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Former Tampa Bay Player Attacked By A Shark

If you are familiar with the movie Jaws, then you probably know how dangerous sharks can be if they bite you in the water. One former Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player had an encounter with a shark that can be said to be taken out from the Jaws movie. In case you are wondering, he did survive to tell the tale.

Warren Sapps, who played as a defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Bucanners, got bit by a shark while he was lobstering in the waters off Florida. Fortunately for Sapps, the bite was relatively minor. The incident occurred near the Florida Keys while Sapps was lobstering or catching lobsters.

Sapps is an NHL hall of famer who Tampa Bay Bucanners fans will remember and respect through time. Despite getting bit by a shark, the former NFL player did not let the incident bring him down or stop his lobster hunting adventure. Warren put gauze on the bite and even laughed it off. He even posted a photograph of the shark bite on twitter joking the shark got a piece of me. Sapps, who was in good spirits, then posted a photograph of himself catching lobster. The shark may have gotten a piece of him, but he had caught some delicious lobster for dinner he continued to joke!

I don’t think I would be able to continue diving after getting bit by a shark. It takes a lot of guts and grits to keep going after that. Then again, I am not a former NFL defensive tackle player. Warren Sapps showed that even when the going gets tough or you get bit by a shark, it pays off to have some humor and to make light of the situation.

So why did the shark bite former NFL player Warren Sapps? It seems the sharks also prey on the lobsters in that area. Another more hilarious theory is that the shark was coming in to tackle Warren Sapps but failed and managed to only bite him instead.

South Florida defeated by undefeated UCF

Despite the narrow defeat, the University of South Florida’s star quarterback Quinton Flowers ruled the field. On national television and before his fellow college students and alumni, Flowers set multiple USF records including single-game passing yards and total-yardage records.

Flowers faced off against the undefeated University of Central Florida Knights. Quinton Flowers is becoming known for being a runner more than a thrower, but managed to throw for 500 yards. UCF was the nation’s top scoring offense, prior to kickoff. Flowers managed to pull of some great plays despite some questionable coaching by Charlie Strong. This is Flowers’ last collegiate football game. Flowers has not said whether he will enter the draft.

Flowers performance over the year was incredible to sports analysts, some noted that if this was a mid-season game, he may have been considered as a heisman contender. However, he now faces a mid-level bowl game either in Annapolis, Maryland or Birmingham, Alabama. Quinton Flowers managed to out-gain the Knights 605 yards to UCF’s 533 yards.

Questions are now focused on Coach Charlie Strong and whether he will remain at University of South Florida. His playcalling has been questioned many times during the season and has led to some major upsets including their defeat against UCF. A victory against UCF would have put them one step closer to being in the Peach Bowl. UCF’s victory marks the first time in program history of finishing unbeaten in regular season.

Despite Flowers’ strong performance, the game came down to special teams. Near the end of the game, UCF’s Mike Hughes found an opening and ran for a 95-yard touchdown. In only 53 seconds, UCF took an eight-point lead. Flowers’ has also been a positive influence on University of South Florida, both on and off the field. The future of Flowers’ has yet to be determined.

Tennessee Recruiting Former Tampa Bay Football Coach

The Tampa Bay Bucs former coach Greg Schiano maybe headed to Tennessee. The Tennessee Vols are working on finalizing a deal with current Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano to be Tennessee’s new coach. Tenneessee has been searching for a new coach and was temporarily focused on Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen. Mullen was waiting to see what happened with the coaching position at Florida. Greg Schiano previously coached at Rutgers and delivered them a 68-67 record over 11 seasons. Despite that record, he brought one of the nation’s worst football programs and turned it around with six bowl appearances in his last seven seasons.

Schiano was previously sought after by high-profile colleges including Michigan but decided to go to the NFL after the 2011 season. Schiano was fired in 2013 and returned to college football with Ohio State. Schiano is Ohio State’s defensive coordinator. Tennessee athletic director John Currie fired Vols coach Butch Jones with two games still to be played. Schiano was later implicated as a witness in the Penn State child rape scandal. Schiano worked at Penn State University from 1990 to 1995 in a variety of roles, first as a graduate assistant and later a defensive backs coach. He then later worked for the Chicago Bears and then the University of Miami as a defensive coordinator. Schiano has never coached in the Southeastern Conference.

