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Impressionable facts about Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Porfirio Sanchez is currently the chief executive officer of Editorial Televisa, and he was appointed to the post in March 2016. He was born in Cruz Manca, Mexico city in 1975 and schooled Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo De Mexico where he attained a degree in mathematics. Sanchez later undertook his executive education under the Stanford University executive forum. Besides, he also studied software research at Carnegie Mellon University. Due to the highly amended institutions that he attended, Sanchez gained various strategic planning and business skills which he has been praMediacticing over the past years.

Due to his impeccable character and expertise in various business fields, Sanchez has over the past years working with highly recognized firms where he served different roles. Between 2000 and 2006, Sanchez served as a chief finance minister of staff in the Mexican finance ministry, where he used his skills to handle and manage various financial issues. Besides, Sanchez also served as a member of Doctors without borders which entails a group of physicians who are committed to offering various aid and services to people excluded from proper health care, emergency treatments in cases of accidents or calamities as well as those affected by certain conditions and diseases.

Before his current post in Grupo Televisa, Sanchez served in the lower management ranks in the company before arranging to quit so he could venture into a better career in world bank. He was later called by the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa who raised his rank to the current one. He plays a significant role in ensuring an efficient telecommunication as well as effective marketing of the company’s services. Sanchez is working hard towards bringing success to the company and says that he is looking forward to improvising the technology of the firm into a more advanced one, which will enable its viewers and users to access the internet from the comfort of their homes easily. Besides, the company aims to provide various other services including telephone services, television, internet to its users at an affordable price. Sanchez has helped to improvise and develop Grupo Televisa and aims to make it better than it is through vast innovations.