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Securus Making Inmate Communications Safer While Lending a Helping Hand

Most people do not know what wireless containment systems are, but the good people behind Securus know. It is an entire system designed to help jam cellphone signals for specific areas without affecting others. This may not sound like an impressive technology, but it is the first time signals from a specified area can be blocked, which is making many officials who work at correctional facilities happy.


Correctional facilities around the country have been attempting to deal with the problem of contraband cellphones. These devices are smuggled into prisons and used by inmates without permission. Communications are normally monitored by a combination of personnel and big data, which helps ensure that no dangerous information is being discussed between the people using a communications device. This is especially important for ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson.


The man had been working for a prison for a long time, and he appreciated his job. Still, nothing could have prepared him for the horrible acts he would experience in life. Johnson fell victim to a man who shot him six times after being contracted by a man using contraband cellphones. Johnson, now retired, made it his mission to ensure that this type of contract or any other illegal request is not done through contraband ever again. He found that Securus had been working on a solution for some time and offered his experience and his knowledge. It will not be too long before contraband cellphones will be a thing of the past.


It should be noted that Securus is not in the business of halting all communication. The company wants people to communicate but wants inmates to do so in a way that will not hurt others. It may sound like an invasion of privacy to monitor calls from and to prisons, but it could save a life, which makes it worth it. Securus is one of the leading inmate communication companies, so it is definitely attempting to facilitate communication between inmates and loved ones.


One nugget of information that I found quite heartwarming was this company’s ability to help those in need in Louisiana. The state had been devastated by floods, which made it hard for people to communicate with each other. There were likely a lot of people who ware scared to hear bad news from a loved one. Securus knew that offering a way to talk to each other would help ensure people who were nervous that everything was okay. This is the reason Securus ensured everyone calling into state prisons would not pay a dime to talk to their loved ones.


The people of the state were definitely thankful as I’m sure I would be. No one is saying that this small act saved people’s lives, but it definitely made resting a lot easier. I think Securus is definitely a company worth paying attention to, especially for those who have someone on the inside.

Securus Technologies Can Help Lock Down a Prison

The hardest part about being an officer at our prison is not being able to slow down the increase in drug use among inmates. Once drugs are introduced to the situation, now you have inmates who could normally be very calm going off the deep end and making things very troublesome for other inmates and officers. The inmates bring in the drugs and the safety concerns go out the window, so things needed to change immediately.


Part of the big issue here is we have a number of inmates who will get right in the face of me and my fellow officers and tell us they can get drugs inside the jail even easier than if they were back on the streets. Depending on the inmate and the drugs used, we can not allow these inmates to lose control and put an entire facility in danger. To seal up those openings where the drugs are getting to our facility, we turned to Securus Technologies and inquired about the call monitoring system they developed.


Securus Technologies has a simple company mission statement, to make the world a better place. All thousand employees and the CEO of the company all work towards that goal, something that officers in a dangerous jail certainly want in their corner. Not only will the new telephone monitoring system scan all the calls in the jail for certain types of verbiage, it can do so without officers having to be stationed in that call center.


Now when the Securus Technologies system alerts my team of trouble, we have the unique opportunity to get in front of the potential trouble. Getting drugs out of the jail before they get to the inmates, we are limiting the chances of violent outbreaks and maintaining a degree of order we can finally get in front of.


Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Function Smoothly

The field of inmate communications and investigative technology has become highly competitive in the past few years, but one of the companies that have been able to stand out tall is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies offer a wide array of products to the correctional facilities and help them offload much of their work to the technology provided. It makes the environment inside the prisons safer and more efficient for the law enforcement officials. The inmate communications services offered by Securus Technologies are also highly advanced, efficient, and reliable, in comparison to what many other companies provide.


The company employs over a thousand employees at the moment, and as the company grows and expand, the figure is expected to rise rapidly in the years to come. More than a million inmates and 2,600 correctional facilities use the services offered by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies was set up in the year 1986, and in the past thirty years, the company has made an immense contribution in the field to become one of the prominent names in the industry. The CEO of Securus Technologies believe that the future of the inmate communications would transform completely in the years to come, especially due to the massive research and development projects being carried out by the company.


