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Hollywood Celebrities explain how Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre Enriches Lives

There was curiosity all over the world when a non-Jewish Hollywood icon, Madonna, visited the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Even more intriguing were the regular visits to the Kabbalah by several other Hollywood stars such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Elizabeth Taylor, the late Sammy Davis, the late Marilyn Monroe, and Sandra Bernhard, who all became deeply interested in Jewish Kabbalah.

People were of course bound to ask, “Why does Jewish mysticism fascinate non-Jewish Hollywood stars?”

Madonna even opened several Kabbalah centers. Many Hollywood celebrities practice Jewish mysticism routinely while some have converted to Judaism.

Kabbalah is Ancient Wisdom

Sandra Bernhard, a frequent guest at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center, says that Kabbalah is ancient wisdom. Sandra claims that Jewish mysticism helped her to end 80 % of the disorders in her life. Paris Hilton told Great Britain’s More Magazine that the Kabbalah helped her cope after she split with Nick Carter. Hilton, who now wears a Kabbalah bracelet, agrees that Kabbalah is “olden wisdom that provides useful tools for creating happiness and life-long fulfillment.”

Kabbalah is the Soul of the Torah

Kabbalah, often describes as the core of Judaism, can transform people’s view of the world. The Kabbalah Center in Los Angles makes you understand the essence of God, the principles of creation, God’s plan for the universe, and the reasons for human existence.

The Kabbalah Center is part of the 5,000-year-old history. Sammy Davis, an African-American, states that Jewish mysticism gives him inner strength and spiritual peace. Davis’s emotional attachment to Kabbalah arises from the similarity between the historical oppression of both the Jews and African-Americans.

However, the Kabbalah Revolution in Hollywood is not all about solving personal challenges. Madonna told the Time Magazine in 2006 that the Kabbalah Center inspires her to help the underprivileged globally. Elizabeth Taylor who even converted to Judaism, the Kabbalah is the basis of her pro-Israeli advocacy.

The Kabbalah Center International in Los Angeles, California, is a non-profit organization providing the Zohar and Kabbalistic education online. The multi-ethnic staff at the center led by its director Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg offers Kabbalistic studies worldwide.

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Kabbalah Centres and Kabbalh University Focus on the Ancient Wisdom

Many people are searching for answers in their lives and a spirituality that they can use in their everyday lives. Studying Kabbalah could be the answer they were looking for. Kabbalah is not a religion, but it is a study of ancient wisdom. This wisdom dates back to before the Jewish faith, which began with Abraham and the journey of Moses to learn more: click here.

Kabbalah is not studied like most religions or other significant topics, but the instructors teach the students the practical principles of Kabbalah so that the student can use it in their own lives. The mission of Kabbalah is to bring answers to the student and to bring out the joy that is inside every human being. The best place for people who are interested in this path is to gather at Kabbalah Centres.

Today, Kabbalah Centres are found in over 40 cities around the globe. The first Centre was founded in Jerusalem, Israel in 1922. Up until that time, Kabbalah was kept in the religious sector of the community, and it was passed down by word of mouth. Rav and Karen Berg studied in Israel for 10 years and then founded the second Centre in New York City.

The Bergs taught Kabbalah, and they also translated ancient documents into English and other languages. Within several years, they opened a Centre in San Francisco, and today there are Centres in Arizona, Utah, and Los Angeles in the U.S. They have become a gathering place for those studying Kabbalah. The Centres in recent years hold dinners monthly for the students to fellowship and they also do volunteer work for the community. Karen Berg believes that this io very important in the development of the student.

In the 1990s, the Internet opened up another venue, and Kabbalah University was started online. The students no longer had to reside in close proximity to a Kabbalah Centre in order to study and receive the benefits of Kabbalah, now they can live anywhere that the Internet is available.