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Talk Fusion Brings Inspiring Content To The New HuffPost

During HuffPost’s lightning rebrand recently, Bob Reina, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion published two fresh articles to the news provider. His first article, which was published a day before the rebranding, was a discussion on promoting and the understanding of one’s target audience. Then, shortly after the rebranding, he published another article, this time on success within a society that doesn’t value persistence. With these articles, Talk Fusion may be taking a more firm role in HuffPost’s future.
Talk Fusion Packs Marketing Expertise In HuffPost Contributions
With its recent name change from Huffington Post to HuffPost comes a new mission; telling the stories of the people who haven’t been included in the discussion surrounding newsworthy issues. As seen in a recent letter from the publication’s editor in chief, these new initiatives resonate heavily with Reina’s goals, both as a contributor to the publication and as the public figurehead for Talk Fusion.

Reina goes on to explain his firm belief in the art of innovation and growth, pushing brands forward into the modern era and beyond. As a seasoned leader and a generous philanthropist, Reina notes that his primary aim is to set others up for success, no matter their circumstances or history. His aim with his articles is to bring forward this personal agenda and to get his message to as many as possible.

Bob Reina has contributed regularly to HuffPost since the summer of 2016, providing numerous articles on subjects ranging from marketing, technology, sales, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. In an interview, he goes on to state that he is pleased with the direction that HuffPost is heading, and appreciates their efforts to take a look at themselves and to work on improving their platform to better suit only the highest quality content.

With a distinct move towards more insightful content from people like Reina, the future of HuffPost is looking bright. Reina proceeds to say that he looks forward to “sharing more insightful articles not only with our own customers and associates at Talk Fusion but with HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers,” and with those nearly 200 million readers, Reina’s message is reaching further than ever before.

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Talk Fusion is a company specializing in uniquely crafted all-in-one video marketing solutions. They hold a deep focus on helping the businesses of their clients stand out among stiff competitors and bringing them vast improvements in sales, profits, and customer retention via an innovative marketing model centered around independent agents. After first being established in 2007 by Bob Reina, the current CEO, Talk Fusion has put a strong focus on dedication to philanthropy; giving back to communities as well as animal charities, and providing a strong focus on family and friends.