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New Requirements for Tobacco Companies

An advertisement that informs people about the dangers of smoking cigarettes will become popular, but health advocates are not the ones behind the campaign. This is the new requirement of the tobacco companies. Tobacco companies are the ones that will be running them, something they will be doing unwillingly. According to the order of the federal court, they are supposed to inform the public the truth.

The affected companies include Altria, Lorillard, and Philip Morris USA. Now it is the requirement that the companies run the ads in newspapers and TV consistently for four months. Some of the ads to be put in place include that smoking cause heart diseases, cancer, it kills 1,200 Americans per day on average.

The advertisements are not only meant for the direct smokers but also to take care of the passive smokers. They have to highlight the dangers that are associated with passive smoking such as it causes lung cancer, causes coronary disease and kills more than 30, 000 Americans yearly. Furthermore, they are asked to inform the public how smoking cigarettes is addictive. In relation to addiction, tobacco companies should come up with advertisements such as the companies purposely designed cigarettes with enough nicotine to cause and sustain addiction and when you happen to smoke, nicotine will change your brain, this is the reason quitting is not easy.

Tobacco firms have been considered to have been giving false information, therefore deceiving American citizens that include the young population. According to Judge Gladys Kessler, this practice of deception has been in place for the past 50 years. The tobacco companies also have been accused of abusing the legal system in order to protect their interest and tempering with important documents. In the regard, they give a false information to the public about the low tar in the cigarettes, making them appear less harmful. According to the research that was conducted by Center for Disease Control and Prevention that highlighted the severity of cigarette smoking in the country, indicating that one out of five adults in America use tobacco.