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The Demonization Of Philanthropy: George Soros & The Battle For A Better World

In a recent article appearing on The Atlantic website, George Soros waked about how the demonization of philanthropy has become a key tactic in the extremist toolkit of those who oppose open and fair government, and the control of society by the people. He would know what this tactic looks like better than anyone as he has been the target of these types of attacks repeatedly. If you listen to the conspiracy theorist online, especially the ones who love to use Twitter as their primary pulpit, taking advantage of its anonymity, rapid expansion reach, and the ability to create multiple accounts in a short period of time, he has been responsible for everything from the establishment of the Black Lives Matter movement, to the tragedies and controversies that have occurred in Charlottesville, Memphis, and Boston. He has been credited with the funding of Antifa, he has been associated with a wide range of controversies surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton campaign, and has even been attached laughably to the death of Seth Rich. All of this comes from the fact that he has decided that he would give a massive chunk of his personal fortune, more than 85% of it in fact to the tune of more than $18B US, to his non-profit organization the Open Societies Foundations.

The simple fact is that none of the claims made about him are true, other than the fact that he has been very openly in support of BLM, that he is a friend of the Clintons and as such supported Hillary in her run in 2016, and that he believes that the purpose of mankind and of human life is to create things that are bigger than we are and that will endure after we are gone. To make a legacy that is not for our own benefit, but rather for the benefit of all of humanity. From supporting school children in impoverished countries, to helping to find a way to stop the spread of HIV in African nations, to helping to reshape the political landscape for the better in the US, George Soros has a passion for philanthropic causes.

George has been passionate about making life better for others since he was a young boy. He found himself being a Jew in Nazi-occupied Budapest. He saw the worst that man can do to its fellow man and he vowed that he would work diligently to make sure that he did whatever it took to help humanity if he was ever given the chance. He got that chance when he moved to the UK after the war and started his education and later his career in finance. After coming to the United States, he began to take action that would help to make the world a better place, getting involved in progressive politics and social causes that helped to fight oppression in all of its forms.

Today he is recognized by the majority of the world as one of humanities most impassioned philanthropists. Those who oppose the betterment of mankind will no doubt still find ways to question the altruism of his work, but George isn’t concerned about that one bit, he isn’t in it for his own benefit, he does it for his love of his fellow man, and that is what makes it all worthwhile.

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How Betsy DeVos Arrived in Washington D.C.

There is a rising tide of change coming through Washington D.C. and Betsy DeVos , the newly minted Secretary of Education, could be one of the defining moments of the shift. Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Donald Trump to the role of Secretary of Education, thus fulfilling his promise to drain the swamp and shift away from the concept of ‘business as usual‘. Betsy DeVos came to Washington D.C. with a relatively low national profile but she has worked quick and hard in order to establish herself in our nation’s capital. The biggest question most people will be asking themselves is this: What will Betsy DeVos stand for during her time as the Sec. of Education?


Taking over the Department of Education as an outsider can probably be considered a pretty difficult task. Fortunately, according to most reports, Betsy DeVos has always been a political bulldog and a fighter. As the former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has experience toeing the party line while also pushing the things she believes into the forefront of the conversation. Donald Trump famously requested loyalty from James Comey at the FBI, something that he does with all of his hires dating back to his work in real estate, and that’s likely what he’s going to get from Mrs. DeVos — to a point. Figures worried that Betsy DeVos will become a simple mouthpiece for the President need not have that concern, as you will soon see.


Betsy DeVos is probably one of the single most important individuals in the underrated fight for school choice across the nation. School choice is a concept that was made famous by Milton Friedman but brought to the masses by Betsy DeVos through her work with several foundations, including the American Federation for Children. School choice seeks to take away government intervention in the schooling system so as to give parents more control over the future of their children’s educational options. Betsy DeVos cites a visit to the Potter’s Christian House as an instigator to her lifelong pursuit and passion for school choice. Thanks to her work, DeVos has brought school choice to more than 17 states that are currently serving 250,000 students through private schooling options.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos will stick to what she’s always believed in while fighting to bring her platform up to a national level. Betsy DeVos has thus far cemented herself as a political fighter and we’ll see what change she can make in the years to come.

George Soros Campaigning For United States Best Interests

Every four years the people of the United States of America begin searching far and wide for a Democratic and a Republican Candidate for the office of President of the United States. The people usually nominate a few individuals from both parties to run in the election. Many times the best 4 candidates end up in debates for the world to see. These debates will dictate who will be chosen to run as the Democratic candidate and who may be chosen for the Republican candidate. After the people of the United States makes this choice, the campaigning will begin.

