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Tammy Mazzocco Breaks the Mold

Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate career as a secretary for a nine-person group in a commercial real estate company. After that job, she went on to become a manager of a condominium project for seven years. At the request of her boss, she obtained her real estate license in 1995 to help him in his real estate projects. See,

After working her way through other supportive roles in the real estate community, she decided to go into real estate selling as she by now had seen the income potential of the business. According to Mazzocco, that was the best decision of her life because she has done nothing but improve each year since then.

Over the years Tammy has always given credit to her co-workers and managers who have helped with suggestions and who have shared what has been beneficial to them. Tammy does not let a good idea sit for long if she feels it might work for her.

She is passionate about the real estate business and treats it as a privilege to be involved. Mazzocco takes each day as if it is a moment in time as she is a great goal-setter. She sets her objectives and then breaks them down into easy-to-manage steps that can be mastered easily. It is a lot easier to do the steps as she goes, rather than to have to bite off the entire project at once.

Mazzocco says that one should never take themselves too seriously and that she lives without fear of failure, and doesn’t settle for much foolishness. She starts her day with meditation and some light stretching exercises, followed by getting some paperwork out of the way. She then spends some time on the phone, lining up leads that have come in and referrals. The rest of the day is spent with clients, showing them houses.

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