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Neurocore- The Company Working On Brain Training

Neurocore is a company based out of Florida in a city called Boca Raton. They specialize in brain-training and brain mapping. These give the scientists neurofeedback through the use of advanced EEG Technology. This technology has come a long way in recent years and is giving specialists the ability to learn more about how the brain works and what can be done in order to make it more efficient. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

If you ask most people, they could not tell you how grand our brains actually are. They are one of the more amazing organs from any living being in the world. They can be extremely resilient and adaptable. Within the brain are billions of microscopic neurons that are responsible for the way it functions. The way we think and perceive things are a result of these neurons transmitting small electrical impulses. Those impulses then get relayed to the rest of our body.

All of the chemical signals of our brains are what keep us alive and functioning. One specialty in Neurocore is finding ways to treat patients who suffer from a wide variety of mental illnesses. They have developed many therapies to help those afflicted by depression, anxiety, ADHD and ASD. Most of these therapies are new to the public but have been in practice for more than 70 years now. Thus far, the therapies used have been very promising for future use.


EEG Technology History

Electroencephalograms are types of tests that physicians use to detect certain signals released from the brain. The tests are performed by placing small discs made of metal on the head and scalp of the patient. They are electrodes and non-invasive discs that can read electrical impulses that come from the brain. Once these are picked up and recorded, a specialist will be able to use them to diagnose certain disorders and issues.

Many years ago, the main use of EEG machines were to help in detecting epilepsy in patients. These days, it is effective in detecting things such as brain tumors, brain injuries and inflammation, strokes and sleep issues. Many of these issues can be caught early on and treated appropriately because of the EEG technology. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Talkspace : Changing How Mental Health Services are Administered

Nowadays, people can get just about anything online. Ordering products and services on the web have become a staple of American culture. Why not get health care services on demand too? Talkspace is a state of the art system that is geared towards improving access to mental health professionals. They bring professional psychological health care providers right to customers’ fingertips. With online planning and appointments, customers never have to worry about keeping up with their care providers. Everything is streamlined with a sleek user portal.

Talkspace was developed in order to give patients better access to programs as well as services that may be traditionally found in a clinic or therapists’ office. By changing the way that people receive care and services it is possible to get more cooperation and consistent communication from patients. These outcomes demonstrate the radical importance of technology in improving mental wellness and health outcomes.

Therapists that have regular communication with patients are able to make a substantial difference. Michael Phelps was one example of a patient who was able to profoundly change his life based on the availability of mobile mental health services. Despite having a busy schedule he made time for therapy and was able to connect over chat and live messenger whenever he needed to. The ease of use, flexibility and innovative solutions that Talkspace provides are unparalleled.

There are substantial advantages to using Talkspace. For one, it offers customized packages that fit individual needs. Several international corporations have included Talkspace in their employee benefits programs, making it even more accessible to the masses. With convenient scheduling as well as payment options, Talkspace is an innovative system designed to help people succeed in all aspects of their treatment plans.

Because Talkspace has pioneered products and services relating to virtual counseling and therapy, it is likely that there will be advantageous results in the future too. Talkspace has always been ahead of the learning curve when it comes to administering the best services and most effective user interfaces. They are sure to propagate industry-wide changes as they are feasible in the future.

Talkspace Helps Users Kick Depression To The Curb With The Click Of A Few Buttons

How often do you rely on your smartphone? In today’s world, these small but powerful gadgets have seemingly become humans new best friend. Its how we maintain a constant connection with the world, and each other. But, sometimes those constant connections can cause negative consequences. Startling results from a recent South Korean study found evidence that roughly 10 percent of teens who own smartphones and spent large amounts of time online, may be at risk for depression.

There is, however, a bright light at the end of the digital tunnel. Companies like Talkspace are finding ways to help individuals who suffer from mental illness by connecting therapist to those seeking help with their condition. Because of the shame and stigmas often associated with mental illness, seeking help may be difficult for some individuals. The fear of being judged can be extremely overwhelming and can aid in the forming of barriers to mental health and proper treatment for these conditions. Talkspace offers its users the chance to connect with a licensed therapist right from the comfort of their own homes.

Their e-therapy platform offered a variety of options, including video calls and text-based therapy. More than 500,000 people trust the Talkspace platform for their mental health needs. It is a community built on support and the promise to create a world free of stigmas and misconceptions.

Therapy with the Help of Talkspace

If you would like to make use of therapy but do not have the time or money to go to a local professional, Talkspace is the app for you. In recent months, online therapy options have grown in popularity by up to 80 percent. This is often due in part to the news on the television as well as everyday stresses of life. Because of the need for therapy, Talkspace has employed a number of amazing therapists who are all there to help you as much as possible to ensure that you feel confident about yourself and the way that you feel.

