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Tsunami VR Is A New Endeavor With Alex Hern


Technology is an amazing thing, and it has managed to change our lives in every possible way. The Silicon Valley is known for its bright and sometimes controversial tech stars who look to change the status quo as they make inroads into life changing technologies. This has contributed greatly financially as well as made the world a better and admittedly more entertaining place to live. One of the more little known tech startups is run by Alex Hern who has built his career on designing products that make the world a little different piece by piece. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

His latest endeavor is the Tsunami VR which is a device that will take the entire VR experience to the next level. As we all know there are countless VR units that are on the market right now, but the Tsunami VR looks to change the game and give a more realistic approach to the entire VR experience. Alex Hern has been working on making a VR unit that will connect all aspects of life into the VR world, and make meetings and productivity a whole new focus of the VR where it has traditionally just been gaming. What’s cool about Alex Hern is that he is not afraid to push the envelope, and this is where some of the best entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley have made their bones. Follow Alex Hern on

With this kind of technology at his disposal Alex Hern looks to be building a company that is more powerful then ever before. And with the innovative products to match there is no stopping him, or the great heights that the Tsunami VR company is going to reach. This is where the amazing tech community of the Silicon Valley has really blossomed, and Alex Hern is at the fore front of this new virtual reality wave.