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Allied Wallet Provides The Philippines With Unique Services To Revolutionize The Country And The Industry

One of the global leaders in online payment processing us Allied Wallet. Their alternative methods for digital payments have helped modernize the Philippines. The community has grown and deserves the same ability to purchase and sell online as all of the other countries with secure transactions. This helps connect the world on a global basis. The e-commerce adoption rate in the Philippines may not be high, the the size of the population makes the country important regarding e-commerce growth.

Allied Wallet has helped rejuvenate the industry for the 105 million people living in the Philippines. The e-commerce market in the Philippines for 2018 was approximately €742 million. By 2022, the market volume is expected to exceed €1168 million. Since 2011, there has been a growth of 500 percent for internet usage in the Philippines. Allied Wallet is one of the alternative options for the e-commerce community. Just three percent of the Filipino population currently has a credit card.

There are cash based solutions such as PayCash, BancNet and Dragonpay available. This works because the individual can deposit cash into their account to purchase services or goods at either an online or a brick and mortar location. One of the popular mobile wallets is called Globe GCASH. This wallet provides consumers with the ability to establish a link between the wallet and their bank account or to go to the store and refill their eWallet (USmoney2020).

Most of these options are receiving support from both the largest banks and retail chains located in the Philippines. Even more additional options have been created for the population of the Philippines enabling the people to convert their physical funds into digital cash they can use to make purchases online. These payment options are compatible with Allied Wallet. This connects buyers and sellers online while offering additional options for the online businesses.

The e-commerce industry has been revolutionized by Allied Wallet. They have introduced innovative new solutions for payment processing ideal for the online merchant. This provides them with the ability to receive and send payments globally. Their services are PCI compliant for businesses of almost any size. Allied Wallet optimizes online transactions through their payment gateway.

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