Should this deal be official, it’s unclear if Greg Schiano will be coaching Ohio State’s defense in the Big Ten Championship or in a possible bowl game or playoff chase. Schiano has turned Ohio State’s defense into one of the nation’s elite defenses in the last two seasons. He’s produced multiple first-round draft picks in the defense side of the game. Ohio state fans are waiting to see what happens, while Volunteer fans are excited.

Tampa Sports Team Contribute Towards Removal of Confederate Monument

Monuments are used to memorialize events that took place many years ago. There are those who believe the monuments are a sign of heritage while there are those who believe that the statues are racist. There have been debates on whether the Confederate monuments should be removed or not. In Florida, the county commissioners approved the removal of the Confederate memorial. It was passed because the monument was a public safety hazard. The memorial in Aeterna was to be removed only if the donations would reach half the cost. The professional sports team from Tampa, Florida contributed to getting rid of the Confederate monument. The team donated money to help remove the monument. The memorial was in front of the Hillsborough county courthouse. The team was of the opinion that the monument was not playing any role in adding value to the community.

Some of the prominent people who contributed towards the removal of the monument were greater Tampa chamber of commerce chairman; Mike Griffin pledged $70,000. Mayor Bob Buckhorn donated $1000, and bob Gries contributed $50,000. The gofundme which was in charge of raising funds for the monument managed to reach its goal. There were over $140,000 contributions towards moving the monument. The monument in Tampa known as memoria in Aeterna was constructed in 1922. The monument was built with the money that was contributed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The first team to support the memorial relocation was the Rays team. The team was in support of the relocation from the word go. It also shows that the team actively participates in the community activities.

There have been problems when it comes to removing the monument. For instance, in Charlottesville VA, were white nationalists were against removing the monument. It was not a usual occurrence for the team to take on such stand. The decision to get rid of the monument was made during the August 2017 meeting. Most of the Confederate monuments were constructed at a time when there were racial conflicts. The statues were meant to celebrate the white supremacist culture. Majority of the monuments are being removed or relocated to other areas.

Plant Versus St. Johns Bartram Trail Semifinal Capsule

The semifinal capsule which had Plant meeting with Bartram Trail was held at Plant’s Arena. It’s well known that the Bartram Trail has never qualified to participate in the state championship games. However, the schedule has existed on a verge with an anticipation of getting there. This marks the fourth seminal final the Bears are playing under Coach Darrel Sutherland. In the previous semifinals, Armwood defeated Bartram Trail 46-38 in the year 2011 and 35-28 during the tri-overtime in 2013. Bears also lost three times this season to their formidable counterparts, Cocoa St. Augustine and the Cartersville. Two of these defeats happened on a difference of seven points or less. Bartram is adapting to play at their home ground nowadays as their form has improved significantly. Bears will host their fifth home game on the coming Friday as Plant will be having its playoff match on the road. The Bartram Trail will be enjoying an advantage of its loaded playmakers to gunner in points in bunches. They are targeting to put up at least 43 points on average per every game. The quarterbacks Joey Gatewood and the Riley Smith differenced their time hence ranked close to each other.

The winner of the game between plant and Bartram Trail will play Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas-the Venice champion.

The key matchup will involve Bartram Trail’s offenses versus Plant’s solid defense. The robust Bears attack has recorded a score of 49and above points from the past six games played which proves that it is not only the quarterbacks set which tough. So far, Davin Ellison has covered 1,005 yards and 17 touchdowns. This category has four receivers who have over 200yards this season which has Xavier Hutchinson who is at the top with 861. Plant can take pride in their defense which performed exemplary against a good number of potent attacks. The Panthers compromised 31 points during their previous four games. This saw Micah McFadden lead with 175 tackles in the state. McFadden will be highly regarded even after Love went into frames with his tibia during the last week’s game which they won over Lakeland.

