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Vincent Jackson’s Contract Gets Bashed

The Strange Contract for Bucs Receiver Vincent Jackson

Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson has played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the last four seasons, dating back to 2012. For the most part, he’s been a key figure in their offense since his arrival.

Over the course of a three year period from 2012 to 2014, he managed no less than 70 catches a season and totaled over one thousand receiving yards. The 2015 season looked to be more of the same but he ended up missing six games and only managed 33 catches for a total of three touchdowns. Anyone familiar with sports knows that a huge decrease in productivity and games played means a career is starting to fall off, and Jackson is currently 32 years old.

Jackson has only one year left on his current contract, worth $12.21 million and while this may seem to be a good standard, some including Pro Football Focus see it as the third worst ranked contract in the league, behind only Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas. Jackson agreed to this deal worth $55.55 million back in 2012 but the contract may have been more trouble than the Bucs realized. This is very evident in Jackson’s production, as it has gone down every single year, in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns.

But even though Pro Football Focus sees a bad contract, the good news for Bucs fans is that it ends following the 2016 season and Mike Evans is ready to fill in.

Vincent Jackson Contract


In the 2015 draft, Tampa Bay had the first overall pick. They decided to pick a great quarterback out of Florida State. Although he had a good year, there are still a lot of holes to fill on the team. Vincent Jackson is one of the team’s best players, but many NFL analysts are ripping his latest contract. Many people feel like the team is paying him too much, and now is the time to go out and get better players to upgrade the roster. Fan support has been low in recent years, and this latest move is not going to help matters in that area.

Franchise Problems

Every franchise in the NFL must make money. With low fan support, this is not good news for the team financially. Although Vincent Jackson is a solid player, he is simply not worth the money the team is going to spend on him. There are a lot of fans who think that the defense needs to be upgraded immediately. When the Bucs won a Super Bowl, it was the defense that led the way. Many fans want to get back to that style of play, and with this latest contract announcement it is safe to say that is not the direction the team is taking. Vincent Jackson may have a great year, but the team is going to be restricted on cap space going forward because of this contract deal. Many fans are disappointed with the latest decision from the team.