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Burnout happens in almost every industry – every day, every year. Paul Saunders, founder of James River Capital, talks about managing employee burnout and how to create a more productive environment. The interesting thing is how Sanders actually defines “burnout” and what research studies show.


A person being overworked or stressed is a potential candidate for burnout. The human anatomy isn’t built to deal with long periods of stress. Over time, individuals start to experience exhaustion; develop feelings of distrust; and sometimes become incompetent. Sanders suggests that this can be curbed if it is noticed quick enough and acted upon.


Since Sanders has acquired the company, he’s noticed signs of burnout among his employees. Noted signs were the shifts in his employee’s attitudes. He also observed employees losing their confidence. Consequently, his employees had totally lost their motivation. One of the more important notes he recalls are employees’ feelings of inadequacy or feeling as if they were not valued by the company.


Although it may seem like a tough hurdle to jump, it can be surmounted. Sanders realized that a change in certain policies and schedules had to be made. By doing this, he would relinquish some of the company’s control and let his employees have some say-so in their schedules and the company’s policies. With this newfound order, employees would not feel trapped and they’d have the opportunity freely express their opinions.


Paul believes in giving employees 10-15 minutes a day to do mapping out of their daily goals. He senses that it gives them more control over their long work-shift. He talks about being transparent with his employees. Employees tend to feel as if they’re left out of the loop when they don’t know everything. It’s exactly the ‘thing’ that causes them to be resentful and negative which leads to burnout.


Saunders constantly drills the management staff about being honest and communicating with employees. Employees should be valued as much as partners. That’s what will contribute to the growth of your business.


James River Capital Corp. was originally founded in 1986. It started out merely being an alternate investment center owned by Kidder, Peabody, & Co. Paul Sanders and Kevin Brandt changed the name in 1995 once they acquired it. James River Capital secures investments with one philosophy. If you add alternative investment exposure to a portfolio that is predominantly traditional investments through a sophisticated multi-manager approach – it will yield better overall risk-adjusted return. Learn more:


The company has achieved the goal of diversifying its clients investments by developing a sophisticated management hiring process. Paul Saunders is not only the founder, but he is also the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of James River Capital Corp. among other affiliated companies.

“Tips to be a successful entrepreneur “

Investing in the field of business has proved to be challenging due to the high competition marked in the sector. Every individual that chooses to venture into the latter must possess unique skills and great traits to enable them to stay active. Success in the field is measured by both personal achievements and the overall health and growth of the venture that an individual has been managing. Selflessness is a dominant trait that every entrepreneur must be sure to exercise when t comes to overseeing the running of every operation in their venture. A great leader must show care towards his employees and treat them with respect. By treating employees well, they get motivated to keep working hard for the benefit of a firm, hence increasing the total production and sales in a venture.


On the other hand, people that are passionate about investing must be sure to seek the help of a mentor. Mentors play a significant role in helping people overcome their fears. Besides, they also help people acquire insight into the things they ought to do to make it in the field.


On the other hand, it is crucial for people in business to plan. Planning enables one to have an insight into the things they ought to prioritize while conducting their daily business activities. Besides it also allows one to know the possible risks associated with partaking particular steps in the running of their ventures. It also allows one to see the total; budget of the operations they are carrying out and this allows them not to misuse funds.


James River Capital is one of the ventures that has exercised integrity throughout its operations. The great leaders that firm has employed have continued to lead the company towards its successes. The firm is today a leader in private equity fund management, and it continues to impact the lives of other people in various positive ways. The firm has not only preferred people insight on the ways they can grow and develop their businesses, but it has also enabled them to identify ways they can overcome every challenge that they face in the running of their ventures. Learn more:


Among the leaders that have fueled growth at James River Capital is Paul Saunders. The duo has not only showed compassion towards employees, but he has also striven to reinforce them whenever they accomplish great things. He is known for the closeness he exercises with other executives and the entire team of James River Capital. His efforts have seen the venture accomplish great things since its establishment. His educational background is also an outstanding one and he has relied on the skills he gained both at school and at other companies that he served to see the venture stand out.


Paul Saunders to Managers: Here’s How to Manage Burnout

It can happen in any line of work. Everything seems to be working out fine, then suddenly the job feels more challenging than it used to, the tasks are harder to complete. Burnout is fairly common, and it can upend a promising career. Fortunately there are signs that burnout is setting in, and Paul Saunders of James River Capital knows what to do in order to keep things moving smoothly.


For Saunders, one of the main instigators of burnout is schedule inflexibility. Schedules that prioritize tasks over ability can make employees feel like there’s no sense to the day’s events. This can make a work environment feel oppressive, trapping staff members in a mindset where there’s more things to do than there are hours in the workday. That can cripple their performance.


Organization is a must for any well managed office. Saunders starts the workday with 15 minutes set aside to arrange tasks to meet the needs of staff members. This leads to setting reasonable goals that can be met by the end of the workday. With a sense of attainability introduced into the workday, employees are given incentive to increase productivity.


If you want to keep an office functioning well, Saunders urges managers to prioritize communication. Everyone has an idea of how their career is going or what’s going on in the office. But if managers aren’t in constant communication with employees, those expectations may not line up with reality. This can make some resentful of the workplace or find themselves out of place when developments take place in the office.


Saunders points to a failure in leadership when communication isn’t taking place in the office. Managers ought to make it part of their regular function to tell employees how they are performing at work, making it clear to them if they’re doing well or need improvement. This will make promotions or setbacks easier to accept. Memos and workshops ought to be regular enough to make sure no one is surprised by what’s taking place, and it’ll go a long way towards making everyone feel included and accepted at work. Learn more:


But perhaps the most personal cause of burnout is a loss of confidence. When employees doubt their every action, continue to judge their work, and doubt their ability to perform routine tasks, it’s a sign that the pressure of the job is getting to them. Saunders would make one-on-one consultation a priority for managers wanting to save employees from failing at tasks their competent enough to complete.


Using reasonable benchmarks and small tasks, a manager can help an employee rebuild their confidence through incremental achievements. This will rebuild their confidence, while also reminding them that they are an asset to the team by contributing meaningfully to office-wide projects.

“The role of business leadership in fighting burn out “

The role of top leadership in a business organization is significant in determining whether such an organization will record success or not. The administration of today cannot be carried out like it used to happen in the past. Today’s business leaders need to appreciate the role of workers in an organization. They play an important role in determining whether the business will succeed or not. Long gone are days when workers were in an organization to take orders. Organizations that give workers the space to become active contributors to the decision-making process are recording better results. It is high time that business leaders adopted strategies that will boost productivity.

Burn out in an organization is one the challenges that need to be defeated, Burn out will affect the productivity of employees meaning that they will not be giving full potential in their duties. It even causes severe challenges in a business environment especially when employees have to miss duties due to emotional or physical stress. Ultimately, the business owner will be the end looser when employees operate at half potential. According to the counsel of Paul Saunders, the CEO of James River Capital, the role of any business owner should involve dealing with the challenges that employees face.

There are signs that employers should read in their employees as a sign of burn out. Here we’ll look at some of them and the solutions that can be applied to solve them.


Employees need to start engaging their employees in the decision-making process. Employees need to be involved in the operations of an organization. There is no need to make them feel like aliens in an organization they wake up every day to work at. Decisions on matters such as workers compensation and promotions need to be handled with professionalism. If some workers feel that they are left out of compensation or promotion intentionally, they will develop burn out.


Any employee who does not manage to meet deadlines is likely suffering from burn out. It could also mean that the deadlines are too tight and the workers cannot manage to meet the demands as they come. As the overall leader in such a workplace, the best solution to try out is allowing workers flexibility in their work. There is no need to pressure them with unrealistic time frames.

Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders founded James River Capital in 1995. Previously, it was a department of Kidder, Peabody & co. Saunders, a graduate of University of Virginia and University of Chicago with BA and MBA respectively, is well equipped to handle the management of a large investment firm such as James River Capital. He has accumulated sufficient experience to help this organization to stay /profitable in the long run. Learn more:

“James River Capital Approach on Improving Your Leadership Skills “

It is said that being a leader is an art as well as a science. Managing your team effectively requires great skill and development. While achieving great leadership takes concerted efforts and time, there are simple things you can implement to your way of leadership to make an incredible difference.