Securus Technology recently published a highly talked about the press release on the internet to showcase the faith of the law enforcement officers on the enterprise’s products and services. In the news release, the comments made by the law enforcement officers in their letters to the enterprise where shared, where the officers were all praise for the company and mentioned how its products and services help them work efficiently. Such advanced inmate communication and prison technology products and services are the pillars of the correctional facilities these days and assist them to keep the crime rate low and function smoothly.


Securus And Their New Ad Campaign For Video Visitation

Commercials from the video calling service at Securus tell the tale of a company that offers visitations for everyone who loves someone in prison. Visiting the prisons is often quite difficult, and I have watched videos of my favorite people instead of visiting the jail myself. This article explains how I use Securus to avoid long drives to the jail.


#1: Every Commercial Tells A Story


The commercials from Securus tell a story that speaks of families remaining together under the stress of a prison sentence. The person who is in jail receives respite from their sentence, and the family may see someone they have missed for some time. I have had this experience myself, and I do so with the tablet propped up against a wall or stand.


#2: Where Are The Calls Made?


Calls are made from any location where you have a reliable Internet signal. I have placed my calls from home, the office and a hotel room. I have set up calls for my family during reunions, and I have taught other members of my family to place the calls in like manner. Securus is a simple video visitation system that keeps us all out of our cars on weekends.


#3: Visitation Spreads


Visitations are spread out over the course of several days and weeks, and they are not confined to the weekends. I have used my Securus plan on a Tuesday morning when I had time to speak with a loved one, and I have used the visitation service when confronted with spare time in the morning.


I believe everyone must use Securus at least once to communicate with a friend in jail. The service changed my life as I spoke with those who I missed for so long through the convenience of my smartphone.


Securus Makes Its Employees Study Law

Securus is now making all of their employees study the law where this technology is used. Since many places have different laws, Securus wants to be sure all regions will benefit from their technology in some way. One of the main reasons why Securus exists in the first place is to make the lives of inmates paperless. This will save them lots of money, lots of time, and lots of stress. Securus hopes all inmates have the experience of filling out all of their paperwork right over a device. This is awesome for court paperwork. Once submitted, the paperwork will be electronically sent to the court. Inmates will not have to mail anything, so they save money on postage, too.


 The employees of Securus upload dozens of forms on the devices. This is why they learn the laws and procedures of all places where the technology is used. Securus does not want any form to go to waste. They pick dozens of the most used forms and upload them onto the device. The icon to get to the forms is not hard to get to, either. Inmates can quickly fill out five or six forms in less than 20 minutes. This is a lot different than waiting for a lawyer to come by with paperwork. This past process could take a matter of weeks. Consequently, paperwork can be filed too late, and an inmate’s case may possibly not be heard.


 Securus also allows inmates to send in their ideas and concerns. They can do this while using the device. The creators of Securus take all of these ideas and concerns seriously. They do this because they want to build healthy relationships with all the inmates they are helping on a daily basis. They also want to improve their system in all areas.

Securus Technologies’ Video Visit App Helps Inmates And Their Families

Securus Technologies has launched a new app called Video Visitation, that allows you to video chat with a loved one who is currently incarcerated and I think it is an overdue piece of inmate communication technology. The way it works is simple; you download the app to your Android or iOS device, create an account and then schedule a video visit with the inmate. Seems pretty straight forward.

This app really makes life easier for those friends and family of inmates because there is no longer a need to drive long distances or request whole days off of work to go see their loved ones who are locked up. I’m just surprised that someone has not thought of it sooner. How often do we video chat with friends or family with our smartphones or tablets? If we can have a video conversation with someone who is in another country we can certainly have that same conversation with a family member who is incarcerated a few hundred miles away.

Securus currently services over 3,400 correctional facilities, public safety and law enforcement facilities throughout the country. This covers over 1.2 million inmates throughout North America. They have recently expanded their leadership team to keep up with the demands of business.

They not only provide patented communications services for inmates but also emergency response, public information, monitoring products and investigation. It is a good thing that they are now producing more customer-facing product like Video Visit app.

I can tell you from experience that having a loved one locked up can put a lot of stress on the whole family. This app will benefit many people and make their lives just a little bit easier. If you have an questions about the software, please contact their customer service team here: