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Banyan Hill Publishing Is A Leader In Investment Advice Due To Working With Great Experts Like Ian King

Banyan Hill Publishing was founded in 1998 as The Sovereign Society and is one of the fastest growing publishers of expert investment advice in the world today. The company currently has over 400,000 daily readers. Banyan Hill’s readers rely on the publishing house to provide them with the most promising investment opportunities out there. Banyan Hill’s website focusses on investments in the areas of commodities, small-cap and mid-cap stocks, natural resources, option plays, undervalued companies and income-producing investments. Follow Ian King at


Banyan Hill’s focus under its original branding of The Sovereign Society was to provide advice on investment organization and asset protection. The firm was rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and focusses today on offering advice that investors can act on in order to generate and protect wealth. Banyan Hill’s expert panel of investment gurus are highly knowledgeable in the areas of investing, entrepreneurship and asset protection and they specialize in the area of helping regular, everyday investors build financial security.

Market volatility has been rearing its head again in recent years and this is causing many investors to fear that a new financial crisis could be looming. Investors who are searching for shelter from the possibility of a coming storm could traditionally seek advice from a financial adviser and most likely end up with run of the mill, generic advice while paying a heavy fee at the same time. Banyan Hill Publishing offers a revolutionary alternative to this through its panel of experts who are willing to share with average investors the secrets that led them to generate their own personal fortunes.



The experts at Banyan Hill Publishing have a truly wide base of knowledge in the investment field. These lock their focus into the area of helping investors not only generate wealth but to protect that wealth once it is generated. With expertise that ranges from the areas of cryptocurrency to up-and-coming technology and resource plays it is no wonder so many readers trust Banyan Hill Publishing to provide them with the insight needed to gain financial freedom.


Ian King is one of Banyan Hill’s investment experts. He joined Banyan Hill in 2017 after a long career that ranged from working as a trader, investment analyst and hedge fund manager. Ian King is the editor of Banyan Hill’s Crypto Profit Trader service and also contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily. Ian King has been featured on respected media outlets such as Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha, Investopedia and Fox Business News. He started his career working for mortgage bond trading company Salomon Brothers before working for Citigroup in the credit derivatives department. Ian King then spent a decade working for New York-based hedge fund Peahi Capital as its head options trader. It is easy to see from his impressive resume why Banyan Hill’s readers take Ian King’s investment advice so seriously. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.