Paul Saunders is a good example of a great leader, the founder and leader of James River Capital Corp. He is the current Chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp. He debuted his career with Warburg Paribas Becker in the Corporate Finance Department in 1979. He also worked in the commodity department of A.G Becker from 1980 to 1983.


His extensive executive experience has helped him manage alternative investments. His interest in the financial sector was triggered after receiving his B.A. in Economics in 1977 from the University of Virginia. He furthered his expertise when he graduated from the University of Chicago with an M.B.A.


Studies conducted by researchers from various companies have shown what effective leadership should look like. Through these studies, there are three simple modifications you can use to improve your leadership style. Let’s have a look at some of them according to James River Capital’s approach.


Don’t Lead, Support Your Team


One fascinating leadership model at Facebook involves the making of the initial critical mentality shift. This means that managers at Facebook support their teams rather than lead them. The shift from lead to supporting can dramatically transform how roles are viewed by leaders and change their approach to interactions with teams. Well, many times, small changes result in greatest impacts, even if it’s a one-word change.


Hearten Escalation and Welcome It


Studies conducted in the recent past show that close to 85% of employees conceal crucial feedback from their bosses. They mostly fear to get into trouble by approaching their employers about an issue, hence they rather not try. Lack of open and transparent communication offers little room for collaboration, innovation, and overall engagement with employees. Learn more:


Google, through their research, unearthed the “physiological safety” concept which is vital for leaders to focus on creating. This means that your operational style should make other people feel safe when approaching you with certain pressing matters, improvements, or challenges. There are two ways you can achieve physiological safety and they include promoting escalation and concerns by expressing your appreciation when it occurs. The other method is providing an opportunity for every employee to express themselves, especially during team meetings.


Every Opinion Matters


As mentioned earlier, you need to support rather than lead your team. This way, you will be removing any possible obstacles, the biggest being team members holding back. In case you have a meeting in place, ensure that you have a rundown of all the attendees. Ensure that you have check marked everyone who speaks. Identify the quietest members and ask them for their opinions on the topic under discussion. Furthermore, avoid being too pushy to ensure everyone is comfortable. This way, you will be able to get everyone’s opinion.


“James River Capital’s CEO, Paul Saunders offers tips on how leaders can curb burnout among employees “

Due to the high expectations that they are supposed to meet and surpass both at work and in their personal lives, most employees are often at a high risk of a physical and mental collapse, also known as burnout. Unfortunately, this affects the productivity of employees and as a result, negatively affects your business. Fortunately, there are few warning signs and also things that you as the employer can do to help ensure your employees don’t suffer a burnout.


Prevent loss of control


According to James River Capital’s CEO, Paul Saunders, those employees who are unable to manage or cope with the workplace schedule are often at a high risk of suffering a burnout. Their inability to manage their times often causes them to feel hopeless and helpless and as a result, they end up breaking down mentally and physically. It is for this reason that Paul Saunders encourages leaders at the workplace to create flexible policies and structures, as this enables employees to remain on the right track. Saunders also urges them to encourage employees to take at least ten to fifteen minutes at the start of the day, to write down some of the things they want to achieve during work hours. This according to Saunders, enables them to take charge of their time and schedule hence preventing burnout


Make everything transparent


When one staff member feels as if they are not being properly rewarded for the good work they are doing, they are more likely to suffer a burnout due to the negative feelings that crop up. As the leader, you are urged to make things as transparent as possible, by explaining why certain individuals got promotions and what the others are supposed to do to get such rewards. Learn more:



Become the support system


Leaders at the workplace are urged to be the support system of their employees throughout. According to Paul Saunders when a staff member is stressed, it is easy for them to become angry, upset and moody towards the rest. These negative emotions often affect their productivity and in turn, affects the business. As the leader ensure this does not happen by encouraging them to take time off and indulge in something they love doing. Also encourage them not to think about work when they are out there and instead focus on having fun.


