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Morgan Freeman’s Attorney Wants His Client’s Harassment Story Retracted

Morgan Freeman’s attorney, Robert Schwartz, has written to CNN President, Jeff Zucker, demanding CNN to apologize to his client and retract the story that reported Freeman to have sexually harassed eight women.


The surprising story written by Chloe Melas and An Phung accused the Hollywood bigwig of a series of sexual harassment cases while on set and inside his film production label, Revelations Entertainment. In a press junket for the film “Going in Style”, Freeman is alleged to have said to a pregnant Melas that “You’re ripe”. These reports came from 16 sources. Half of them claim to be victims of Freeman’s sexual misconducts and eight who supported their accounts.


As reported by Variety, Schwartz’s letter questions Melas’ claims and argues that CNN had jeopardized his client’s career. At the least, CNN should issue an apology through the same avenues it used to despicably tarnish his name and bring it to the public domain on May 24.


Furthermore, Schwartz demands a retraction of excerpts of the story that featured Morgan Freeman’s business partner at Revelations, alleging him of nurturing a “toxic work environment” that demeaned ladies and encouraged Freeman to continue his wayward ways untouched. In another instance, Freeman was reported to have inappropriately commented on McCreary’s attire saying, “She intends to be thought of as serious… But you cannot get away from short dresses.”


After CNN published the news article, Morgan Freeman wrote a statement on 24 May saying that anyone who knows him or has interacted with him understand that he was not the sort of person to deliberately offend or disrespect another person and that that wasn’t his intentions. “I apologize to anyone who felt insulted or uncomfortable,” said Freeman.


Freeman followed up this initial statement with a somewhat lengthier one during the weekend. It begins, “I am utterly shocked that the effort I have put in my 80 years is being undermined in a jiffy.” It continues, “However, I also want to offer a clarification. I never created unsafe working circumstances, and I didn’t assault any woman.”


On the wake of these claims, the renowned actor and producer has been followed by a myriad of adverse outcomes. That includes his suspension as a marketing ambassador for Visa. The city of Vancouver deleted his voice from the public transit systems and his lifetime achievement award stands a revoke under SAG-AFTRA’s discretion on the case.