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Cassio Audi Quits Musci To Help Brazilians In Financial Decision Making

Metal music was first introduced to the music industry in the 1960’s. That marked its penetration into different countries. Its boldness and aggression attracted most music lovers. In Brazil specifically, there was a music band that put a lot of effort into the music scene. Cassio Audi was the drummer in the group. He worked hard to ensure that his fans were entertained. For Cassio, it all stood out because he was not only entertaining but also passionate about his talent. Cassio loved people. He understood their needs beyond the entertainment industry.

Cassio Audi

 Cassio’s Contribution

Cassio was part of the Brazilian music industry. He committed to establishing friendly rapport with most Brazilians. This is an aspect that set him aside from other musicians. As a member of Viper the music band, Cassio ensured that he gave his best in the field. Most Brazilians showed up to his music gigs. The Viper Band stood out because of his input. Aside from that, the band incorporated talented musicians that entertained people. For Cassio Audi, life presented more than just music. He wanted to be part of his fan’s lives. That is why he left the Viper Band to work with Brazilians.

Music Career

Cassio’s music career involved a friendly gesture that led him to create a close relationship with Brazilians. He quit music to work in finance and management. That is why he has been assisting most Brazilians to find means towards establishing their financial platforms. Cassio has vast knowledge in handling finances. He applies it in real-life situations. When he developed passion for assisting Brazilians, he transitioned his focus to education.

 Viper Band’s Success

Viper Band’s success is attributed to Cassio’s input. Together with the band members, the group entertained Brazilians in many ways. Currently, he is doing his best to elevate Brazilians by changing their lives.

The Little Known Early Music Life of Cassio Audi

Cassio AudiCassio Audi is widely known for his entrepreneurial skills. In Brazil, Mr. Audi has held key positions in the financial sector. At Gillette, Cassio Audi worked as a financial director before moving to Dow Chemical where he was a financial analyst. Additionally, Mr. Audi has held the position of CFO at three organizations namely Brookfield Real Estate Partners, Rossi Residential, and GVMI. However, most people aren’t aware that Cassio Audi tried a career in music earlier in his life. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Back in the late 80s, Cassio Audi and three of his friends formed a rock band and named it Viper. The band was famous in Sao Paulo, Brazil for playing metallic rock music. Every band member had a special responsibility in the band. Cassio was tasked with playing drums for the band during live performances. Additionally, Cassio Audi participated in composing songs for the band. Cassio’s band drew its inspirations from popular bands including the British Iron Maid band. Before long, Cassio Audi and his friends became successful musicians widely known across the Latin America. Read more about Cassio Audi at

More about Cassio Audi and the Viper Band Group

In 1985, the Viper band group released its first demo album called the Killera Sword. After a while, the band released Soldier of Sunrise, its first official album. Soldier of Sunrise was greatly received by fans in Brazil and all over the world. The band members toured various countries to popularize Soldier of Sunrise. Few years after the release of the first album, Cassio Audi quit the industry of music. His friends later released a second album a year later. Cassio went to college where he pursued a degree in finance. Today, Cassio Audi holds a business administration degree and has built a successful career in the industry of finance. Although he left the music world, his fans trust that he was extremely talented.