About James River Capital


Based in Virginia, James River Capital is a well-established investment firm which began independent operations in 1995. Prior to that, it was a mere alternative department for another firm but became independent when Paul Saunders who is the current CEO and Kevin Brandt completed its acquisition. Since then the two have been shepherding it in the right direction and is now one of the most successful investment advisor firms in the whole of Virginia and other regions.


“Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Capital, Advise on Handling Burnout “

There are many things that a company has to do to ensure that employees are productive. However, while at work, it is common for employees to experience burnout. Burnout can affect an employee’s productivity. The top level management can help prevent it from happening by following the advice given by Paul Saunders. The warning signs of burnout can help managers have productive employees. Here are some signs of burnout and how top-level management can help employees overcome them.

Loss of control

When an employee begins to lose control on time management and scheduling, there is a high risk of getting a burnout. In such a case, an employer can encourage employees to outline their goals within the first 10 to 15 minutes of reporting to work. The employees need to list down what they want to accomplish during the day so that they can have some control. Listing down the goals keeps the employees in control.

Loss of confidence

Confidence in the quality of work done is essential in any organization. Employees with a burnout have doubts about the quality of work. Such an employee will not contribute actively to the given task. To help with such a situation, it is necessary for managers to encourage employees set personal goals which will boost their confidence at work. The individual goals are an excellent way to get employees back on track.

Change in overall attitude

A stressed employee will find it hard to control their attitude and will get upset quickly. Such stress is a sign of burnout. Burnout increases negativity, moodiness, and lack of motivation. An employer can offer support and encourage the employee to take up a new hobby. The manager can also advise the employees to focus on other things that are non-work related after office hours.

Lack of transparency

Employees can develop negative feelings when they believe they are being overlooked for promotion. Such feelings can result in burnout. A manager should be open with employees when it comes to promotions. By communicating on what qualification one needs to have to be considered for a promotion, it will reduce the negative feelings. The top level management can also come up with resources and workshops that help employees qualify for promotions. In doing so, it will help reduce burnout.

Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital Corporation. He is also the portfolio manager for the financial products of his firm. He has been in the company since 1995. Saunders career started in investment banking, and he later moved to investment and trading. Through hard work, he has managed to move up the ranks. Saunders is also passionate about philanthropic activities and has a Saunders family foundation. Learn more:


James River Capital’s Tips Becoming a Good Leader

In the modern business world, it is not uncommon for businesses to morph and evolve with the times. James River Capital Corp is a company located in Virginia. It was originally born as an alternate company under a parent brand, but that changed in 1995 when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt stepped up. As a pair of senior level workers, they acquired the business for independent operations. In a recent company blog article, they describe a series of tips for an effective leader.


The most effective way to becoming a good leader is not down to simple science, but rather its more of an art form. It requires unique personal traits that differ person to person. A healthy first step is to become part of the team. The team leader who supports form the sidelines is not going to see the same success as one who activity gets involved with the project. By directly supporting your team, they will see how much the project truly matters. Learn more:


The presence of a leader in the workplace is a double edge sword. A leader who is overbearing or obnoxious will never get the same level of support as a leader who listens to their team. Studies have shown that 85 percent of employees will likely hold back important information to their bosses. This is out of fear of negative consequences for speaking up. A good leader should create a safe work environment where team members can freely speak their mind. The creative process only work when team employees don’t have to hold back.


Lastly, the blog recommends encouraging each member to speak up. Even in the most open groups, there are always going to be a few quiet and shy individuals. A simple solution is to regularly ask them if they have something to contribute. Another way to keep track of who is speaking up and how frequently, then focus on those who’s voice haven’t been heard. A good leader who takes into account everyone’s opinion will see longer term success.


The path to being a good leader is one that requires time and practice. The approach to one team, might not work another team. A good leader is someone who is loved by those around them, and adapt to the task at hand. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


James River Capital’s Advice on Refreshing Your Style of Leadership

In most offices, employees withhold crucial information from their employers. An employee will hesitate to come forward with an important idea if they are afraid of their employer. To develop a good working environment, communication between you and your employees should be easy. Here are more 3 ways to help refresh your style of leadership.


