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Organo Gold is a Coffee Lover’s Dream

The science of coffee just got more interesting with two published studies from the Annals of Internal Medicine that highlight the potential positive effects that regular consumption appears to be having on those who indulge. The research found a significant reduction in the risk of death from many diseases including stroke and heart disease. The effects of coffee consumption have been observed for decades and this furthers the positive results that have been noted in prior studies. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

One study involved over 185,000 Americans and it found that regular coffee drinkers were faced with a lower risk of death due to the most serious diseases plaguing modern populations. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are just some of the greatest threats to health in the current age and coffee appears to help a great deal. The results were widespread among many different ethnic groups which seem to suggest a universally positive effect.

One researcher detailed that consistent good results among a variety of people groups give a stronger biological backing to the idea that coffee is good for you. Those who consumed two or three cups of coffee per day enjoyed an 18% reduction in the odds of death as compared to those who drank none. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Another study followed the coffee habits of Europeans and they surveyed more than 520,000 people from ten countries. The study produced similar results with those who drank several cups a day having a lower risk of death as opposed to those who refrained altogether. The only caveat in all this good news is that researchers were unable to identify a causal link as to why coffee drinkers achieved better results.

Organo Gold is a purveyor of high-quality coffees and teas which help bring about a balanced life. Their premium products also include Ganoderma Lucidum which is better known as the Red Reishi mushroom. This adds to the unique flavors and brings with it additional health benefits.

Another way that Organo Gold is changing lives for the better is with their unique business opportunities. They are an internationally renowned network marketing company that operates in more than 50 countries using over 400,000 independent distributors.

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