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So, you’ve decided that you want to become a model. Dreams of your beautiful body and face plastered on magazines, billboards, or maybe even walking down the catwalk at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. There is always someone out there who wants to be the next Naomi or Giselle, but what does it really take to become a successful model? Many women and men often make the mistake of thinking that it’s just about the looks that make a model so popular. But what many don’t realize is that there are qualities that are sought after that really make one stand apart from the others. Having a certain talent, drive, and uniqueness to back up your looks besides being tall and beautiful will definitely make a difference.

Knowing what type of modeling you would like to go in to help to keep the focus for many individuals. Some aspire to be in printed magazines with endless photo shoots, while others desire the runway to model for clothing labels. There are also a variety of commercial venues for swimsuit and catalogue models. Whichever area you are interested in, most models must at least have a height of 5’7, and most often 6’0 is preferred. Doing your research on modeling agencies for the type of modeling you desire is a must. Knowing what types of jobs they offer and what type of models they represent, and how well the agency is rated should be taken into deep consideration. There are many agencies looking to take advantage of young aspiring models, so once you have performed some satisfactory research, it’s time to start reaching out.
Agencies are going to want your stats; height, weight, measurements. They will require photos as well, although it is not always necessary to do a professional shoot. Most agencies will ask for some simple digital photos to start. Send full body and head shots, and with minimal makeup, so your natural features may be seen. Most agencies are reported to respond within about four weeks. There are also open calls, and it is also suggested to keep yourself looking natural for those as well. Agencies are often turned off by those trying to overexagerate their looks with too much makeup and formal clothing.
The Brown Agency, located in Austin, is becoming well known for its more alternative types of models, since that is what is being sought after in the Austin area. But they have specialized in all types and talents of models and helping them to reach their full potentials.
Their agency has open calls, and also accepts resumes and photos. Their models have been pictured in the windows at Bloomingdale’s store, and countless other areas. They value the beauty on the inside as much as the outside. The Brown Agency has locations in Austin and in Dallas. They encourage you to contact them and stay connected through Facebook and their website for news and updates.