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Dr. Mark McKenna Is Hitting It Big In The World Of Medical Aesthetics Once Again

Dr. Mark Mckenna holds his MD, MBA medical degree from Tulane Medical School, but upon his 1999 graduation, he immediately went into the real estate business. Mark practised medicine at the same time as pursuing other business endeavors but felt that he wouldn’t reach his full potential purely in the realm of medicine. Mark turned to these entrepreneurial pursuits because he had decided while still in college that he would have a difficult time making the kind of money he envisioned for himself as a doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna saw his real estate business take a big hit in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Mark continued on in real estate for a while and he also worked in the mortgage business with Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage. Dr. Mark McKenna fully rekindled his medical passions in 2007 when he started ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a chain that offered Botox and other cosmetic treatments. 2015 saw Mark sell his company to Lifetime Fitness while maintaining a stake in the company. He soon sold his shares in that venture to enter into his current entrepreneurial pursuit OVME Aesthetics.

Dr. Mark McKenna had a particular vision when he opened up OVME. The idea was to create a nationwide chain of medical offices that specialize in cosmetic procedures. OVME also features a mobile app that allows patients to order the services of practitioners who will make house calls. When interviewed by IdeaMensch about where the inspiration for OVME came from, Dr. Mark McKenna opens up that his experience working in the field of medical aesthetics is where the inspiration originally came from.

His initial foray into the industry had seen him grown his first company to the point that it was able to be sold to a publicly traded company. Mark learned much from the experience and wanted to expand on what he had learned already. Today, Mark proudly serves as Chief Executive Officer of OVME as he works to make it the national leader in the field of elective medical procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna and his staff are accomplishing this through the use of some of the leading technology available in the field of medical aesthetics.

Taking a Look at Michael Hagele’s Career

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur and a lawyer for small firms, Michael Hagele is certainly not unrelatable. Like many, he wanted to find actual purpose in what he does, but unlike others, he was willing to sharpen his mind and take action. In his response, you can see his honesty and strong work ethics with the motivation to keep reaching further. Staying active physically and socially through social media, recognizing importance in it, has helped him both grow grow business, as well as connecting with customers.  Follow Michael Hagele on Instagram.

Bringing up his experience working with a celebrity chef shows the importance of learning from even less thought of mistakes and situations, as well as being able to reflect on that positively. Even the experience of having worked at a car wash, hands numb and all, he took something out of it and saw it as a stepping stone to letting him come to the conclusion that he wanted to do something with more meaning and to get further in education. Visit Ideamensch .com for more updates.

More importantly, he also expresses the priority of putting the customers first since they are what make the business. It seems implied that, the way he sees it, you don’t have to be a big company to provide quality service, but you do have to know what service the people want. That’s where the importance of putting them first comes in of course. Along with that, he has a sort of routine built around productivity in which he schedules his morning for higher priority work, uses the mid-day or afternoon to do more enjoyable things which help him come up with solutions for things requiring more creative ones, and by the end of the day has thought on things that can be solved with a further deadline requiring more abstract thought before finally checking on progress overseas by phone.

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