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Shaquem Griffin Is Feel Good Story of the Draft

It is not typically ordinary for a 5th round draft pick to steal the show, but then again: Shaquem Griffin is no ordinary talent. When the Seattle Seahawks drafted the St. Petersburg, Florida native with the 141st overall pick they weren’t just getting a high energy linebacker from the University of Central Florida: they were getting an inspiration to kids with physical disabilities everywhere.

Griffin, of course, only has one full hand. But he has never let that stop him in pursuit of his dreams of becoming a professional football player. And now — he’s achieved it. Make no mistake, Shaquem Griffin definitely has the chance to produce year in and year out at the National Football League level, look no further for examples of this than his blazing fast 40 yard dash time of 4.38. To make things even greater for the pride of UCF, he will be joining his twin brother Shaquill Griffin on the Seattle Seahawks roster. The Griffin twins are an inspiration not just to families in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas but for young kids across the country who have dealt with any sort of adversity on the way to achieving their dreams.

Both Griffin brothers on the defensive side of the ball for Seattle will not just be a feel good story, they’ll make an intimidating duo for opposing offenses with their blazing speed and ability to hit and wrap up opposing ball carriers. It seems as if Seattle is going through a tad bit of a rebuild phase, so adding young men like Shaquem and Shaquill who will bring fans into the seat and excite them with their chemistry and high flying action are surely exactly what the Seattle front office will be trying to replicate across the field.

There is no way around it, most of the country is rooting for Shaquem Griffin’s success on the football field. Of course, that will mean a great deal of pressure on the young man’s shoulders. But the good news is he has been dealing with adversity and challenges his entire life, this should be nothing new for the linebacker.