The beauty about Talkspace is that it can literally be used by everyone. Whether you’re dealing with a real issue like bipolar disorder or OCD, or you just want someone to talk to every day, Talkspace has what you need and it is incredibly easy for you to create an account for yourself and see exactly what it is that they are going to be able to do for you. Plus, Talkspace is far cheaper than other forms of therapy, which can ultimately save you money if this is something you feel you can benefit from in the long run.

In order for you to make use of Talkspace and all that it has to offer, you’re going to want to visit their site or download their app and then create your very own account. Once created, you’ll find that you are able to get connected to a Talkspace therapist within minutes and be talking about your issues right away. This is an ideal app for those who need help but are too afraid or busy to go and seek it locally. This is why so many people have put their trust into Talkspace and are happy with what they can do.

Talkspace Innovative Services

Technology has created a new way for people to do many different things more efficiently. A very innovative therapy company is Talkspace. Talkspace allows their customers to receive counseling from professional through text messages. Talkspace is a very profitable company because they allow their patients to contact their therapist when they need it. People no longer have to wait for office hours to get the help that they need to resolve the struggles that they are facing in their lives. Over 500,000 people have benefited from the service that Talkspace offers to their customers. They have over 1 million professionals ready to help everyone that is in need of counseling.

Talkspace has benefited many people. The company is based in New York, but they have managed to help people from all over. They take pride in the services that they offer. Talkspace is a profitable company because they allow people to pull their cell phones out of their pockets and get the help that they need to live a healthy life mentally. Most people are very enveloped in technology and social media. Talkspace has allowed people to get the help that they need to overcome their problems.

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Talkspace has helped save the lives of many people by giving the help that they need to be mentally healthy. Talkspace is offered to people by insurance companies because they realize that it is essential for people to have on the go help. Some people never know when they may have a breakdown. It gives people a sense of security to know that their therapist is easily accessible to them. Talkspace is also a preferred way of receiving therapy because many people cannot afford to pay over hundreds of dollars for an hour office session. They offer great therapy for under $50 to patients.

Revolutionizing Mental Health with TalkSpace

Human interaction changed with the invention of the smartphone. However, there is also a possibility that the constant connection to the outside world could mean misery to some of us. For instance, a recent study in South Korea found out that approximately 10 percent of teenagers face depression which has been caused by using the internet. This has led to the emergence of services that help people with their mental health on the internet. One such application is TalkSpace. This makes it possible to acquire help through the internet rather than trekking to therapists’ offices. TalkSpace can be viewed as an e-therapy platform that offers the patient several options.

There is a text-based protocol, a phone call protocol, and even a Skype-esque video protocol. At the moment, TalkSpace says that it has over 1,000 mental health professionals. The firm also says that they are currently dealing with over 500,000 active users. TalkSpace recently announced that it had reached a deal with Megellan Health, a medical giant from the United States. TalkSpace has several packages. There is a $32 per week package that allows you to chat with a therapist once per day. The mode of communication through this package is texting. There is also a $39 per week package that allows clients to check in with a therapist twice per day.

Talkspace Giving People Means to Strengthen Their Relationships

The rate of divorce and separation is increasing at an alarming speed, and it has been seen that many times, the reason for divorce is something that the couples could have worked upon to carry on the relationship. There is a dire need among the people these days to understand the importance of counseling as it helps people to understand their mistake rather than just reflecting on the mistake of their partners.

Every problem has a solution if the people are willing to solve it and it is what relationship counseling helps in making people understand and work upon. Relationship counseling is an excellent way to give the relationship a new start, understand your partner better, and let go of the past in a very forgiving manner so that people can look towards future without any regrets.

However, relationship counseling is often expensive and not within the budget of many people who are in need of relationship counseling. For these people, going through divorce seem better. Talkspace has opened up a stream of opportunity for such people as it is a mobile application where licensed therapists can be consulted at meager prices. The relationship counseling is also offered at Talkspace, and it has over 1,000 licensed therapists to choose from. The entire process of therapy is just like traditional therapy except for the price, which is far lower than what one would pay at conventional therapy sessions outside.

Patients can consult with the therapists anytime and from anywhere using their phone and the therapists would reply several times a day as per their schedule. It helps the patients get the flexibility and mobility as well as not care about the affordability while getting the solution they need to safeguard their relationship. People don’t need their privacy as they can even chat anonymously with therapists if they wish to.