

Whey Powder Protein

This is one of the most effective powder protein for people who are on a weight loss plan. This protein is derived from milk and has been proven by scientists that it works. The good thing about this protein is that it’s known to act as an antioxidant. Beyond this, it’s very good at building muscles and breaking down fats in your body.


Optimum nutrition gold standard 100 percent

This protein is famous for its sweet and good taste. The protein is quite affordable as it retails at $55. Another form of the whey protein is the power crunch proto whey. The good thing about this crunch is that it comes in a wide range of flavors that are also very delicious. For instance, there is the cream flavor and the cookies flavors. This makes it the most suitable protein for any digestive system better than any other protein. The powder protein is also affordable as it costs just $28. The orgain grass-fed whey is another protein powder. It will cost you $23. Other proteins include Bipro whey, ascent native fuel micellar caser casein, naked nutrition egg white protein as well as vegaone protein and garden of life raw organic protein. All these powders will cost you less than $50.

Meal Services

There are also tons of meal services to ensure that you get what you need, without necessarily needing a supplement.  Those include companies like Ice Age Meals, which provides frozen meals on the Paleo diet for athletes.  But then there’s also the Trifecta system, and even Nutrisystem.  Plus they aren’t that much more expensive than what you’re paying now, and they’re all pre-prepared to meet your dietary needs and standards.  In fact, Pure Healthy Living provided a great breakdown of Nutrisystem cost which showed it’s surprisingly affordable:

A Company with a Great Approach

Mind, body, spirit: these are three things that Nutrimost focuses on when they are helping their clients lose weight. They want their clients to have a journey that is more about a change in lifestyle and less about fitting into that cute pair of jeans. They want their clients to be successful and will often do anything that it takes for their weight loss success to be achieved both easily and safely. Clients who use Nutrimost do not have to rely on extreme exercise, surgery, or dangerous medications that could have negative effects on them for the rest of their lives. They need only to follow the program that was put together by the Nutrimost team.

It is important to note that it can be difficult to find a weight loss program like this in a business that is full of scams and things that really don’t help. Many people struggle to find something that really works and Nutrimost provides them with that because they are more than just a quick fix: they are able to change the lives of the people that they help out. For this reason, it is infuriating that less reputable companies make the choice to use materials that were created by Nutrimost to testify their results to their clients.

Companies that are boasting weight loss pills and things that really don’t work are actually stealing the videos that are put together by Nutrimost and they are using them for their products. This is a big problem for a company with a great reputation because there are many facets to the program instead of just pills. The Nutrimost company is now suing the companies who have stolen their videos to market their own products instead of simply viewing them like was intended by putting them on the website.