Recent Tampa sports

Recently, Miami has moved up to no number two in the college football. The team has finished second behind Alabama. Additionally, we have Clemson at position three while Oklahoma comes fourth. Other teams that remained in the top four the next week are Wisconsin and Auburn. Apparently, the top four of the selection committee stayed unchallenged. Coaches are so determined to have their teams winning the game. It is because the competition is very high.

In other news, Coach Campbell is determined to have some achievements to his team. When the Jacksonville Jaguars play the Cardinals on Sunday, he expects nothing else more than best. There two things he wants to bring back from Arizona. These items include an eighth victory and Larry Fitzgerald’s jersey. He would try his level best to ensure that he has things in his possession. Also, he is looking forward to seeing friends and former colleagues. Having seen the previous colleagues he will have that self-satisfaction. Also, he will have a successful homecoming as possible.

Apart from that Ronald scored 19 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. Also, Florida Atlantic used a late scoring burst to beat Northern Illinois 77-67 in the Gulf coast. In that game, the most outstanding player was Ronald Delph. Apparently, Delph posted his second double while Antony Adger scored 14 points. Gerdarius Troutman scored 14 points while Justin Massey added 13 points to the owls. Jacksonville jaguar’s receiver, Allen Hurns has failed to attend for practice four consecutive times. Therefore, he is unlikely to play at Arizona. He injured his foot in a previous game

Finally, US Supreme Court on Monday rejected to take up a challenge to a Florida law. The law bars people from openly carrying a firearm in public. The case has been on the court for the last six years. It is now clear that no one is allowed to carry guns in public. Carrying firearms in public can affect sports. It is because, in sports, several peoples gather together and there can be an individual who has no goodwill for the people. Such people can cause multiple deaths if allowed to carry the firearm.

Tampa Bay Looks For a Miracle as Winston Returns

The Tampa Bay Buccanneers have had a disappointing season so far. As with every year, hopes were high but a 4-7 record going into December has put a damper on the team’s morale. Their most recent loss was to the Atlanta Falcons, next week the Bucs play Green Bay. The good news is that quarterback, Jameis Winston will likely be returning to his starting position after missing three games to recover from a shoulder injury. It has been less than a month since he was out and coaches are hoping that it was enough time for Winston to properly heal. During his absence, backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick took the reigns and came up with an impressive 2-1 record. In contrast, Winston went 2-2 before his shoulder injury then 0-4 until doctors finally decided to pull him out to be treated and heal properly.

It has been an entire decade since the Buccaneers went to the playoffs. The team is hoping for a better wrap up this season and a possible wildcard slot in the 2017 playoffs. The team’s upcoming schedule offers some significant challenges playing against teams with better records. They will be playing Green Bay, Atlanta, Carolina, Detroit, and New Orleans in their final five games of the regular season.

It is uncertain whether or not the Tampa Bay Bucs will be able to grab a coveted spot in this years’ playoffs. The team will have to perform nearly perfect and hope for a lot of errors from their opponents. Head coach Dirk Koetter is likely already plotting his team’s plan of attack, encouraging his players, and testing out Winston’s arm in practice. Even if the post-season doesn’t include the Bucs their loyal fans won’t change allegiance because you know what they say, “Once a Buc, Always a Buc”.

Vasilevskiy Lifts Lightning at Amalie Arena

The Tampa Bay Lightning are off to one of the best starts in the NHL this season. Their dominance at home includes six straight wins. A big reason for the Lightning’s success has been the outstanding play of goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Vasilevskiy has been a model of consistency, winning nine straight starts for the Lightning. This ties the young Russian for a franchise record with John Grahame, a Tampa Bay legend who accomplished the feat in 2005.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to sports fans that Tampa Bay is making a strong start. The team is deep at every position and has been knocking on the door of a second Stanley Cup for a couple of years now. With the play of Vasilevskiy and Steven Stamkos, the Bolts cannot be disputed as a contender. It is Vasilevskiy, however, who is getting a lot of cheers from the fans at Amalie Arena.