Some candidates have their own funds to help with their campaign while others seek donations. George Soros is one of the people the democratic candidates contact for these donations. This is because George Soros is one of the richest men in the country. He is one of the thirty richest men in the world. He has the funds to back a campaign and still have money to spare. George has spent billions on campaigns such as the one he did for Clinton. George Soros put over $25 million dollars into her campaign funds per Politico. These funds were designated for things like commercials, flyers, and employees. The funds went a long way and did help Hillary Clinton to reach top democratic status. Unfortunately for the democrats, Hillary did not win the election. She did, however; come very close. Hillary Clinton will have been the first female to ever serves as the “President of the United States of America”.

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George Soros was born United States citizen that happen to be Hungarian in nationality. His family was not rich and was originally carrying the name of Schwartz. George’s father decided to change their name back in 1936 from Schwartz to Soros. George Soros worked very hard to get where he is now. He began working as a waiter in his youth. After completing high school, George went on to study Economics in London. His education got him in the door to sales and banking. After many years of hard work, George became one of the richest men in America. His banking knowledge and investing helped him to put away over 24.9 billion dollars.

According to a recent essay of CNBC, Soros has his own opinions on Europe’s economic crisis as well as the refugees from the middle east. George believes that the economic struggles of the European nation are partial because of their allowing refugees to infiltrate the country and use their amenities such as medical care and food. George can only make recommendations but it is up to the European nation to make sure they turn things around.

Finally, according to “”, Mr. Soros was going to help with the funds to mobilize Florida’s Puerto Rican voters. The democratic party spent a lot of their revenue reminding the public that the Republicans hoped to shut borders and stop immigrants from entering the country. George Soros believes our country could have issues if they do not begin to examine the stock of people coming into our country as citizens. Soros did a wonderful job getting the democratic party to make citizens aware of the issues so they could have a great chance at election in 2021.


George Soros Donates $ 2 Million Towards Defeating Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpio

George Soros has donated $2 million to an Arizona group working to defeat Joe Arpio, Maricopa County Sheriff. Over the last year, Soros has spent big on local law enforcement campaigns. Arpio is the latest target. The PAC funded by Soros, Maricopa Strong, recently filed its campaign finance documents. The records show Soros’ investment against Arpio besides the contributions made by Laura and John Arnold. The Texas energy billionaires contributed $500,000 on Biography. Laurene Powell Jobs contributed $250,000. Previously, the group had reported a $300,000 contribution from Soros, who is also one of the leading donors of the Democratic Party.

In 2015 and 2016, George Soros has spent millions funding campaigns around the country to defeat local prosecutors. The move is aimed at electing new ones, particularly those that support criminal justice reform. The groups supported by Soros are presently spending big in three attorney races. They include Harris County in Houston, Jefferson and Gilpin counties in Denver, and Maricopa County in Phoenix. In Harris County, Soros has contributed more than $ 1 million. In Gilpin and Jefferson counties, Soros has donated nearly $1.5 million. He has given $1 million to a PAC in Maricopa County.

However, his contribution this year against Arpio is his single largest investment in a local race. Moreover, it is his first endeavor against a sheriff. It encompasses criminal justice reform and immigration reforms, which is one of the policies that Soros is passionate about.

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About George Soros
George Soros is a billionaire investor well known for his successful investments. He is also heavily involved in philanthropic activities. Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He fled the Nazi invasion in 1940s. George flew to London, England. He enrolled at the renowned London School of Economics. Soros completed his studies in 1952. In 1956, he moved to New York where he ventured into the finance industry by working at F.M. Mayer, a Wall Street brokerage firm. Subsequently, Soros worked in several other firms. In 1973, he formed a hedge fund, Soros Fund, which he later renamed Quantum Fund. George established the company with a capital of $ 12 million, which he sourced from different investors. Under Soros’ leadership, the fund achieved enormous success.

In 1979, George Soros created the Open Society Foundation. With his success in the hedge fund industry, Soros had enough money to pursue his objective of creating open societies to replace authoritarian regimes. His organization, Open Society, is founded on the recognition that people’s understanding of the world is naturally incorrect. For this reason, Soros notes that something that is not perfect can be improved. In his first charitable cause, Soros offered scholarships to black South African Students to attend the University of Cape Town. Soros is able to take a stand on contentious matters due to the greater independence that he has gained from his success in the financial markets.

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George Soros Pushes Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Forward A Return To Politics

George Soros has a long history of using his vast fortune to support the political causes of his choosing. He has supported democracy and free markets across the world with his $25 billion dollar fortune. A particularly strong area of interest for Soros over the years is the Democratic Party of the United States. He has contributed to the presidential campaigns of Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. In recent years the political contributions of George Soros have declined, but the 2016 presidential election has rekindled his interest in campaign donations.

