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Clay Hutson: a shrewd world tour manager.

During their world tours, musicians often need the best crew that does that best work yielding good results during live shows. When these musicians go to these tours, a lot of fun is made. There are a few things that these live shows need; best musical acts, innovative music equipment and competent tour manager who can handle all these features of going on tour. When looking for a tour manager who can make a live show sizzle, Clay Hutson comes to mind. He has built himself a reputation in the music industry and has a very impressive resume. He has worked for musicians like Kelly Clarkson, the Late Prince, Pink and Guns N’Roses. His success does not go without the mention of the place he worked called Helming; a huge world tour business. This company prepared him for the task of manning huge world tours. This includes amazing a huge crew that needs to be directed during the live shows during the tour.


Working in the music industry has ups and downs. Clay Hutson has faced some few downs during his career. Time was a problem to Clay when starting his new firm. This was caused by the second issue when starting a business; capital. The huge recession had struck, and more money was needed for the new business venture. During an interview, he said that it was problematic for him to set up a business in this challenging economy. Luckily, he found clients easily, and the company became profitable in no time. With persistence and hard work, he made it at last.


Clay Hutson at some point was unsure about the startup. This was because starting something new in a tough economy often leads to self-doubt. To beat his hesitations, Clay kept struggling. Hence he was persistent. However, as many see his success tale as some triumphant story, it all started with a rough patch but got better as time flew. He says that it cost his time, energy and pocket. The company he worked for had had a bad relationship with its customers, but still, the customers wanted him to work for them indirectly. This led to a lawsuit that had him pay about $150,000 since the company sued him. This difficult moment proved to be the start point of his success since he moved past it.


Clay Hutson knows that the social media is an excellent platform for business. Since he is business savvy, he uses the platform to get referrals. He also handles a website that gives more information about him and his work. Learn more: