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Writing the First Article

As a new Wikipedia editor there are obviously a lot of things that need to be acknowledged. Wikipedia itself is a gigantic compendium of knowledge that has been growing at astronomical rates for over the last decade. We’ve seen the encyclopedia eclipse the 20 million pages of data mark, which is truly just mind boggling. With thousands of active editors and a constant need for expanding content, there can be some trepidation about how to get started. Fortunately it sounds more difficult than it actually is.

Back to the Basics
Editing on Wikipedia isn’t unlike working on a school paper, only the payoff for this project is that the editor will have their work enshrined on an internet legend forever. So, with that in mind editors must put forward their best effort in securing the fundamental aspects of a well written research paper are met. This means that they must meet citation, grammar, punctuation, and formatting guidelines. Wikipedia has a very strict set of guidelines when it comes to format as that is the most important aspect of the encyclopedia in order to ensure congruency. Editors can find these guidelines on the Wikipedia Manual of Style, which is a public document that lays out the basics of creating a document.

Avoid Areas of Bias
Wikipedia’s content fits together so well because the writers and editors do not allow their bias to show through. If every editor put in their own two cents then the whole encyclopedia would be thrown into chaos resulting in an unusable mess. This means that writers need to check their bias at the door and record text from a neutral point of view. Editors who have strong opinions on a subject, such as a notable figure, should probably let the topic be completed by someone who isn’t as inflamed by the subject.

Refrain From Posting Personal Content
Wikipedia itself is not a compendium of all things that exist, despite the common perception that says otherwise. Instead, Wikipedia exists as a place for notable pieces of information to be logged. Editors shouldn’t use their position to add personal content such as their business or a user page. Instead, editors can pursue a Wikipedia service like Get Your Wiki which will publish the article from an unbiased perspective, resulting in an article that meets all Wikipedia guidelines.