There were some concerns among fans when the Bolts traded goalie Ben Bishop to the Dallas Stars. Bishop is the tallest goaltender to ever play in the NHL and his presence in front of the Tampa Bay net was often key to the team’s success. Vasilevskiy was tasked with filling some big shoes when he assumed the starting role for the 2017-18 season.

The young man has thus far shown incredible poise. During his nine-game winning streak, Vasilevskiy has posted a save percentage of .946. It is still early in the season but the goalie is making a difference. His performance on the Lightning’s home ice is especially impressive. The Bolts recently fell to the Anaheim Ducks at home, snapping a six-game win streak in Amalie Arena. During that stretch, Vasilevskiy had games with 28 or more saves. These performances included outings against the Detroit Red Wings and other tough teams.

Will the Russian be able to continue his excellent play? Fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning hope so. At the moment it appears that staying healthy for the entire NHL season may be the biggest threat Vasilevskiy will face as the Bolts chase another chance at the Cup.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Feeling Better

During the past two weeks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston went two weeks without throwing a ball until Friday according to Due to a shoulder injury, Winston was unable to participate in a number of team activities. However, with his injury subsiding, he will now be in position to practice and begin throwing again. While he is still sore, he is feeling much better and may be in position to start the team’s next game. He is scheduled to return to practice on Wednesday and begin getting involved in a number of passing drills as well as speak to the media about his progress.

Prior to injuring his shoulder, Winston played well in his last game against the Buffalo Bills. He passed for 384 yards and three touchdown passes with only one interception. This game would prove to be one of the best performances of his career. One of the things that made this quite an accomplishment is that he did not throw a ball until the Friday leading up to the game. Despite not having much time to practice and prepare, he was able to perform at a high level on gameday. By recovering from this injury, Winston should be in position to help his team win its next game and get back in the win column soon.

Last week, Winston kept his same routine but was unable to perform at a high level against the Carolina Panthers. His performance was quite shaky as he completed 21-38 passes for 210 but threw two interceptions with no touchdown passes. Winston also lost a fumble which proved to be a costly turnover. Despite the drop off in performance, Winston looks to bounce back and help his team win its next game. Winston and the coaching staff believe that the timing of his recovery has led to his drop off in performance last week. With more practice reps, Winston should be in better position to play at his best in the coming weeks. The team will play the Saints in New Orleans and face a team that has one of the best offenses in the league. As a result, Jameis will need to play well in order to help his team defeat the Saints and get back into the NFC South division race.

Tampa Rays Planning Rotation for Next Season

For the past decade, one of the most interesting teams in Major League Baseball has continued to be the Tampa Bay Rays. While the Tampa Bay Rays do not always have the payroll budget and other resources to compete with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and other major-market teams, they still manage to do their best to always put a very competitive team on the field. In that time, the team has made several playoff appearances and has looked like a World Series favorite several seasons.

During the 2017 Major League Baseball season, the Tampa Bay Rays ended up finishing third in the American League East Division with a record of 80 wins and 82 losses. While this was not good enough for the team to make the playoffs, the team had plenty of talent on their roster and has many reasons to look forward to the coming year. Some of the leaders on their offense included Logan Morrison, Evan Longoria, and Corey Dickerson. These three players should continue to be a cornerstone of the offense and starting lineup for years to come.

While the starting lineup appears to be in pretty good shape for the coming season, the starting pitching rotation is still up for grabs ( As the 2017 world series comes to a close, the Tampa Bay Rays are already starting to think about their starting rotation for the following year and have already started to identify who could and may not be among the five starters in the pitching rotation.

During the 2017 season, the Tampa Bay Rays starting pitching rotation was led by starting pitcher Alex Cobb. Alex Cobb ended up winning 12 games and led the team in ERA. While he was a star for the team, it is very unlikely that he will be back next year. Cobb is a free agent and will likely win a big deal from a team in one of the major markets. While he will be missed, there are other pictures on the team that will have the opportunity to take a step forward. One of the most exciting players on the team is starting pitcher Chris Archer. Last year he had nearly 250 strikeouts and will once again be a leading pitcher in the rotation.