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European Teams are Getting Ready for The UEFA EURO 2016

The UEFA EURO 2016 is on the way, and there are much surprising and entertaining news about the onset of the contest. The last four months has been the conclusion of most of the leagues in Spain, England, and Germany among other countries that participate in the UEFA competitions.

England will be involved in the league, and it would have to prove that they are still active in the title race. The head coach Roy Hodgson has been forced to leave out some players due to injuries, and this is a blow to his success in the title race.

The most supportive and influential player that will be missing in action is Fabian Delph, who has been suffering from a groin injury at Manchester United Football Club. The manager has confirmed that pressure to have him on the field will not yield many fruits since he may be suffering more in the games which are intensive and needs a full healthy individual.

The news came as a result of speculations of recovery from the media and also England fans who wishes that the player may be included in the list. The manager is pleased however to state that in his presence if he recovers he will still welcome him to join the rest of the 25 players.

The league is a contest that involve countries from the European countries and who were selected for the qualifications. Most of the players, however, are drawn from the premier league clubs that they participate. Roy Hodgson is confident that they will lift the trophy at the end of the contest.