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Gourmet Dog Food Grows In The Market

In the wild, feral dogs of years past would eat whatever they were capable of hunting or scavenging. The diet the dogs ate was natural, but it did not exactly contribute to the healthiest or longest life. Domestic dogs have a better deal. With the arrival of premium dog foods, the deal has gotten even better. The Daily Herald allows those wondering about the world of premium dog to see things in crystal clear clarity. Someone who never wondered about premium brands before is going to be very intrigued upon reading the article. Beneful, a brand produced by Purina, is one of the more popular premium dog food options on the market. With wet food selecting displaying names such as “Tuscan Style Medly” and “Chicken Stew” and “Simmered Beef Entree”, the Purina-owned Beneful brand is sure to capture attention. The names of these selections are not crafted purely for marketing. The containers do actually house high-quality ingredients that live up to the lofty names. The article reveals that great steps are taken to make sure the right ingredients are chosen. Turkey, for example, really does mean turkey and not processed poultry with outrageous fillers. Real turkey is baked like a Thanksgiving meal and then given to taste testers to ensure only the merchandise is perfect when it goes on for sale. For premium dog food to rise to truly gourmet levels, a lot of work has to be performed on the manufacturing level. Upon reading the article, pet owners are going to be left with a positive impression about the legitimacy of these brands. Beneful is a brand that does not present unique dinner selections just for taste alone. Quite a few selections are promoted by Beneful for their nutrients. Pet owners interested in treating their dog to a balanced diet should take note of this as well. The spike in sales on premium dog food selections has led to more top retailers choosing to carry the various brands. Easy access is great for owners since they no longer have to search and search. The big winners are the canines since their dinner immediately becomes a gourmet one night after night.

The Advantages of Switching to a Better Dog Food Brand

Dog food comes in many types, varieties and flavors and these products are all designed to be nourishing to your dog. Unfortunately, some dog food products have more fillers and by-products in them than the average dog owner would like to see. These fillers and by-products make it possible for the companies to lower their prices and essentially sell more dog food. This is an unfortunate fact simply because lesser-quality dog food brands can wreak havoc on your dog’s health and overall well-being.

Junk dog food brands may be cheap, but you are doing your dog a disservice by offering these foods to him on a regular basis. Think of yourself when it comes to the food that you eat and remember how lethargic you might feel after eating nothing but junk all day. Low-quality food may cause you to feel tired, sluggish and generally unhealthy, so this is very much like how your dog is going to feel if the food you’re offering to him is low-quality. Better-quality foods are obviously going to be more expensive and there is absolutely no getting around this fact.

Beneful is a top dog food brand on the market and is the current go-to for many dog owners. Beneful has always put dedication into the science and research that goes into all of the products that they offer. The high-quality ingredients that you will find in all Beneful products will aid your dog’s digestion, health and energy levels.

Better brands of dog food like Beneful on have many wholesome ingredients that you wouldn’t otherwise find in cheaper brands of dog food. For example, you will find whole grains and veggies in this brand of dog food as well as fruits, vitamins and necessary nutrients. You may even find that your fussy dog that tends to refuse foods takes to Beneful because of its delicious flavor and texture. Making the switch to a better brand of dog food may not only be beneficial in the respect of being more nutritious, but it can also be beneficial to a dog that tends to be fussy with what he eats.

Your dog deserves the best in terms of fine quality and nutritious ingredients. If your current dog food is lacking in both of these aspects, it is time to consider switching to a brand like Beneful. Your dog will benefit in terms of their health, energy levels and even in the way that their coat shines. The wholesome ingredients found in better dog foods is nourishing to their bodies and brains just like better-quality foods are beneficial to your own health. Even though better brands of dog food can be more expensive, you can save money by comparing prices in different stores and looking for money-saving coupons that might be available.