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Tampa Offers Discounts to Zoo

One of the most popular attractions for locals and visitors in Tampa, Florida is the local zoo. While the zoo is often considered a more expensive entertainment option compared to other options, a recent news article ( has announced a way that residents and visitors to Tampa could visit the zoo even if they are on a budget.

Management at the Lowry Park Zoo, which is conveniently located near the center of town, has announced a new discounted single-day admission policy. This new policy, will provide Florida residents with the chance to get a one-day ticket for just $19.95, which is a $10 discount compared to the normal price of admission. Those that are coming to the zoo from out of state will also find a number of discounted options as well. However, in order to qualify for the lowest price, a person will need to submit a state-issued drivers license, a national passport, or another form of identification. The zoo is also offering significant discounts on annual memberships, which tend to be cost effective for anyone planning three or more trips to the zoo in a given year.

The Lowry Park Zoo is well regarded for being one of the top zoos in the country. It sits on a large 60-acre site and is the home to over 1,300 different animal species. The animals are located sporadically throughout the park in a variety of different manufactured habitats.

The zoo is also well known for providing guests with the ability to interact with the animals, which is a rarity compared to other zoos and enclosures. Those that visit the zoo can purchase passes to certain exhibits that allow for closer interactive activities, including the ability to feed the giraffes carrots or even pet a giant turtle. Those who are looking to spend a day at the zoo can purchase tickets at the zoo’s ticketing office or can purchase them online in advance. The website frequently has updated information regarding the animals, zoo hours, and further discounts available.