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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Look To Take Advantage Of Rule Changes In Kicking Game

Due to several rule changes adopted by National Football League owners, kickoffs occurring in the game will look drastically different. The changes are intended to reduce the number of dangerous collisions that take place during kickoff returns and there is a list of them:



  • The kicking team must line up with five players on each side of the football


  • The ball must be kicked before players on the kicking team can run to cover the kick


  • The return team must line eight players in a set-up zone prior to the kick


  • Return team players cannot block opponents while in the 15-yard setup zone. On most kicks, this zone will be located from the kicking team’s 35-yard line to midfield


  • Wedges are no longer allowed to be formed by members of the return team




Tampa Bay Buccaneers special team’s coach Nate Kaczor is giving careful scrutiny to the rule changes in hopes of determining how they will affect his unit. Many in the league, including the man many consider to be the top coach, Bill Belichick believes the special teams game to be an integral ingredient in deciding the outcome of an NFL football game.


The main issue for Buccaneers players, as well as players of all the league’s teams, is to be afforded more safety in kickoff plays while not sacrificing any of the game’s excitement. Smart coaches like Kaczor also recognize that the rule changes in the kicking game can be used to improve his team’s chances of scoring more points.


The fact that players covering kicks of the kicking team will no longer be afforded a running start is huge. A fast running NFL player can cover approximately ten yards in a single second and by having them remain stationary until the ball is kicked will give kick-returners more room to operate.


Running lanes are also likely to be a little broader because by requiring that five coverage personnel line up on each side of the football teams can no longer overload the side of the field where the ball will be kicked.


Kaczor and other special teams coordinators will no doubt look to load up on speedy return men to take advantage of these rule changes as a team that has returned a kickoff for a touchdown in an NFL game have been victorious 62% of the time over the last ten years.

Richard Mishaan Designs: A High Profile Interior Designing Company

Philadelphia Luxe Home

Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who is highly respected in his field. Through his company known as Richard Mishaan Design, he has been able to decorate buildings such as the house in Amagansett, New York. His good reputation presides him due to his high profile clients. He is associated with the Trump World Towers and the Shelborne Hotel where he was involved in the interior design of the two high-end buildings. Luxe Home Philadelphia is another of his great legacy. He has designed it with some of his best pieces. He seeks to balance between bringing out an individual style and sophistication.


About Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan Design is considered a household name in the world of interior design. As the owner of the company, Richard studied at the New York University where he acquired his BA. He also attended Columbia University School of Architecture. Over the years, Mishaan has acquired a reputation as a mix master and this has made him a favorite of many.



He first started his career as an apprentice at Philip Johnson’s office in New York City. It was while working in this office that Richard Mishaan was able to acquire experience in interior design. His company Richard Mishaan Design has cemented its position as a leader in interior designs. His first work in interior design was at the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel which is located in New York City. It was after this job that Richard Mishaan’s career skyrocketed.


Richard Mishaan Design is available for hire. However, it does not come cheap. Its A-list status has made it a much sort after company in the country. Richard Mishaan values every job he does. He seeks to bring in a blend of the old and the new.

Trump finally establishes ground game in Florida

The Duval County Republican headquarters helping with all elections features a large model of Donald Trump guarding the outside. Trump is seen wearing a cap with the famous slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

There have been several complaints that the Trump cutout is all there is to see. Nothing else resembling presidential candidate Trump stands out at the site. There is another office close to Duval County Republican headquarters known as Trump campaign’s actual Duval headquarters. That is where members working for the Republican party will direct tourists.

However, there lies a problem with the structure. The strip-mall office has not made itself publicly available yet. The place is supposed to open after the air conditioning was fixed and the furniture was promptly delivered.

We are just under two months until election day and Trump is a clear favorite to win Florida. Just outside the Tampa area Trump was visiting and speaking with the people. He did not have his phone service hooked up, but some staff members were handing out yard signs and bumper stickers to potential voters. Several staff members worked together to push tables out of the way to make room for Trump and voters.