The Trump Effect
Due to special circumstances of this election he has taken a strong interest in backing Clinton. A major reason behind why he is so adamant about supporting Hillary Clinton is her Republican opponent Donald Trump. Trump, and his promises regarding economic policies on Politico, are a source of great concern for the billionaire. If there’s anyone who understands how to predict risky outcomes George Soros would. He’s accurately predicted financial disasters on multiple occasions with the 2007 Subprime Mortgage Crisis. Although the fear of a Trump presidency has partially motivated this decision there are positive reasons behind these donations.

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The Motive For Supporting Hillary Clinton
This isn’t the first time Soros has supported Hillary Clinton. He has previously supported her during her 2008 Democratic Primary campaign and he gave some support to Bill Clinton in the 90s. The Clintons tend to favor his positions on foreign policy, As the day of the election draws closer it is likely that Soros will contribute even more money to the Clinton campaign. He considers this elections exceptionally serious.

The Billionaire Turned Philanthropist
George Soros is able to make these large campaign due to his achievements as the most successful hedge fund manager in the world. Through his business acumen George Soros is able to accurately predict when crises will occur and makes decisions accordingly. This ability has given a former victim of the Holocaust access to a billion dollar fortune. Despite being more successful than anyone else in the hedge fund business he has decided to use wealth for the common good of mankind. Over the course of decades he has lent billions to philanthropic causes across the world. At times his efforts literally change entire countries. If his efforts to support Hillary work out she might be the first female President of the United States.

Trump finally establishes ground game in Florida

The Duval County Republican headquarters helping with all elections features a large model of Donald Trump guarding the outside. Trump is seen wearing a cap with the famous slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

There have been several complaints that the Trump cutout is all there is to see. Nothing else resembling presidential candidate Trump stands out at the site. There is another office close to Duval County Republican headquarters known as Trump campaign’s actual Duval headquarters. That is where members working for the Republican party will direct tourists.

However, there lies a problem with the structure. The strip-mall office has not made itself publicly available yet. The place is supposed to open after the air conditioning was fixed and the furniture was promptly delivered.

We are just under two months until election day and Trump is a clear favorite to win Florida. Just outside the Tampa area Trump was visiting and speaking with the people. He did not have his phone service hooked up, but some staff members were handing out yard signs and bumper stickers to potential voters. Several staff members worked together to push tables out of the way to make room for Trump and voters.

Trump’s county chairman in Florida was working with the cable guy to hook up service. Members of the Trump campaign were excited about the opening of this Trump office, but the problem is that it is getting late in the election to be still building office space. More time should be spent on getting people to vote.

Several Republicans from the county, state, and national level have insulted Trump for taking so long getting the Florida ground game running. Trump is not using the typical brick-and-motor offices that other candidates might use. Many may be surprised if Trump wins the election. Some politicians are voting against Trump having a shot at winning the election.

Trump is different because he prefers not to us the modern campaign template installed by George W. Bush. Trump likes to gamble a lot with policies and what he says to Americans. Hillary Clinton uses the traditional methods of identifying where a majority of her potential voters are and get to an area near those polls. Trump will have no filter and speak for the Americans who are afraid.

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What Did Charles Koch Say About Hillary Clinton?

Charles Koch, the influential GOP donor, made a controversial remark on ABC news. A lot of buzz and chatter has emerged from Koch’s comment that Hillary Clinton might prove to be a better president than some of the Republicans running for the nomination. Koch is not a fan of Donald Trump, and Koch has been lukewarm to Ted Cruz’s aspirations. Many are, however, shocked Koch would make such a statement in a public setting.

Charles Koch did mention that Clinton would be a better candidate if she governed in a manner removed from her campaign rhetoric.

Many sources report that Koch outright endorsed Clinton, but a cursory glance at his words reveal he did no such thing. Regardless, Clinton was quick to rebuke Koch via a tweet.

Charles Koch’s words carry a lot of weight since he is a major donor to the Republican Party, although he leans more Libertarian than conservative. Koch oversees, along with brother David, a massive donor network that supports the GOP in various local and national elections.

The Koch brothers also run Koch Industries, an immensely successful privately held corporation based in Kansas. Koch Industries is diversified into many different industries, and does well in all of them. Charles Koch did share some of his insights for success in a book he recently authored.

For now, Koch is not mentioning what type of a role he will play in the upcoming election. No matter who turns out to be the presidential nominee, Koch is sure to support the GOP in House and Senate races.

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