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Tampa Receives Unanimous Bid to Host Super Bowl LV

In a one-day meeting, NFL owners voted unanimously to have Tampa host the February 2021 Super Bown LV.


The decision was made in the midst of construction delays hitting the proposed Los Angeles Stadium — which the Rams and Chargers will share — caused by heavy rainfall in the area. Los Angeles had previously been the favorite to host Super Bowl LV. However, the NFL regulates that teams hosting the Super Bowl must have stadiums that have been operational for at least two seasons.


Super Bowl LV will be the first NFL championship held in Tampa since 2009, when the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. This will be the fifth Super Bowl that Tampa will host.


“The Tampa Bay area has enjoyed great success over the years hosting Super Bowls and we look forward to working with our local leaders in the coming months to meet the requirements for hosting Super Bowl LV in 2021,” said Tampa Bay Buccaneers co-chairman Bryan Glazer. Tampa still needs to ensure the commitment of local hotels, event venues, and business leaders before the bid becomes official.


Tampa was lauded for its hosting of the College Football National Championship game this past January. By the time the Super Bowl returns to the city, its Raymond James Stadium will have undergone a $150 million renovation.


Tampa representatives were worried after being rejected for hosting the Super Bowl in 2019 and 2020, which Atlanta and then Miami won the rights to. With the possibility of more cold weather Super Bowls taking place in the near future, the city was glad to receive the 2021 bid.


“Hosting our fifth super bowl has been a top priority for quite some time,” said Rob Higgins, executive director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission. “It’s something we monitor on a daily basis in terms of the national landscape for future years and certainly we had seen some of the reports bubble up and the conversations became much more tangible in the last few days.”


Super Bowl LV Reportedly Set for Tampa

The rains of Southern California have helped plant the potential for hundreds of millions of dollars to flow into the Tampa market 2021. That’s because the National Football League (NFL) is reportedly ready to award the rights to Super Bowl LV to Tampa, with the vote by NFL owners reportedly a unanimous one.


The reason that Tampa will be the beneficiary of this financial boon is because the original city for that contest, Los Angeles, fell victim to torrential rains over a crucial period of time. That resulted in construction on the new stadium being built there to stop work for close to two months. With the timeline for completion already tight, the belief was that the construction wouldn’t be finished in time for the game, which will now be played in the city in 2022.


When the announcement was made that construction would push back the finish a full year, the reason given was that the rains that began in early January came during the mass excavation portion of the work. This pivotal period requires that other work that might ordinarily be going on come to a halt. Thus, no work for was performed for much of that time, and because a rule requiring that a stadium be open two seasons before hosting a Super Bowl was on the league books, the change had to be made.


The new stadium will eventually be the brand new home of the Los Angeles Rams and former San Diego Chargers, the latter of whom announced plans to move to the city this past January. In the Chargers’ case, the team was coming full circle since the franchise began in Los Angeles as a member of the American Football League. The Rams also made a return last year after 21 playing seasons in St. Louis.


Assuming that the vote becomes official, Super Bowl LV will mark the fifth time that the city has hosted the festivities. What usually focused on a single day has expanded to a full week, resulting in a huge financial boost for the entire community.


The four previous contests were held in 1984, 1991, 2001 and 2009. The 1991 clash came against the backdrop of the early days of the Gulf War.



Tampa To Host the Bowl

Due to unexpected inclement weather in southern California over the winter, Super Bowl LV, which was initially intended to be played in the New Rams/Chargers stadium, will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fl. Uncharacteristic torrential rains contributed to delays in building the new Los Angeles stadium, and construction in now on schedule to be completed in the summer of 2020. It has been reported that up to two months were lost due to the series of downpours and the terrible timing in which they occurred. By pushing the date back until the summer of 2020, ample time will be given for the complete construction of the new stadium, while still accounting for any unexpected weather-related delays. Although this is an unexpected blow to the Chargers and Rams fandom and to the city of Los Angeles all is not lost, as Super Bowl, LVI will reportedly be held in Los Angeles. Your text to link…

While this new move will represent some disappointment for the city of Los Angeles, it represents an incredible opportunity for the city of Tampa as this represents the fifth time that the city has hosted America’s largest sporting event. This comes as a surprise as Tampa was originally in the running to host the Superbowl in 2016, along with Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have until August 25 to get their stadium up to the standards required by the league to host the event, and as Raymond James Stadium is in the midst of a $150 million renovation, should offer the city and the fans an incredible experience. During the annual owners meeting in which the 32 team owners meet, it was the general sentiment that hosting an event of this magnitude, could offer up a myriad of potential problems and was not worth the risk. Tampa proved to be the logical choice as a replacement due to its optimal weather and history of success hosting the Superbowl. As per the NFL rulebook, a stadium must be in full operation for at least two seasons before it is eligible for hosting the Superbowl.

Super Bowl LV in Tampa

If you haven’t yet heard the news, the NFL has officially made the move from Los Angeles to Tampa for Super Bowl LV.


Largely, this is due to the fact that there are some uncertainties regarding the new stadium in Los Angeles, but having another Super Bowl in Tampa gives Florida culture, football culture specifically, another chance to showcase and insert itself in the most expensive, most watched football game on Earth. Florida continues to be a hot bed for conventions and large sporting events, and the Super Bowl just happens to be the largest.


Of course, Tampa is a great place to host a Super Bowl because there is so much here to do. Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium are world-renowned for the types and numbers of animals they house. Adventure Island and Dinosaur World are fun attractions that kids and families can find something enjoyable at. That’s not even all of the specific, unique attractions in Tampa before you get to the standard museums, zoos, and parks, though Tampa has those as well. Combine that with delicious Tampa food warm Tampa sun, and what can beat that?


As great a location as Tampa is for a Super Bowl everyone can enjoy, the city hosting LV also begs the question- what if Tampa is playing in that Super Bowl? Yes, they are in arguably the most competitive division in an NFC conference that is better on average than it has been in recent years. Jameis Winston has gotten better over the past two seasons and there’s no reason to believe a healthy Winston will stop improving. He’s improved his completion rate and thrown for more yards and touchdowns in the past two seasons he’s been in Tampa, and an easier schedule compared to last year as well as an improving offensive line make it feel more likely every year that Tampa residents may have a chance of watching the home team play in Super Bowl LV right in Tampa.


There are a number of different reasons why Super Bowl LV being hosted in Tampa is a great decision. Did we miss one? Let us know!