Trump’s county chairman in Florida was working with the cable guy to hook up service. Members of the Trump campaign were excited about the opening of this Trump office, but the problem is that it is getting late in the election to be still building office space. More time should be spent on getting people to vote.

Several Republicans from the county, state, and national level have insulted Trump for taking so long getting the Florida ground game running. Trump is not using the typical brick-and-motor offices that other candidates might use. Many may be surprised if Trump wins the election. Some politicians are voting against Trump having a shot at winning the election.

Trump is different because he prefers not to us the modern campaign template installed by George W. Bush. Trump likes to gamble a lot with policies and what he says to Americans. Hillary Clinton uses the traditional methods of identifying where a majority of her potential voters are and get to an area near those polls. Trump will have no filter and speak for the Americans who are afraid.

Source: Huffington Post

Tampa Likely to be Impacted by Tropical Storms

Like other cities across the State of Florida, Tampa is very familiar with hurricanes and other tropical storms. While the tropical storm season typically starts a little bit later than late August, it now appears that the city should be bracing for a couple big storms coming their way. A recent news article ( discussed a couple storms that are in the Tampa area.

The first storm that his heading toward Tampa and the rest of Florida is Hurricane Gaston, which originally was formed and recognized as a Hurricane off of the Florida Gulf Coast. The storm was coming into the area of Florida very strong, but recently was downgraded. On Wednesday evening, the storm was officially downgraded and lost its major storm status. The storm initially was measured to have winds as high as 105 miles per hour, which makes it a category 2 storm. However, the relatively slow speed of the storm led to the storm to slow down in speed and it is now not considered as much of a concern.

The other storm that is concerning people is Tropical Storm Hermine. This storm, which was also formed near Florida, is currently located about 330 miles away from Tampa, but is heading directly towards the city. The storm currently has winds as high as 50 miles per hour, but is moving pretty slowly towards the city at a rate of 8 miles per hour. The storm is expected to start to make landfall near Tampa at some point on Thursday or early Friday. At that point it is expected that the wind speeds will have reduced to a lower level. While it will not be too damaging, the storm could end up having some pretty negative impact on Labor Day weekend plans for people in Florida, Georgia, and the rest of the South Atlantic Coast.

The National Weather Service also has its high on two additional storms that still seem to be forming. These storms, which started well south of Florida have the potential to form into Hurricanes with damaging wind speeds.

Tampa Offers Discounts to Zoo

One of the most popular attractions for locals and visitors in Tampa, Florida is the local zoo. While the zoo is often considered a more expensive entertainment option compared to other options, a recent news article ( has announced a way that residents and visitors to Tampa could visit the zoo even if they are on a budget.

Management at the Lowry Park Zoo, which is conveniently located near the center of town, has announced a new discounted single-day admission policy. This new policy, will provide Florida residents with the chance to get a one-day ticket for just $19.95, which is a $10 discount compared to the normal price of admission. Those that are coming to the zoo from out of state will also find a number of discounted options as well. However, in order to qualify for the lowest price, a person will need to submit a state-issued drivers license, a national passport, or another form of identification. The zoo is also offering significant discounts on annual memberships, which tend to be cost effective for anyone planning three or more trips to the zoo in a given year.

The Lowry Park Zoo is well regarded for being one of the top zoos in the country. It sits on a large 60-acre site and is the home to over 1,300 different animal species. The animals are located sporadically throughout the park in a variety of different manufactured habitats.

The zoo is also well known for providing guests with the ability to interact with the animals, which is a rarity compared to other zoos and enclosures. Those that visit the zoo can purchase passes to certain exhibits that allow for closer interactive activities, including the ability to feed the giraffes carrots or even pet a giant turtle. Those who are looking to spend a day at the zoo can purchase tickets at the zoo’s ticketing office or can purchase them online in advance. The website frequently has updated information regarding the animals, zoo hours, and further discounts available.