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A Rising Competitor in the E-Cigarette Market: O2Pur

The current e-cigarette market is seeing a swift rise in both attention and sales. Both British and American tobacco companies are taking advantage of the popularity of e-cigarettes to get a leg up on sales and enter this hot market. With big names like Reynolds-American and Philip Morris teaming up behind the powerhouse known as Marlboro, this market is not only on a sharp rise, but it is demanding to be heard. For small businesses to get into this market, it takes a lot of spit, grit, and determination.

One such up-and-coming e-cigarette competitor is O2Pur, based out of Utah and offering a wide variety of vape pens, e-liquid flavors, and other essential e-cigarette accessories all at a fair price. Indeed, O2Pur makes a point to create package deals in order to not only better market their products, but to offer the customer more cost effective options in the growing e-cigarette market. The company offers their e-liquids in eight distinct and delicious flavors, including: berry cheesecake, island breeze, butter pecan, caramel apple, strawberry toffee, and strawberry cream. For those with a more “traditional” taste, they also offer tobacco and menthol flavors. O2Pur also offers a choice of nicotine strength so that the consumer can choose what they want based on their personal preferences and tolerance. Each of their premium e-liquids come in either 60 or 120 ml, again allowing the customer to choose what works best for them.

Indeed, the customization options that this company provides allow each individual to find the e-cigarette combination that works best for him or her. These customizations range from the flavor and strength of each e-liquid to the pieces that make up each individual vape pen to discount charging cables and attachments to make sure that no customer is going without their handy e-cigarette. Truly, with their fair prices and varied stock, O2Pur is a company to keep an eye on.

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