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The Exceptional Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Current world health statistics show that cancer is the world leading killer disease. Richard J Stephenson opened the first Cancer Treatment Center of America in 1988. His mother had passed on after ailing from cancer. Richard aimed at giving cancer patients specialised care. This first centre was at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois. This was only the beginning of the growth as between 2005 and 2012 four other Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) opened up.

The headquarters for CTCA is in Boca Raton having been moved from Schaumburg, Illinois. These centres serve cancer patients all over the USA. They are also opened for international patients. CTCA use various methods to treat and cure cancer patients ranging from radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy. They also give therapies to manage the side effects of the different treatment methods.

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer that affects men. To intensify the knowledge and why early screening is vital; Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp and the National Football League of Alumni have come together. This is to increase awareness among men and give them access to screening. This campaign aims to reach 2000 men who are 40 years old and meet other criteria to be signed up for a free Prostate Specific Antigen. This will be done by LabCorp. After this exercise, other men will get this at $25 which is a discounted price.

This campaign will also include talks from famous NFL head coaches like Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards and Dick Vermeil through public announcements. These announcements will be aired through September which is prostate cancer awareness month and will be national. This will go along away to encourage men to get screened. To kick-start these campaigns there will be a press conference which will feature Edwards and Beasley Reece. In attendance also will be Jon Runyan, an advocate for cancer awareness and Mike Quick whose father dealt with prostate cancer.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national profit maximization network of five hospitals that helps cancer patients across the United States. It follows a complete approach to cancer protection using different medical strategies such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy to treat cancer. It also offers divertive homogenous checkups to manage side effects such as pain,nausea, fatigue, malnutrition, extreme nervousness and melancholy.

Richard J Stephenson established the organization after his mother died of cancer. He was not impressed by the kind of cancer treatments that were in existence during the time of his mother’s condition. Lack of a better treatment option pushed him to open the first hospital at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois back in the year 1988. Other four hospitals were formed and opened between 2005 and 2012. All this was to pursue cancer treatment.

Different types of cancer occur in various parts of the Human Body. Prostate cancer is one type of cancer that has continued to increase tremendously among men. Divergent organizations such as National Football League AlumniAssociation and LabCorp in collaboration with Cancer Treatment Centers of America have teamed up to educate men and keep them aware of prostate cancer. These agencies have worked tirelessly to help people access the cancer screenings smoothly and efficiently.

Experts in the field of cancer advise that men should begin to access the cancer screenings at the beginning of age 40. Other organizations have continued to hold press conferences and campaigns to raise the awareness and general knowledge of likelihood risks of prostate cancer. The attacks have significantly influenced men to get screened for cancer to enable early recognition of their status.

Survivors of cancer such as Carl Baylor have been in the limelight to educate people on prostate cancer and mobilize the people especially men for screening. Different schedules for the cancer awareness campaigns are issued in different parts of the United States which will be affiliated with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in various cities across the nation.

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Is Copa Star The Best Hospital in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is known for success in a lot of areas. However, for a long time, it had always been lagging behind in terms of luxurious healthcare services. But not anymore, not since Copa Star hospital was established in Rua Figueiredo Magalhães.

Copa Star is a five star hospital, occupying 7 floors and a basement. The hospital lies on 21,000 sq. meters of land. It is owned by Jorge Moll of the D’Or network, a network of luxury healthcare service providers. The network invested $400 million on the hospital to have a total of 115 private suites and 59 ICU units. The hospital has 9 hybrid rooms, which act as the operation rooms. These rooms utilize magnetic resonance and the most advanced technology. This way, surgeons can do tests on patients as they are undergoing surgery. Also, in the hybrid rooms, surgeons can have real time conversations with other surgeons allowing them to brainstorm and come up with the best treatment strategy for a particular patient.


If you haven’t been to the hospital before and happen to see it from a far, then I wouldn’t blame you if you confused this to be a five star hotel. The architectural design and the magnificent lighting might get you thinking that this is one heck of a hotel. But it isn’t. It is a Hospital Copa Star, built with luxury and comfort in mind. It is a dedication to the AAA class clientele of Rio de Janeiro and all other states in Brazil. Now, Brazilians don’t have to travel across the world in search for luxury healthcare services.

How is Copa Star a definition of Luxury? First, when you come to the hospital, the smell and surrounding will not alert you that you are in a medical facility. You are greeted by brightly lit corridors that are decorated with fine optical illusion works of art done by Toyota. You are further invited by a five star onsite restaurant that employs some of the best Swedish chefs. You and your guests can dine at the restaurant, and am calling them guests because they are treated as such. Your guests are allowed to sleep in your private suite, where they might not even notice the difference between these rooms and a fine hotel room. The rooms have a lobby with sofas and all you and your guest might need for comfort, while checking out the Copacabana beach. You also are allowed to customize your environment. By this I mean that you can play around with the lighting, adjust the position of your bed and draw the drapes as you please. All this is by thetouch of a few buttons on the iPads provided by the hospital. Visit the site to know more about Copa Star.

Why Copa Star is the Best Hospital in Brazil

Hospital Copa Star is one of the premier hospitals in Brazil offering world class service. The hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro and serves patients from all over Brazil. The staff at the company consists of world-class doctors and physicians with many years of experience. Hospital Copa Star’s team of doctors is dedicated to providing the best service to patients from cardiologists and radiologists to general practitioners and specialists in internal medicine.

Patients at the ICU center are served exclusively by staff on at the hospital. This is to ensure that they get the best care and that all their needs are attended to promptly. Patients get a private bathroom and are allowed the privilege of staying with a loved-one. The rooms at Hospital Copa Star are large and have been developed spaciously. This means that admitted patients are comfortable and that they have space to move around. The patient can also see more visitors because space is not limiting.

More space brings about more features. The hospital has done this so that the patient’s stay is not tedious but enjoyable. The happiness and well-being of the patients are what matters most in the long run. Hospital Copa Star has invested heavily in making certain that the environment accommodates this. The ambiance of the room can be adjusted through the use of a tablet. Patients can control temperature and lighting. The tablet can be used to communicate with staff at the hospital through video calls and ask for assistance.

Hospital Copa Star has embraced technology sufficiently to ensure that they provide the best services to patients. They can treat a wide array of diseases and offer a holistic experience to patients. The hospital has some operating rooms on which allow them to serve a huge number of patients efficiently. The neurosurgery room is fitted with an MRI scanner which is used to perform magnetic resonance imaging. One of the other rooms known as the hybrid room has a robot angiograph. It is capable of doing hemodynamics which goes a long way into helping surgeons perform surgeries better.

They are in the process of acquiring a Da Vinci robot which will allow them to conduct sensitive operations that involve different specialists. The Copa Star has a fully kitted and world class restaurant which operates all day, all the time. This means that loved ones get to enjoy well-cooked meals while staying close to the patient. Patients at the hospital are also assured that they will receive meals that will meet their nourishment needs. This shows the commitment of the hospital to the health of their patients. This ensures that they provide a comfortable environment for them to get well.