  1. Psychological Safety


A good leader makes the working environment psychologically safe for their employees. When your employees are psychologically safe, they will be very innovative. It also makes engaging and collaborating with your employees easy. As a leader, you will be able to focus on coming up with ways to make it easy for others to come to you when faced with challenges. To do this, you have to encourage growth and be concerned about each employee. It is also good to congratulate an employee when they make progress. Letting every worker voice their opinion during staff meetings makes it psychologically safe for them.


  1. Motivate Workers to be Great


As a leader, you should recognize the best skills each of your workers has. You have to be compassionate and look beyond what is obvious. Once you identify and harness the potential of your employees, they will be at ease, confident, productive, and rise to great heights. Learn more:


  1. Give Every Employee a Chance


You should always support your employees. When you support them, they will not hold back. They will be open whenever they have ideas. To ensure that every employee gets a chance to speak during meetings, call out individuals by name and ask for their opinion on the matter at hand. However, do not be pushy; just let them know that their ideas are valuable.


James River Capital


James River Capital is a company in Richmond that offers advisory services on investment. The company was established in 1986. Back then, it went by the name KP Futures Management Corp. All its customers are in America. Some of the services they offer are advisory, investment management, commodity trading among others. In 1995, Paul Saunders acquired the company from Kidder, and it became independent.


About Paul Saunders


Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital. He is also the C.E.O., chairman, and principal at this company. He has always been passionate about finance, which is what led him to an investment banking career. Paul is keen on making the working environment-friendly for his employees. In one of his recent articles, he talks about how important it is to help workers avoid burnout. By successfully avoiding burnout, the workers become more productive, which in turn leads to the overall success of your business. Saunders has one wife, Vicki, who he has been married to for 39 years. Both have a passion for philanthropy.


Why the simple changes make an impact in leadership according to James River Capital

Even though to some people being a leader comes naturally, they still need to work on some aspects to become effective leaders. According to James River capital, a financial investment firm based in Virginia, becoming an effective leader is all about the simple changes that one makes in the way they do things.


For instance, an article posted on the firm’s blog advises leaders to shift their focus from leading to being supporters of their teams. Such a change might seem simple, but it has been working miracles for companies like Facebook, where instead of leading, the management team acts as a support system to the junior employees.


Encouraging communication


Another way to increase effectiveness as a leader is clearing any obstacles that render you unapproachable. This makes your team members more comfortable in approaching you whenever they have suggestions or information that might help propel your team to success. Breaking the ice between you and your juniors isn’t that hard. It only takes the simple things, such as appreciating them each time they achieve something, no matter how simple it might be, and always being considerate of what they have to say.


Being respectful of their opinions


Lastly but not least, leaders have to be attentive to what each of their team members has to say if they want to become effective and boost their team’s success. One way that a leader can ensure that everyone’s thoughts are taken into account is by giving each team member a chance to speak up during a meeting.


They can ensure this by preparing a list of all those who’ll be in attendance before the meeting begins, and then marking off all those who’ve had an opportunity to air their thoughts. As the session comes to an end, they should review their list, and note those who haven’t had a chance to speak, then give them the opportunity to do so. Nevertheless, they should prioritize the comfort of each team member, and if one doesn’t feel like speaking, then they should not force them to do so. Learn more:


About James River Capital


Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, James River is an investment firm that became fully independent in 1995. During its inception in 1986, the firm served as a department to a more prominent investment firm known as KP Futures management Corp.


What changed?


It became a fully functional independent company after Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt completed its acquisition from KP. Since then, it has grown in heaps and bounds and now serves as an official investment advisor firm under SEC and CFTC’s commodity trading advisor.


Due to the great leadership that Paul and Kevin have exhibited over the years, the firm has bagged multiple accolades. For instance in 2014 JRC was the recipient of the US Hedge fund performance awards and Invest hedge awards.

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